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2005 Nov 24
what's the meaning of these in R-lang?
In this case the environment contains the variables local to the function, and its enclosure is the environment of the enclosing function.(R-lang:p11) I want to know if the "enclosing function" means the closure of the function? for example ,if I call function mean(),and the create an environment,say e1,then the enclosure of e1 is the namespace of base package? Right? Thank you!
2009 Dec 11
get the enclosing function name
Hi, Is there a way to get the enclosing function name within a function? For example, I would like to have a function getEnclosingFunctionName(). It works like below f = function(){ print(getEnclosingFunctionName()) } f() # will print "f" Thanks Jeff
2008 Jan 02
[LLVMdev] problems found with make check on x86 darwin9
FAIL: /Volumes/mrs5/net/llvm/llvm/test/CFrontend/2007-09-20- GcrootAttribute.c Failed with exit(1) at line 3 while running: /Volumes/mrs5/Packages/llvm-2/bin/llvm-gcc -emit-llvm - S -emit-llvm /Volumes/mrs5/net/llvm/llvm/test/CFrontend/2007-09-20- GcrootAttribute.c -o - | llvm-as llvm-as: assembly parsed, but does not verify as correct! Enclosing function does not specify a collector algorithm.
2011 Apr 13
FW: how to enclose two xyplot
Dear R-users, I have to plot two xyplot, and I wish to enclose this two graphs with just one headline, the same x scale, the same grid etc. These parameters should tie in, in order to obtain, visually, a unique graph formed by two xyplot. I try to give an idea: xyplot1: |_|_|_| xyplot2: |_|_|_| what i want: | | | | |_|_|_| I t...
2013 Mar 27
[LLVMdev] PROPOSAL: struct-access-path aware TBAA (new version)
...quot;, !A, "A::x", !int ] ;C::b2.a.x where !C, !B, !A are metadata nodes in the type DAG, "C::b2" "B::a" "A::x" are strings. C> alias(x, y) = alias_rule(x, y) or alias_rule(y, x), where alias_rule(x, y) is if the first element of 'x' does not enclose the first element of 'y' return NoAlias if the last element of 'x' encloses the first element of 'y' via type DAG, return Alias Check the first element of 'y', if it is not in 'x', return NoAlias Repeat until we reach the end of either '...
2011 Oct 06
Issue with read.csv treatment of numerics enclosed in quotes (and a confession)
...elp-Rs,   I've been dealing with this problem for some time, using a work-around to deal with it. It's time for me to come clean with my ineptitude and seek a what has got to be a more streamlined solution from the Help-Rverse.   I regularly import delimited text data that contains numerics enclosed in quotes (e.g., "00765288071").  Thing is, for some of these data, I need to keep the values as "character" class within the data frame (that is to say the leading zeros are important and I would like them to stay).  Here is an example of the code I would use to read an exampl...
2012 Mar 06
Inherited node tagging
Dear all, I have observed a behavior that doesn''t seem (to me) to match the documentation. Specially, about tagging, the doc says: " Automatic Tagging All language statements enclosed in a node, define or class structure (read more about puppet control structures [[Language Tutorial]] ) will automatically be tagged with the name of that statement. These automatically- applied tags will be inherited by any object enclosed in that class, regardless of the depth of enclosure. &...
2011 Aug 08
enclosing with() in a function
Hi All, I want to enclose with() in a function mean_on_element. Obviously, it is not working. The problem is how to specify the element name with a function body. Does anybody have any suggestion? Thanks! > data=list(x=1:10) > with(data, mean(x)) [1] 5.5 > > mean_on_element=function(data, elem_name) { + with(...
2011 Feb 18
ERROR : Enclosing class/module 'mMysql2' for class Client not known
hi everybody , i am trying to test a simple webapplication but got the following error : molay@molay-VirtualBox:~$ gem install mysql2 Building native extensions. This could take a while... Successfully installed mysql2-0.2.6 1 gem installed Installing ri documentation for mysql2-0.2.6... Enclosing class/module ''mMysql2'' for class Client not known Installing RDoc documentation
2006 Mar 17
TFTP problems on FC4
...d[22195]: sending NAK (0, Permission denied) to Mar 17 09:52:52 localhost in.tftpd[22196]: RRQ from filename SIP00156316C1CC.cnf Mar 17 09:52:52 localhost in.tftpd[22196]: sending NAK (0, Permission denied) to The phone shows these messages: W200 TFTP Error: Enclosed Text 0S79XX.txt W210 TFTP Error: Enclosed Text SIPDefault.cnf W220 TFTP Error: Enclosed Text SIP00156316C1CC.cnf The phones and the server are in the same VLAN. Has anyone seen this before or have any ideas why simple TFTP does not work? Regards, Joe
2015 Jan 15
Closing over Garbage
Given a large data.frame, a function trains a series of models by looping over two steps: 1. Create a model-specific subset of the complete training data 2. Train a model on the subset data The function returns a list of trained models which are later used for prediction on test data. Due to how models and closures work in R, each model contains a lot of data that is not necessary for
2017 Jul 25
why is llvm.stacksave() necessary?
Hi all, the language reference for the alloca instruction states: The ‘alloca‘ instruction allocates memory on the stack frame of the currently executing function, to be automatically released when this function returns to its caller. when using come c code like void myfunc(void){ int i=4; double d[i]; } the ir shows enclosing llvm.stackSave & restore constructs, enclosing the alloca
2013 Apr 27
[LLVMdev] initializer for function local static variable called enclosing function
Hello, Today I encountered a problem when viewing some code. When executing the complied binary it aborted and give the error message. "initializer for function local static variable called enclosing function" The code is like this, static bool isDumpEnabled = getenv("env_dump_something") ! = 0 When executing this code, this error occurred once. But I don't know
2014 Feb 27
[Bug 10475] New: Delete based upon enclosing folder Summary: Delete based upon enclosing folder Product: rsync Version: 3.1.0 Platform: All OS/Version: All Status: NEW Severity: enhancement Priority: P5 Component: core AssignedTo: wayned at ReportedBy: me at
2007 Dec 26
Importing Markdown posts to WordPress
...39;s builtin export command. 2. Installed WP and the PHP-MarkdownExtra plugin. Activated the plugin. 3. Imported into WP the text file that came out of the MT export process. The biggest problem seems to be that WP isn't recognizing the Markdown formatting of the exported posts. What should be enclosed by <pre><code>...</code></pre> are enclosed by simple paragraph tags instead. Has anyone here experienced and solved this problem? -- Dr. Drang
2008 Mar 10
Only 5 tests out of 376 currently failing! web page and their footnotes won''t conflict as ids or named anchors. I could see how it could be desirable, though, to refer to a footnote and list it in different sections (rendered by RedCloth separately). What do you think? >> name: notextile tags >> desc: Blocks enclosed by the pseudo tag <notextile>...</notextile> >> will be left untouched. >> in: |- >> <notextile> >> p. Leave me alone >> </notextile> >> out: |- >> <p> >> p. Leave me alone >> </p> >> note...
2008 Jan 03
[LLVMdev] ComplexPattern in child ISel nodes
On Jan 1, 2008, at 9:29 PM, Evan Cheng wrote: > > On Dec 30, 2007, at 9:04 PM, Christopher Lamb wrote: > >> Currently tablegen emits a rather surprising match code for the >> following case: >> >> Suppose we have a pattern that uses a ComplexPattern to match an >> operand. This pattern then appears as a child pattern in a >> different pattern.
2008 Oct 20
Hi, I installed libxml-ruby and libxslt-ruby. It took a while but it''s running now. However, on the libxml site ( it says: "...libxml requires a few other libraries to be installed in order to build and function properly. * libm (math routines: very standard) * libz (zlib) * libiconv * libxml2 ..." And
2010 Jul 15
[LLVMdev] [PATCH] Addition to TableGen for dumping intrinsics as XML
...cs and for overrideable intrinsics with supplied parameter types. Clients that do not link with the LLVM libraries (such as the Open Dylan compiler, which has its own IR and its own bitcode output) do not have access to this facility, however. In order to make intrinsics information available, the enclosed patch adds a command-line flag which causes TableGen to dump all of the information obtained from parsing into an XML output file. This output can then be read by clients or transformed into code or tables using (say) an XSLT script. The current output of the tool is also enclosed a...
2011 Dec 13
how to manually enter an double quote as data feed?
I'm doing a text mining project where I have to manually enter a double quote as an element inside a vector. I tried char[10]='"'#where i enclosed the double quote in a pair of single quotes. But the result is [1] "\"". Somehow a back slash is added automatically. I also tried to enclose the double quote in a pair of double quotes. That didn't work either. I'm using Mac and latest release of R. Thank you! Bonnie Y...