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2009 Mar 30
[Bug 588] New: make ipv6 optional in iptables Summary: make ipv6 optional in iptables Product: iptables Version: CVS (please indicate timestamp) Platform: All OS/Version: All Status: NEW Severity: enhancement Priority: P1 Component: ip6tables AssignedTo: laforge at
2007 Jul 07
Compiling swfdec without GTK
...4.5 for ARM9. But before that I am planning to compile it on my x86 machine without GTK support. I have already compiled it with GTK. But if I disable GTK then I am getting error messages while compiling test directory. I have used following configuration options: ./configure enable_shared=no enable_static=yes enable_mad=no enable_gtk_doc=no enable_ffmpeg=no enable_gtk=no enable_gnome_vfs=no enable_gstreamer=no with_audio=none Following are the error messages: make[3]: Entering directory `/home/FlashLibs/swfdec-0.4.5/test' if /bin/sh ../libtool --tag=CC --mode=compil...
2009 May 12
Controlling outbound bandwidth utilization by port
Among other things, I run an http server on my home DSL line (6M/768kbit). The content includes several large image galleries, and when certain crawlers hit our server w/ multiple large image uploads, we end up with large ping time delays - sufficient to disrupt the kids'' on-line gaming. Attempts to control this with robots.txt has not be very successful; Solaris IPQoS appears