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2004 Jun 09
Windows rejects name registration
...subnet [2004/06/09 08:17:38, 0] nmbd/nmbd_become_lmb.c:unbecome_local_master_success(149) ***** Samba name server NETCHEF has stopped being a local master browser for workgroup EIA on subnet ***** [2004/06/09 08:17:40, 2] nmbd/nmbd_elections.c:send_election_dgram(41) send_election_dgram: Sending election packet for workgroup EIA on subnet [2004/06/09 08:17:41, 2] nmbd/nmbd_elections.c:send_election_dgram(41) send_election_dgram: Sending election packet for workgroup EIA on subnet [2004&...
2008 Dec 19
When and how often are elections held for LMB?
...and forces an election. Any other times when an election is held? What's also not clear is how OFTEN the election is held. The how-to makes a passing reference that "two machines with "preferred master = yes" will periodically force election." Is that true? I thought that elections were only held when there is no LMB or only when a preferred master boots up.
2008 Oct 02
Samba WINS Server losing all elections against
...nt computer is badly configured (ie no wins server is specified), or if a stupid firewall is installed on it, that machine tries to become the local master. So it starts an election with my samba server... and it wins. This is the part I don't understand. Why is my WINS server always losing elections against other computers? I set its os level to 255, which I read is the highest value. Here is my smb.conf: [global] netbios-name = myworkgroup-server workgroup = MYWORKGROUP server string = myworkgroup Server wins support = yes prefered master = yes local master = yes domain mas...
2003 Aug 17
Shorewall with MS Windows PDC
Hi, I have a network with 4 NIC, one external, DMZ, and two internal, B & C. It has been setup correctlly and working now. The problem I have now, is any client workstation running on network B, MSWindows 2K / XP / NT cannot connect to the primary domain controller which is in network C. The clients cannot even see the network domain in the explorere window. I believe the problem
2020 Nov 01
analyzing results from Tuesday's US elections
Hello: What can you tell me about plans to analyze data from this year's general election, especially to detect possible fraud? I might be able to help with such an effort. I have NOT done much with election data, but I have developed tools for data analysis, including web scraping, and included them in R packages available on the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN)
2006 Jan 20
Samba 3.0.14 - very puzzling domain browsing problems
Hi again, all: I followed Adam's advice and investigated the transmission of broadcast packets to the Samba PDC. Using a packet injector, tcpdump and Ethereal, I was able to determine that broadcasts are both going out onto the network and being received at the PDC, in both UDP and TCP formats. Again, using this configuration [global] domain master = yes local master = yes preferred master
2001 Nov 02
bug: inconsistent handling of workgroups > 15 chars leads to failed master browser elections
hi, when i give samba a workgroup name with more than 15 characters [the limit for netbios names], nmbd is unable to participate in browse master elections. it appears that parts of internal samba code honor 16 characters and parts only honor 15. details: i used a workgroup name of nodomain.nowhere, 16 characters, on samba 2.2.1a. the samba box was the only member of this workgroup on the segment [so it should become browse master]. the nmbd log...
2010 Jun 18
WINS server DMB and LMBs not communicating across subnet toupdate browse lists?
> > > Referencing: > > > I've got two subnets ( and All the machines > on both subnets are running XP Home or Pro and are all part of the > same workgroup (WORKGROUP). > > I've added an
2012 Jun 15
help in sentDetect() fuction
hello, I am using the following code >s<-"I am very happy, excited, and optimistic.I am very scared, annoyed, and irritated.Iraq?s political crisis entered its second week one step closer to the potential.dissolution of the government, with a call for elections by a vital coalition partner and a suicide attack that extended the spate of violence. that has followed the withdrawal.of U.S. troops" > sentDetect(s, language = "en") #getting output in the following way [1] "I am very happy, excited, and optimistic.I am very scared, anno...
2008 Jun 07
Question about samba domains PDC migration and browsing slowly
...samba 3.0 PDC [ with LDAP as auth backend and a new sid and name ]. The 2 domains are on the same network and we are migrating host by host. Like both of domain controllers (A and B) wants to be the browser master, browsing from windows explorer on the net is slow (I think because a browser master elections fight continously). Do you know how can I set only one browser master (is it possible? ) or a work arround ? Thanks in advance
1998 Jan 22
1.9.18p1 and problems w/ multiple interfaces
...net0 ; this is a router which acts as cross-subnet domain master + wins ; server local master = yes preferred master = yes domain master = yes wins support = yes dns proxy = no os level = 99 net1 - net4 are Win95, WinNT, Linux net0 are two samba-1.9.18p1 fileservers PROBLEM: log.nmb reports elections happening all the time, but only on net4 (which is the last one with windows clients in the "interfaces" line). Strange thing is: some errors are reported (ignoring browse packet command code 11), and some elections are lost, which should not happen with the above setting. Also, there ar...
2004 Feb 01
Assistance with data import from Statistica
I am a new R user attempting to convert files from Statistica to R. I can export from Statistica to SPSS .por format, but not to the SPSS .sav format. Is there a procedure for easily accomplishing this, which will allow me to keep variable short and long labels (big surveys LOTS of time to replace all this work). Many thanks for sharing your time and knowledge. steve Dr Steven M Burgess
2001 Apr 11
Cleaning up Network Neighborhood
I couldn't find anything like this in the archives, although it must be there. We are running Samba 2.0.7 on RedHat Linux 6.0 using Windows 95 clients. Our Network Neighborhood is filled with workgroups that no longer exist. In some cases, someone connected with a laptop that was in a certain workgroup and it was added to the list of our workgroups. Even that that person has been gone for
2004 Nov 18
Empty Network Neighborhood"
Hello. My problem is not samba realted, but I might hope that it can help me to solve it. Our network is about 200 users. Some of them are using windows. But today Network Neighborhood on all computers became empty. I've tried smbtree and its listing is empty too. If I enable -d10 I can see in the last string: "Unable to find master browser by broadcast" The only idea I have,
2015 Apr 29
CentOS Images on AWS with partitions on /dev/xvda1 are awkwared to resize
I'm staring at the free CentOS images on AWS, and seeing that whoever set those up elected to use a partition for /dev/xvda1 rather than taking advantage of Amazon's tendency to use "/dev/xvda", "/dev/xvdb", etc. for each disk and use those directly as a file system. The result is that if you elect to allocate a larger base disk image, for
2009 Dec 03
Problem with predict() and factors
I am working on a script that takes numeric performance indicators and runs them against a series of regressors (dummy regressors, yes\no stuff via 0 and 1, e.g. Was is Christmas this week 0=no, 1=yes). The script is as follows (Written as a function): -- Begin Script -- doEnv <- function(HOUR,ENVNAME,REPORTNAME) { library(RODBC) library(forecast) library("geneplotter")
1998 Mar 02
SAMBA digest 1606
...>To: Wajihuddin Ahmed <> >Subject: Re: cross subnet browsing >Message-ID: <199802271854.NAA10232@lorax.ERA.COM> > >> <snip> >>Another issue I considered when I was having problems was the amount >>of time it took to resolve elections and update browse lists and so >>on. When I was experimenting, I may have been changing smb.conf >>and restarting nmbd too frequently. You may want to give it >>10 minutes to settle between changes. > >>Does anyone have a good idea how long things like that (elections,...
2005 May 31
This is the guy that has a ton of email addresses. Almost as many as he has phone numbers. google "kvj" He doesn't like our president either: Here's look at a MISERABLE FAILURE and I use facts: George W. Bush (herein referred to as 'bushwhack') is the village idiot and he pushed a series of Trojan horses at Americans: 1) The Overtime Pay act is nothing more than a
2006 Oct 19
Newbie: Selecting data
I've been working with R for all of about 8 hours, so anyone with more experience than this should be able to help me. General comments about my methods of work are also welcomed. I have a table that I've imported thusly: > w <- read.table("", header=T) > w start therms gas KWHs elect temp days 1 10-Jun-98 9 16.84 613 63.80 75 40 2
2010 Aug 22
R Package about Variable Selection for GLMM (Generalized Linear Mixed Model)?
Hi all, I have searched for a long time to find out R program about V ariable S election for GLMM (Generalized Linear Mixed Model). I saw several great R packages for V ariable S election. I  also found several R packages for GLMM. But, I did not find yet R package about V ariable S election for GLMM even though sevel  papers about it have been published.   In fact,  I need V ariable