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2009 Nov 19
stupid Centos-DS questions
...even more welcome is pointers to case studies or template examples. We are a very small company with only about 30 people right now. Though we do have a convoluted network with 3 distinct network areas separated by VPNs. I'm new here (and put in charge), and we are not even running DNS yet (eeep! for REALZ!!!). To me it makes sense to have 3 different DNS subdomains because of some quirks they have in their product architecture here. I'm thinking "office.example.dom", "" and "". And from the bit I've read so far...
2009 Feb 01
Extracting Coefficients and Such from mle2 Output
The mle2 function (bbmle library) gives an example something like the following in its help page. How do I access the coefficients, standard errors, etc in the summary of "a"? > x <- 0:10 > y <- c(26, 17, 13, 12, 20, 5, 9, 8, 5, 4, 8) > LL <- function(ymax=15, xhalf=6) + -sum(stats::dpois(y, lambda=ymax/(1+x/xhalf), log=TRUE)) > a <- mle2(LL,