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2007 May 31
Sample Merb App
I put together a sample app to help people learn Merb: I also blogged about it here: -- Zack Chandler
2009 Apr 18
RESTful Routing: Getting names of resources out of paths
Hello - I''m trying to remain RESTful in a new application that I''m building, but I''m not sure how to get the routes that I want. I''m trying to avoid having resource names like "posts" and "comments" cluttering things up. For example, for a resource that I designate: GET -> index GET -> show, id=1 GET
2006 Dec 10
model-controller-paradigm: What about admin controllers?
Hi all We all know the model-controller-paradigm: I have a model "News" which has a corresponding CRUD-controller "NewsController". But now I''m quite unsure about the following... Guess we have normal visitors that visit our site www.??.com/news and we have administrators that create and modify news items. The admin should see an "Edit" link and a