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2004 Jul 16
OCFS Database too slow
Hi All, we are using Red Hat 2.1 Kernel e38 along with MSA 1000. ocfs version being used is $ rpm -qa | grep ocfs ocfs-tools-1.0.10-1 ocfs-2.4.9-e-enterprise-1.0.12-1 ocfs-support-1.0.10-1 Database Version is However we find that the performance of the database on OCFS is too slow. even a select count(1) from all_tables takes like a while to complete. We initially assumed RAC is
2004 Jan 26
-o direct option : Oracle or RH implementation ?
...s, were implemented by Oracle or by Red Hat ? If they were implemented by Oracle, are they certified/supported by Red Hat ? I am asking this, because my fileutils version appears to be higher than the recommended one, but still the DIRECT option is not available. I am on Red Hat AS 2.1 e27 Thanks, Priscilla Marques. ____________________________________________________ "The statements and opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily represent those of Oracle Corporation." ____________________________________________________
1997 Feb 05
bliss version 0.4.0
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2009 Apr 01
回复: R-help Digest, Vol 73, Issue 32
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