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2007 Dec 28
Help with dump/restore
...f support I get from RH is actually less effective and slower than resources such as this list, I'm looking here, first. Up to this point I was backing up to a USB-mounted external 1 TB hard drive. I was using a script containing: /sbin/dump -0v -z2 -f /media/usb_drive/dump0 /home I played with restore on that, and it tested fine. For the tape, I thought it would be nice to add /var/log (should have done it before, but didn't think of it...) Trying to adapt the knowledge to a tape library... /sbin/dump -0 -v -z2 -f /dev/nst0 /va...
2005 Jun 23
urgent TEQL problem
OK, I spammed the mailing list recently, but I will be fired if I can''t solve the problem today. (just kidding, but I did waste lots of time on it :( ) The common configuration for teql is for two computers connected directly with two links. My topology is a little different: one link is connected directly, but the other is connected through a gateway. My problem is teql can''t