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2010 Jun 02
Problems using gamlss to model zero-inflated and overdispersed count data: "the global deviance is increasing"
...) to relate bird counts to habit variables. However, most models fail because “the global deviance is increasing” and I am not sure what causes this behaviour. The dataset consists of counts of birds (duck) and 5 habit variables measured in the field (n= 182). The dependent variable (the number of ducks counted)’suffers’ from zero-inflation and overdisperion: > proportion_non_zero <- (sum(ifelse(data$duck == 0,0,1))/182) > mean <- mean(data$duck) > var <- var(data$duck) > proportion_non_zero [1] 0.1153846 > mean [1] 1.906593 > var [1] 37.35587 (I have no idea how...
2007 Feb 28
Specifying that code is called in a block
Not sure if this is possible currently. I have a section of code like this: ActiveRecord::Base.transaction do!!! end (Names changed to protect the innocent.) I''d like to specify that the saves run in a transaction. I can do ActiveRecord::Base.should_receive(:transaction).and_yield But is there any way to specify that the code is
2010 Sep 27
[LLVMdev] Issue compiling llvm-gcc frontend on sparc
On Sep 26, 2010, at 3:23 PMPDT, Raghu Prabhakar wrote: > 1) During configuration, the default assembler (installed at /usr/ccs/bin) is chosen to be used, but I want to use the GNU assembler (installed at /vm/GNU/bin in my machine). In spite of re-arranging paths on the PATH variable, and even after removing /usr/ccs/bin from PATH, configure still chooses the
2006 Mar 10
Need an opinion on ActiveRecord vs.(?) duck typing
Rubysts, First of all, I am pretty new to Ruby, Rails and even dynamic languages in general. So please be patient with me. :-) Disclaimer given, let''s get to the guts. I am trying to save a date/timestamp to my DB and comparing it with one created outside of DB/ActiveRecord afterwards. The date is burried inside an ActiveRecord object of mine and gets recorded together with
2010 Sep 26
[LLVMdev] What is the canonical way to build on Solaris 10?
Hi, I am trying to get r114797 to build on Solaris 10u6 (5.10 Generic_142901-03). gcc 4.2 is installed and configured with: -bash-3.00$ /opt/gcc4/bin/gcc -v Using built-in specs. Target: i386-pc-solaris2.10 Configured with: ./configure --prefix=/opt/gcc4 --with-gnu-as --with-as=/usr/sfw/bin/gas --without-gnu-ld
2006 Feb 27
[Q] Active Ducking
Hello, I work with a legacy schema, thanks to Rails it''s not too difficult out of the ID''s and plurals rules. Got two tables (senders and receivers), they are identical in structure like, just fieldnames are differents SENDID number SENDNAME varchar SENDADDR varchar ../snip RECVID number SENDNAME varchar SENDADDR varchar ../snip I try to create a receiver
2005 Dec 21
Are Ducks Hibernating ?
Dears, Remembering last value in a select box don''t work for me as : Controller : @years=(1970..2005).to_a Form: <%= select_tag "year", options_for_select( (2001..2005).to_a, @params[:year] ) %> I had to write <%= select_tag "year", options_for_select( (2001..2005).to_a, @params[:year].to_i ) %> for it works. Not important, but I''m
2010 Sep 26
[LLVMdev] Issue compiling llvm-gcc frontend on sparc
Hi all, I have successfully built LLVM itself, as all the tools (llc et al) are working fine. I built the latest release version (2.7). I have been trying to build the llvm-gcc frontend on a sparc machine. I encountered the following issues : 1) During configuration, the default assembler (installed at /usr/ccs/bin) is chosen to be used, but I want to use the GNU assembler (installed
2018 Nov 03
fingerprint reader on C-7 ???
Hi all! I just got a new (to me) used laptop (HP EliteBook 8530p) and find that it has a fingerprint reader. Wondering if it could be made to work for me (Centos-7) I did a lot of googling (well, actually duck-duck-go-ing) and found a ton of hits on either setting it up in Windoze, or others wondering if it can be used in Linux. Some info on setting it up in Ubuntu, and a couple of pages on
2016 Feb 12
sieve: store string list in varable
Hi, I'm working on a Sieve script and want to store a list of addresses in a variable to easily access the list multiple times later. For example I want to transform this: if address :is "from" [" at", "porky.pig at", "speedy.gonzales at"] { fileinto "friends"; } into something like
2012 Aug 11
Missing dependency in C6 ISO
...te down the package name Twice this issue appeared -- first time around aborted install due to power cut. Did anybody else face this situation? Also is there a better way with just DVDs and not LAN to select all package install. (no Kickstart, NFS server etc.) I have the ISO images though. /ducks I know no sysadmin installs everything on a centos box... But then it is just a single desktop to get legroom in a M$ shop / Home //ducks -- Regards, Rajagopal
2014 Jan 22
beginners sieve: copy not move to subfolder?
I'm trying to learn how do basic stuff with sieve; I pasted this from a tutorial, it works fine, mail is delivered to 'friends' BUT, what should I do to keep mail in main inbasket as well as, copy to subbasket ? tried 'copy' but failed so far main_script: line 6: error: unknown command 'copy' (only reported once at first occurence). even after I added
2005 Mar 02
[OT] stupid firmware question...
...ed to try and develop my own firmware for a particular phone. Namely, I want to try and 're-write' the SIP firmware for Cisco 7940's. Any ideas? -Chris PS: [* put on flame suit *] why won't any of the phone manufacturer's just open-source the firmware for their phones? [* ducks head back inside gopher hole just before a giant fireball hits *]
2011 Feb 11
[LLVMdev] Compiler error when self-hosting
I've hit this weird compiler error when building llvm/clang $ clang --version clang version 2.9 (trunk 125254) Target: x86_64-apple-darwin10 Thread model: posix Source rev is 125326 $ make llvm[1]: Compiling APFloat.cpp for Release build llvm[1]: Compiling APInt.cpp for Release build llvm[1]: Compiling APSInt.cpp for Release build llvm[1]: Compiling Allocator.cpp for Release build
2019 Nov 05
No CentOS 8 Updates announced in Centos-announce email list
I learned from the Centos-devel email list that they aren't sending out email to centos-announce for updates to CentOS 8, but only updating an RSS feed. I think this is a bad idea since no one uses RSS anymore (ducks for cover). What do others here think of this? -- *Matt Phelps* *Information Technology Specialist, Systems Administrator* (Computation Facility, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory) Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian 60 Garden Street | MS 39 | Cambridge, MA 02138 email:...
2010 Mar 03
Limit login attempts per connection?
Dovecot allows a large number of login attempts per connection. I'd like to reduce that number to, say, 1, and let my firewall keep the ducks at bay, but I can't find anything in /etc/dovecot.conf or by googling. How do I do it? Do I need to patch the source? dovecot-1.1.10-1.x86_64 on CentOS 5.4 -- ____________________________________________________________________ TonyN.:' <mailto:tonynel...
2006 Feb 01
win program needs links to windows shares, how to config
I have a windows program that requires access to some windows shares on the network. Some config files and other things reside on these shares (and must). The program won't function w/o these things, but I haven't the foggiest how to have wine "sense" or "use" the connections. Do I need to use smbfs and connect to the computer/share giving a local *nix path
2007 Nov 28
RedHat 4.6
I've either been blind or everyone else is or... but I just noticed RedHat 4 Update 6 is out! So when's the next CentOS release? (grins, ducks and runs very very very fast!) -- rgds Stephen
2013 Apr 25
[LLVMdev] Dynamic Type Lookup ...
Thanks for your feedback David.... Yes, the intention is to support duck-typing. In my code example, a.attrB1 = 5 .... is probably more accurately stated as ..... a. attr1.attrB1 = 5 Certainly this would be an unsafe call because we would not know that attrB1 is an attribute of attr1 until runtime. I believe this type of call is valid in a language like Python. Are there any
2005 Feb 12
Wireless - routing or bridging
I have added a 4th NIC to my setup, and want to set up wireless. I have started at the configuration Tom has for the last week, and my eyes are crossing. eth0 "net" goes to my internet connected firewall with a 192.168 address eth1 "loc" goes to my switch connected to local switch also 192.168.x eth2 "work" goes to my office with a 172. address eth3 Trying to