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2005 Jul 06
Autocompletion not working in Konqueror
I''ve just had a look again at the autocompletion demo that Thomas put up at Unfortunately, in Konqueror (3.4.1) it doesn''t work at all. Not even an error is triggered. It does work nicely in Firefox. How about Safari? I don''t have the time right now to track this down systematically (maybe latter),
2008 Feb 21
prototype.js hangs page load when included in an HTML page
I have a simple HTML page - stripped everything possible from it. No javascript is invoked (e.g. body onLoad) when the page is loaded I''ve included the new prototype.1.6.0 (and tried in my html page. When I load the page - the browser will render the html content - but the page continues to load - without ever finishing. This is a problem because the code I want to execute in