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2006 Feb 12
asterisk + door opener
Hi! I am new to asterisk and I'd like to know wheter the following scenario is possible: Someone press the Button on the door station. The door station dials lets say the extension 333. I take the call on 333 and talk with the person on the door. Now I'd like to activate the door opener by pressing some numbers on the analog telefon. Asterisk should now recognize that I pressed something to open the door and should...
2004 Dec 04
Door buzzer.
Hello, I have a customer who has their front door integrated to their current phone system. If someone presses the buzzer, the secretaries phone will ring, and she can talk to the person at the door. By pressing ** she can release the door. Anyone have any sort of integration like this. Are there IP devices anyone is using? They have a...
2012 Feb 07
Table rearranging
I have a table that looks like this: measurement?? ?date??? door ?? color 0.93529385?? ?513?? ?open?? ?red 0.97419293?? ?420??? open ?? red 0.962053514?? ?513?? ?closed?? ?red 0.963909937?? ?1230?? ?open?? ?blue 0.97652034?? ?1230?? ?open?? ?green 0.989310795?? ?1230?? ?closed?? ?blue 0.9941022?? ?917?? ?closed?? ?yellow I would like to create a table that has:...
2003 Nov 26
door phone
Hi, Anyone know anything about Asterisk's support for door phones? Receiving the call from the door intercom system, opening the door, etc? Any hardware recommendations? I understand that the equipment we have now is Panasonic proprietary and came with the currently deployed Panasonic TD12-32 pbx. We intend to deploy Asterisk in a 72 extensions + 16 t...
2010 Nov 15
Door Contacts via Asterisk?
Hi all, I have had (what I consider) an odd request. The installation I'm working on now is an office on a multi-floor building. They 're looking for some kind of solution with the phone system to provide door control. We are a non-profit so of course I'm looking for something VERY inexpensive. I'm sure /someone/ has done something like this. I'd appreciate any ideas. Cassius Smith -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: http://lists...
2008 Oct 27
Door phone
Hi, Is there an affordable HW solution to do a door phone on *? I do not mind using the solder iron to modify an existing door box. Thank you! Best regards HB Norway
2008 Aug 18
opening Doors with Asterisk!?
Hello all, i read a few articles online about the possibility to setup a "buzzer" door system to PBX using asterisk! currently my setup contains asterisk of course, and a sipura 3102.. what do i need to get such a feature done?! or should i ask if its possible?! _________________________________________________________________ Connect to the next generation of MSN Messenger? htt...
2006 Dec 23
asterisk + door opener
Thers a box we can get here in Australia that has an RJ45 plug, a built in web server that has a config page and URL's to close/open one of 4 included relays. I use phpagi to hit the url and open/close doors that way. If anyone is interested, ill let you know URL's but its being sold from our local Jaycar agent. Regards Kevin -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Dovid B Sent: Sunday, 24 December 20...
2009 Sep 24
Connecting home intercom to Asterisk?
Hello I assume I'm not the first one to think about this: Is it possible to connect an intercom and/or door bell to Asterisk, so that I can get an e-mail that someone rang my place while I was out? Even better: If used for a doctor's office, it'd be cool if patients could type their Social Security Number on a keypad, which would open the door and notify Asterisk which would then display a pop-u...
2011 Apr 13
Fwd: Re: Asterisk as a Condo door opener/intercom
Asterisk as a phone system makes perfect sense in a condo. You can get all the DID's you want and eliminate costs for the owners. You can offer standard FXO for people who don't care and IP sets for people who want to "upgrade" to feature sets. Your door openner is a piece of cake. 1. Create an option in your dialplan only in the "from-access-door" context that reads DTMF from the called station only. 2. Use this to access an external program to turn on a serial port line for 10 seconds. 3. This line drives a solid state relay (~$30) so...
2004 Jan 06
Doorbells & Door Intercoms
Hi, Does anybody know of a VoIP compatible doorbell or door intercom unit? I've contemplated buying a cheap SIP phone, ripping it apart, and putting it inside an IP66 sealed unit... It would need: - At least one speed-dial key, or some way to make every button dial the same extension number - PoE (power over ethernet), so I can power it...
2010 Sep 26
About Wine Doors missing
Hi again. Well, it's been a few days since I updated to openSUSE 11.3 and I was installing Wine and Wine Doors to get my Windows applications to work, suddenly realizing that Doors was not working anymore and the website was shutdown since July 2010. Doors did wonderful with all my apps back in openSUSE 11.1 unlike Gecko, which gives me lots of trouble with most of the apps (they simply don't run, with...
2004 Jul 06
2x analog interface (1 ISDN and 1 door phone) recomendation for Europe ?
Hi, I'd like to use Asterisk with ISDN interface and normal analog interface to door phone (or any other low cost connection type to door phone). What would be your recomendations for needed HW in Europe? Is it possible to have this in one PCI card? Are there any lower cost voip door phones? Thanks in advance, Robert.
2011 Apr 10
Asterisk as a Condo door opener/intercom replace a condo intercom system. Apparently the current one taps into the lines and dials phone numbers but needs to be changed as it's faulty. I will probably still use the same analogue dialing and back it up with a VoIP line and use the current cabling that is in place. But as for as the door opening function goes, I am not sure how to interface and how open these modules are usually built. I would appreciate it if someone with experience can throw in some pointers as to what I might be facing and what challenges I have to solve to replace this with a nice Asterisk system. Thanks, ---...
2008 Mar 04
how to install
how to install wine-doors From: "tymiller48" <wineforum-user at> Reply-To: wine-users at X-Generated-By: M2F: Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2008 14:49:12 -0600 To: wine-users at I installed it by typing this into the terminal window Code: python /home/custom...
2008 Apr 01
wine doors not uninstalling?
...does is it opens up the repair/remove window, I select remove, and click next next next etc etc. and then restart the pc.... it doesnt remove photoshop though, the icons, settings, regedit settings, photoshop folder, all remain, only difference is it is listed as an uninstalled program on wine doors... but it is installed. anyone know how I can uninstall?
2009 Jan 11
Problem with wine doors
Hello. I have wine doors and wine installed. I can install some tools from the list in wine doors, but some other tools i cant install. The download will be done and installation starts, but after it i become following bug info: [Image: ] (
2005 Feb 01
Different ring when called by door entry
Hi all I have a door entry system that connects to an FXS Card. When the button is pressed it dials an extension which is actually a group of all other SIP extension. Is there anyway you can specify that the phones ring a different ring type when a call is received by that FXS card extension ? This is so I can dete...
2010 Jul 14
Wine-Doors and wine?
WHo know's the email adress of Author of Wine-Doors? i might have a solution and want to restore the Wine resporities, with downloads. I found wine-doors very handy, in combination of Wine itself and PlayOnLinux. I have 2 website's and 1 of them (my NickName) i'm trying to make a dutch Linux-helpout website of, for those who want to use...
2016 Aug 30
Multiple phones when one is unregistered
I have an extension that looks like this: exten => 5555551111,1,Verbose(Door buzzer calling) same => n,Dial(SIP/user1&SIP/user2&SIP/user3) The idea is that any of the three users can answer the phone to let someone in. The problem is that if, say, user2 unplugs his phone then the call immediately goes to his voice mail and the other two do not hav...