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2008 Oct 29
problem with dom0_min_mem on vm creation
Hi List, I get the following error when trying to create a new vm. There is 1024MB total physcial memory on the machine with 320MB used. Error: I need 1045876KiB, but dom0_min_mem is 1048576 and shrinking to 1048576 KiB would leave only 1021888 KiB free. Thanks in advance M _______________________________________________ Xen-users mailing list
2008 Feb 15
understanding dom0 usage memory
Hi guys, First of all, sorry for my poor english. This is my first message at this list. I''m using Xen on several machines since last November. Right now I''m having a specific problems with 2 servers: both are losing the network on dom0 but all guest systems are still running fine. Looking at those dom0 logs I''ve discovered that sometimes linux kernel OOM-Killer
2008 Feb 29
error creating Centos 5.1 x32 dum_U instance on CentOS5.1 x64
Nah, RHEL 5.1+ supports 32-bit domU (PAE and non PAE) on 64-bit dom0. Actually RHEL Xen is 3.1 with the brain damaged 3.0 userland utilities. -Ross ----- Original Message ----- From: <> To: CentOS mailing list <> Sent: Fri Feb 29 04:46:42 2008 Subject: Re: [CentOS] error creating Centos 5.1 x32 dum_U instance on
2010 Dec 12
Crash with XEN 4.0 on Suse 11.3
...res''} [2010-12-12 19:37:37 4240] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:2450) Destroying device model [2010-12-12 19:37:37 4240] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:2457) Releasing devices The machine is : RAM 8gb CPU Amd 910e (quad core) Disks 2 x 250Gb RAID 1 2 x 1Tb RAID 1 Domain0 Ram 2gb vcpu 2 Balloning is off dom0_min_mem 2048 xen boot line : kernel /boot/xen-4.0.0.gz dom0_mem=2048M cpufreq=xen cpuidle System : Suse 11.3 with kernel Database VM Ram 2Gb vcpu 1 DIsks 3 virtual disks (system, data, log) accessed as hda/hdb/hdc. System Centos 5.5 with 2.6.18-194.26.1.el5 kernel Regard...
2013 Apr 24
Hardware virtualization
Hi It''s my first experience with xen I would like to use a OS linux create by buildroot like a guest. I have a PC whit virtualizatin whit debian distribution and I install xen-linux-sysem on the PC. In this PC a VM doesn''t work correctly. I would like to know if exist a simple tutorial to configure PC and VM . Thanks in advance Luisa
2009 Jan 01
Large server, Xen limitations
Hi, we''re contemplating getting a large new server, where we will run a number of virtual servers. Are there any things we need to keep in mind in that case? Are there limitations on what a Xen system can manage? We''re talking about a 4 x Quad core CPU server with 64 GBs of RAM and a couple of terabytes of RAIDed SATA storage. -Morten (Re-sending this, as the first message