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2006 Apr 02
raid setup
...: raid set md2 active with 1 out of 2 mirrors md: considering sda5 ... md: adding sda5 ... md: sda3 has different UUID to sda5 md: sda2 has different UUID to sda5 md: sda1 has different UUID to sda5 md: created md1 md: bind<sda5> md: running: <sda5> md: personality 2 is not loaded! md :do_md_run() returned -22 md: md1 stopped. md: unbind<sda5> md: export_rdev(sda5) md: considering sda3 ... --snip-- -- Regards, Mark Quitoriano, CCNA Fan the flame... -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment...
2020 Sep 01
remove revalidate_disk()
Hi Jens, this series removes the revalidate_disk() function, which has been a really odd duck in the last years. The prime reason why most people use it is because it propagates a size change from the gendisk to the block_device structure. But it also calls into the rather ill defined ->revalidate_disk method which is rather useless for the callers. So this adds a new helper to just