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2010 Nov 18
Hello All, I''m trying to run a maximum likelihood analysis using dmultinomial (i''m avoiding dmultinom as I''d like to run it with vectors for the ML stuff). However, I''m having a hard time getting even the simplest example running. Any help would be greatly appreciated. > library(mc2d) > dmultinomial(x=c(0,0,1),prob=c(1,1,1),size=1,log=T...
2007 Jan 05
Efficient multinom probs
...the following: y=sample(1:3,15,1) prob=matrix(runif(45),15) prob=prob/rowSums(prob) diag(prob[,y]) However, my question is whether this is the most efficient way to do this. In the call prob[,y] a whole matrix is computed which seems a bit of a waste. Is there maybe a vectorized version of dmultinom which does this? Best, Ingmar
2013 Dec 10
fisher.test - can I use non-integer expected values?
I seem to be able to use expected values that are decimal (e.g., 1.33) when using chisq.test but not when using fisher.test. This happens when using an array/matrix as input. Fisher.test returns: Error in sprintf(gettext(fmt, domain = domain), ...) : invalid format ''%d''; use format %s for character objects. Thus, it appears fisher.test is looking for integers only. I tried