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2008 Jun 01
how to analyze time series structures?
h?, I am preparing undergraduate thesis If you help me this would make me feel good. First I need to analyze effect of Dow Jones Industrial average(DJIA)'s return on Istanbul Stock Exchange(ISE). I want to use Markov-Switching Bayesian Vector Autoregression Models (MSBVAR) that is used to examine the effect of a large economy?s stock exchange movement on a small economy?s stock exchange movement. The foreign stock exchange index follows its ow...
2008 Jun 04
"invest" applet in centos 5.1 seems to be inoperative
Hello! I figured it'd be interesting to see a miniature graph of the Dow Jones on my panel bar. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to do anything, and the preferences for it isn't helpful (it already has DJIA). So, any suggestions on how to get it to work? Regards, Charles Campbell