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2016 Apr 06
[Bug 94844] New: Ditching xf86-video-nouveau in favor of xf86-video-modesetting? Bug ID: 94844 Summary: Ditching xf86-video-nouveau in favor of xf86-video-modesetting? Product: xorg Version: unspecified Hardware: All OS: All Status: NEW Severity: normal Priority: medium Component: Driver/nouveau...
2018 Dec 19
[PATCH 10/10] drm/virtio: ditch virtio_gpu_object_attach() calls
With virtio_gpu_object_create() being called earlier ttm_bo_init() will handle the virtio_gpu_object_attach() (via backend binding), so we can drop the extra calls now. Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel at> --- drivers/gpu/drm/virtio/virtgpu_gem.c | 9 --------- drivers/gpu/drm/virtio/virtgpu_ioctl.c | 2 -- 2 files changed, 11 deletions(-)
2006 Feb 08
Sort of solution to traffic only going to last nexthop
Just wanted to let the people who have trouble with this know that I got it to work. I ditched my Gentoo install and fired up Fedora Core 4. But it was not working out of the box. When I updated to the latest kernel rpm 2.6.15 it worked like a charm :D So.. Fedora Core 4 with the latest 2.6 kernel ought to get you up and running. Hope this helps someone. My three weeks of anguish are
1999 Apr 22
SUMMARY Re: R compiling on SOLARIS 2.6
> > > We here at HGSI have a consultant doing some statistical work for us. > > HGSI bought and installed SAS, but our consultant insists that R and > > Rweb is a better solution. I do not know either package so I do not > > know, hence we are ditching SAS for R and Rweb. Any comments on this > > are welcom. > ooops, he is not a consultant, he is a full time employee. it also seems that we are not ditching sas. instead he will be using R in certain places where sas would take too long. > Interesting... > > Not knowing what y...
2007 Nov 13
OT: Slow browsers or slow connections?
I have AT&T (formerly SBC) DSL for my primary internet connection here, and tonight it has been exceptionally, extraordinarily S - L - O - W.... Pages that normally load in, at most, seconds, are taking several minutes to locate, even common, frequent access pages like Google, Gmail, etc. I called AT&T, of course, and all they know about is IE, which, as you can probably guess, I rarely
2005 Sep 29
WINS and domain controller
Hi, Is there any way to 'administer' Samba's WINS database? I'm attempting to get Samba to take over our NT servers' current functionality so that we can ditch them entirely. I've enabled WINS support and told our DHCP server to point at it. Is there any way of viewing it's database to see if it's working? Also, our XP boxes connect to a domain which is
2005 Mar 03
[OT] - Why should I answer a Newbie question, therethick!
If you really want to do this the asterisk list is based off of mailman. You can learn all about mailman here: But really, what are the odds that newbs will know to go there first? Are you going to moderate it? Someone has to actually answer the questions you know, if a newb only list is going to exist. Look, don't answer lame questions if you don't want
2017 Apr 02
What is register scavenging?
Hi, I would like to know what register scavenging is, but reading RegisterScavenging.h [1] and googling don't help too much. Could someone explain it a little bit (what it is and when we need it), or point me to some nice link, I will be very appreciated. :-) [1] Regards, chenwj -- Wei-Ren Chen
2009 Feb 12
Bynari Insight connector in Outlook is 'somewhat broken', and Bynari has some promising specifications on their website, I might want to try their product. Does anyone here have any experience with their software? Would you recommend it? Or maybe point me at alternatives? (If there are any.. aside from ditching Outlook of course :-P ) Regards, Maarten Bezemer
2007 Mar 05
Lucene index compatibility
I would like to generate a Lucene index in Java (of plain text values only,) and be able to use that index in ferret. I''ve seen many mixed answers to this question, so I''m hoping some of you can help. Thanks! -- Posted via
2006 Oct 30
Terminal settings question.
Hiya folks, Maybe someone can help me with this question. I'm a long time mutt user. However in recent years, I have been a member of an increasing number of mail lists. And an increasing number of mail list users are starting to use special characters in their emails that my terminal is not understanding correctly. When it doesn't understand the character correctly, it starts to
2014 May 08
[PATCH v10 08/19] qspinlock: Make a new qnode structure to support virtualization
On Wed, May 07, 2014 at 11:01:36AM -0400, Waiman Long wrote: > /* > + * To have additional features for better virtualization support, it is > + * necessary to store additional data in the queue node structure. So > + * a new queue node structure will have to be defined and used here. > + */ > +struct qnode { > + struct mcs_spinlock mcs; > +}; You can ditch this
2014 May 08
[PATCH v10 08/19] qspinlock: Make a new qnode structure to support virtualization
On Wed, May 07, 2014 at 11:01:36AM -0400, Waiman Long wrote: > /* > + * To have additional features for better virtualization support, it is > + * necessary to store additional data in the queue node structure. So > + * a new queue node structure will have to be defined and used here. > + */ > +struct qnode { > + struct mcs_spinlock mcs; > +}; You can ditch this
2016 Mar 21
IPSec multiple VPN setups
I second Eero's comment, use a new IPSec daemon. Openswan was forked and became Libreswan. Paul, now a RH employee, was a main developer for the Openswan project before he and others created the Libreswan fork. EL6 has Openswan EL7 has Libreswan Racoon isn't all that fun to work with. If you have the option, ditch it and EL5 and move to a newer
2006 Jan 23
Asterisk SIP phones to Cisco Unity via CCM 4.0 SIP Trunk
Hi, I've got a CCM ( Cisco Call Manager ), with a Cisco Unity VM server and about 45 SCCP phones on the ccm, and 200 users on unity. we want to migrate all users to IP Phones to ditch our ancient phone system. I would love to get Linksys-Sipura SPA-941s for the 150 users not on IP phones yet and run sip to an asterisk server, but have their voicemail on Unity. these phones are $150 each,
2006 Jan 12
uninitialized constant error
Hi Everyone, I''m a newbie to Rails, and I just finished going through the cookbook tutorial. I''m now trying to build my own application, and I''m trying to add more inputs to the edit view to modify data in other tables. Below is the controller code where I am having trouble. PartsLocation is another table (like Part) in the database, and that is the line where
2019 Jul 25
[PATCH 2/4] drm/nouveau: Fill out gem_object->resv
That way we can ditch our gem_prime_res_obj implementation. Since ttm absolutely needs the right reservation object all the boilerplate is already there and we just have to wire it up correctly. Note that gem/prime doesn't care when we do this, as long as we do it before the bo is registered and someone can call the handle2fd ioctl on it. Aside: ttm_buffer_object.ttm_resv could probably
2017 Mar 29
upsd/upsc, LISTEN and hostname resolution in master/slave
On 03/29/2017 06:35 PM, Spike wrote: > thank you Arno, I'm with Manuel on the "IP address or hostname", maybe > I didn't understand your previous explanation, but to me there's still > a bigger issue/unclear behavior. > > Let's say I just installed ubuntu on a machine with hostname server1 > and ip . In /etc/hosts I end
2005 Feb 21
Suggestion for noise reduction on Asterisk-Users
Hello all, This might be one for Digium, but I would like to see some type of Wiki that people would have to wade through before they would get the information on how to subscribe to the list. This wiki should cover most of the basic stuff that gets asked over and over again just to help reduce the amount of repetition that most of you have probably noticed takes place here. I understand
2005 Feb 11
chan_capi or chan_mISDN vs bristuff
Hi list! I'm currently using a HFC-S card for my ISDN BRI line with bristuff. The instability is driving me crazy however. I'm having continuous problems where inbound calls will not work after some time of operation (the number then appears as not in use to the caller) or also outbound calls do not work. The solution is to unload the modules, stop asterisk, re-load the modules and