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2012 Aug 25
Standard deviation from MANOVA??
Hi, I have problem getting the standard deviation from the manova output. I have used the manova function: myfit <- manova(cbind(y1, y2) ~ x1 + x2 + x3, data=mydata) . I tried to get the predicted values and their standard deviation by using: predict(myfit, type="response", But the problem is that I don''t get the standard deviation values, I
2007 Oct 21
scatter plot with 1 standard deviation for each point
Hi, Could anyone give suggestions how to plot a scatter plot with 1 standard deviation for each point. To make it clearer, here is a simple example: the scatterplot is plot(X, Y), but I want to add 1 standard deviation according to the value of Z for each Y. X Y Z 1 3.5 1.1 . . . . . . . . . Thanks a lot in advance. FD [[alternative HTML
2017 Sep 13
Help in R
I don?t know if my question is answerable, but it is worth a try. I have a data set that I am trying to analyze in R for a course and the instructions were to get a standard deviation which I already computed in R and use that number and change it to a biased standard deviation?.(I have the two equations and I understand the difference between the two and how the unbiased has the degree of
2010 Feb 09
Model matrix using dummy regressors or deviation regressors
The model matrix for the code at the end the email is shown below. Since the model matrix doesn''t have -1, I think that it is made of dummy regressors rather than deviation regressors. I''m wondering how to make a model matrix using deviation regressors. Could somebody let me know? > model.matrix(aaov) (Intercept) A2 B2 B3 A2:B2 A2:B3 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 2
2003 Sep 22
weighted standard deviation
Dear all, is there an implemented function to compute a weighted standard deviation (-like weighted.mean-) in R ? Thank''s a lot in advance Johannes Schnitzler
2011 Mar 19
Output a table formatted with standard deviations below means
Is it in bad form to double post to StackOverflow and R-help? Apologies if so. Here''s my task: I''ve got a matrix of means like so means<-matrix(1:10,nrow=2) colnames(means)<-c("a","b","c","d","e") and a matrix of standard deviations like so sds<-matrix(seq(0.1,1,by=0.1),nrow=2)
2008 Feb 18
Custom Plot - means, SD & 5th-95th% (Plotmeans or Boxplot)?
Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated: I need to produce a custom plot i haven''t come across in R. Basically, I want to show means, 1st standard deviation and 5th and 95th percentiles visually, using something resembling a boxplot. Is it possible to completely customize a boxplot so that it shows means as the bar (instead of, not as well as medians), standard deviations
2004 Jul 13
Calculating sum of squares deviation between 2 similar matrices
Hi all, I''ve got clusters and would like to match individual records to each cluster based on a sum of squares deviation. For each cluster and individual, I''ve got 50 variables to use (measured in the same way). Matrix 1 is individuals and is 25000x50. Matrix 2 is the cluster centroids and is 100x50. The same variables are found in each matrix in the same order.
2008 Oct 09
GWR Predictions'' standard deviation
Dear all, I would like to use a GWR model in order to spatially predict food insecurity in Africa. I have a georeferenced village data-bases and I''ve run a "classic" regression model (taking into account the spatial dependence of the errors) that works fairly well for Niger that is a quite homogenous country. Now, I would like to make the same thing for countries where it
2013 Oct 15
randomForest: Numeric deviation between 32/64 Windows builds
Dear R Developers I''m using the great randomForest package (4.6-7) for many projects and recently stumbled upon a problem when I wrote unit tests for one of my projects: On Windows, there are small numeric deviations when using the 32- / 64-bit version of R, which doesn''t seem to be a problem on Linux or Mac. R64 on Windows produces the same results as R64/R32 on Linux
2003 May 30
Normal deviate generation - Marsaglia''s ziggurat method
Hi: I was wondering why Marsaglia''s new ziggurat method for generating deviates from the standard normal distribution has not been implemented in the R base package. I know that it is available in SuppDists pacakage of Bob Wheeler, as "rziggurat". According my timing tests, it is about 6 to 7 times faster (on a Pentium 2.4 MHz) machine than the default Inversion...
2011 May 22
How to calculate confidence interval of C statistic by rcorr.cens
Hi, I''m trying to calculate 95% confidence interval of C statistic of logistic regression model using rcorr.cens in rms package. I wrote a brief function for this purpose as the followings; CstatisticCI <- function(x) # x is object of rcorr.cens. { se <- x["S.D."]/sqrt(x["n"]) Low95 <- x["C Index"] - 1.96*se Upper95 <-
2010 Nov 23
How to do a stochastic model in R
Dear all of you, I would like to get some help from you. Here I attach you a model, that I would like to be stochastic so I would need each time the value of x changed, the values of parameters (ss, emrg, gf, spp, sr) did too according to a normal distribution, with mean its value and standard deviation given by the parameter name preceded by SDV (In the case of parameter ss, mean is 0.3 and
2011 Aug 19
sign of the y axis in partialPlot for randomForest regression
Hi everybody, I used randomForest to regress invertebrates abundances in least impaired river reaches from some environmental parameters. Then I used these models to predict invertebrates abundances in impaired reaches. Now I would like to model the deviation (observation - prediction) with a set of chemical parameters to see if the deviations from predictions could be explained with water
2012 Jan 15
A question about cointegration - How can we find the standard deviation in the cointegration relationship ?
Hello, I am using urca package to run cointegration. I would like to find the standard error in the (normalized, Johansen) cointegration relationship. How can I do it? As far as I know, The function "cajorls" in the "urca" package provides the normalized cointegrating relationships. Nevertheless, it does not provide the standard deviation of the coefficient for each
2017 Jun 15
Estimating Unbiased Standard Deviation with Autocorrelation
Hello, I have a vector of values with significant autocorrelation, and I want to calculate an unbiased standard deviation that adjusts for the autocorrelation. The formula linked below purports to provide what I want: However, rather than just implementing
2011 Jun 30
sdev value returned by princomp function (used for PCA)
Dear all, I have a question about the ''sdev'' value returned by the princomp function (which does principal components analysis). On the help page for princomp it says ''sdev'' is ''the standard deviations of the principal components''. However, when I calculate the principal components for the USArrests data set, I don''t find this to be
2010 May 30
Question about package coin
Anyone know if coin can run a permutation test based on a (user-defined) statistic other than the mean difference? The function independence_test does the permutation t-test via difference in means. I''m wondering if it''s possible to use independence_test to run a permutation test for some other statistic than the difference in means. For example, I''d like to run a
2004 Apr 29
Maen squared deviation
Dear list, i''m looking for how to get the mean squared deviation in R. I tried a lot of (complicated) instructions, sometimes the worked, but now i''m looking for an easier one....Hope you can help - greetings.
2006 Feb 16
sums of absolute deviations about the median as split function in rpart
Dear R community, as stated in Breiman (1984) and De''Ath & Fabricius (2000) using sums of absolute deviations about the median as an impurity measure gives robust trees. I would like to use this method in rpart. Has somebody already tried this method in rpart? Is there maybe already a script available somewhere? I am aware of the possibility to define usersplits myself with