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2006 Jun 01
when deleeting a post, delete all comments too
i can''t quite figure out how to delete all of a posts comments along with deleting the post. ive set up comments as belonging to posts and posts as having many comments and... Post.find(params[:id]).destroy fine i just can''t figure out any way to delete that posts comments as well. comments uses the standard foreign key of post_id. thanks. -- Posted via
2010 May 07
Cluster procedure using geographical neighborhood only pairs of clusters or of DS> points that are neighbours. DS> This can be performed deleting the dissimilarities in the dissimilarity DS> matrix (for example calculated with the dist() procedure in R) that DS> refers to pairs of points that are not neighbours. Deleeting is not ok; you should make them "large" in some way. I think you should just define your dissimilarities by *both* the "variability" (your current dist()) *and* the geographical distance, maybe giving much more weight to the geographical distance, something like D_{i,j} :=...