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2010 Jul 02
metafor and meta-analysis at arm-level
Hi, I have been looking for an R package which allowed to do meta-analysis (both pairwise and network/mixed-treatment) at arm-level rather than at trial-level, the latter being the common way in which meta-analysis is done. By arm-level meta-analysis I mean one that accounts for data provided at the level of the individual arms of each trial and that does not simply derive the difference
2010 Aug 03
This is a question of clarification. IN 2009 Higgins, Thompson and Spiegelhalter (J R Statist Soc A 172:137-159) gave WinBUGs code to get credible intervals from random effects meta analysis for the prediction interval of a new study. It appears that the predict.rma function creates approximate credible intervals (pending a function revision by the author) for that purpose. Is my assumption
2010 Jan 26
add points to 3D plot using p3d {onion}
Hi, Can anyone guide me as to how I can add points to a p3d() plot from the onion package?? I want to plot points with different colors on the same 3D plot.? Perhaps I can do this without adding points but somehow directing the 'h' parameter to give different color to points based on a factor I assign to them? FYI, I can do this using using scatterplot3d() and points3d(), but these plots
2009 Dec 14
help: forest plots
Hi All, I'm fitting a Poisson regression. And I want to plot 95% Confidence Interval of Regression Estimates. After coming back to original scale (using following formula): exponential(estimate +/- 1.96*SE), at best I can get the output in the form of estimates, lower_limit, upper_limit values. As far I know forest() in metafor package needs input in the form of estimates and their
2009 Nov 08
MCMC gradually slows down
Hello, I have written a simple Metropolis-Hastings MCMC algorithm for a binomial parameter: MHastings = function(n,p0,d){ theta = c() theta[1] = p0 t =1 while(t<=n){ phi = log(theta[t]/(1-theta[t])) phisim = phi + rnorm(1,0,d) thetasim = exp(phisim)/(1+exp(phisim)) r = (thetasim)^4*(1-thetasim)^8/(theta[t]^4*(1-theta[t])^8) if(runif(1,0,1)<r){ theta[t+1] =