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2007 Mar 15
expm() within the Matrix package
Hi Could anybody give me a bit of advice on some code I'm having trouble with? I've been trying to calculate the loglikelihood of a function iterated over a data of time values and I seem to be experiencing difficulty when I use the function expm(). Here's an example of what I am trying to do y<-c(5,10) #vector of 2 survival times p<-Matrix(c(1,0),1,2) #1x2 matrix
2006 Oct 19
incorrect result for Matrix() %*% Diagonal()
I'm exploring pedigree() in lme4 and found some strange results trying to multiply a dtCMatrix by a diag() matrix using %*%. Studying the Matrix documentation, I stumbled upon the following error in the example on the ddiMatrix-class {Matrix} help page. I wonder if my problem could be related to this. > matrix(cbind(1, 2:4),3,2) %*% diag(c(10,1)) # OK [,1] [,2] [1,] 10 2 [2,] 10 3 [3,] 10 4 > Matrix(cbind(1, 2:4)) %*% Diagonal(x=c(10,1)) # KO 3 x 2 Matrix of class "dgeMatrix" [,1...