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1998 Mar 06
Security issue: coul you explain me this netry from log.nmb
hello, I read this in my ./samba/var/log.nmb process_node_status_request: status request for name *<00> from IP on subnet REMOTE_BROADCAST_SUBNET - name not found. As my subnet is, I don't understand this message. Could help me to understand? Thanks, -C. Dumont
2007 Nov 16
Efficient way to compute power of a sparse matrix
...x.exp of the Biodem package: library(Biodem) m <- matrix(0, 900, 900) i <- sample(1:900, 3000, replace = T) j <- sample(1:900, 3000, replace = T) for(x in 1:3000) m[i[x],j[x]] <- runif(1) system.time(mtx.exp(m, 20)) This returns (sorry, in french): utilisateur syst?me ?coul? 3.646 0.018 3.665 Then, I have try to use the Matrix package and construct my own Mtx.exp function: library(Matrix) Mtx.exp <- function (X, n) { if (n != round(n)) { n <- round(n) warning("rounding exponent `n' to", n) } phi <...
2002 Jul 05
Increase memory size
I read FAQ (2.6 and 2.2) about increasing memory size, but it is not clear to me. Coule anyone give me an example? My computation exceeds 256Mb. Thank you for your time. Nancy -- Nancy C.H. Lo, Ph.D Southwest Fisheries Science Center NMFS, NOAA 8604 La Jolla Shores Drive La Jolla CA 92037 858-546-7123(o) 858-546-5656(x) Nancy.Lo at NOAA.GOV -------------- next part --------------...
2005 Aug 12
Concerning reading of SAS-files
Hi! I'm trying to start a credibility estimation study with a coule of data sets that are created for SAS. The data sets are saved as ".sas7bndx" and ".sas7bdat". I've tried reading them to R with the function 'read.xport' but this returns the error message 'Error in lookup.xport(file) : unable to open file'. Are there a...
2007 May 13
The wine odbc stub (odbc32.dll) has a environment variable to point to unix odbc driver: LIB_ODBC_DRIVER_MANAGER=/usr/lib/ Is there a stub to use MySQL ODBC driver: /usr/lib/ ? I have an application that uses the MySQL ODBC driver and I coul not install the native driver : mysql-connector-odbc-3.51.12-win32.msi -- Marco Aur?lio
2006 Dec 04
HOW TO - Asterisk apps/modify and compile
hi all, i need to integrate and modify one of the application in asterisk/apps section... whenever i modified small steps order to check and compile i 've to do recompile the whole asterisk module and it consuke to much time... please anyone couls you tell me, how can i modify it , compile and test the I/O in asterisk applications in a easy way... plz do reply .. Thanks for ur commands, Regards, nsthi -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2011 Jul 23
Ubuntu package for dovecot 2.0.x from debian package
Hi, I am running a server under Ubuntu 11.04(natty) and I would like to install a 2.x version but unfortunately the only package available is 1.2.15. Of course I could compile and install from sources but I would prefer to handle packages because it's a lot simpler and cleaner. After some research I found some debian packages available here : So my question is would i...
2007 Mar 13
Form with subforms
...nt subforms. For example, a form where you can add clients, and at the same time enter contactpersons for this client. I''ve been looking around, reading ebooks, etc, but can''t seem to find a good example/tutorial for something like this. So I would be very thankful if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks, Sven --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Ruby on Rails: Talk" group. To post to this group, send email to rubyonrails-talk-/JYPxA39Uh5TLH3MbocFFw@...
2007 Sep 11
Production mode bug with ruby/amazon
Hi all, I''ve got an issue that only ever appears in production mode. I''ve got my app hooked up to amazon''s web service (ECS, using ruby/amazon from In the dev environment, everything''s peachy. But in production mode, after I''ve left the app up for a couple of hours (sometimes,
2007 Nov 20
Friendly way to link R - MySQL and non-(R and Mysql) users ?
...managed to link R and a Mysql Database, send queries, plot the results and put everything in a pdf document (with Sweave). My co-workers find the job not bad but they would like to have a friendly interface to send queries and see the graphs (the pdf document is not necessary). Something like this coul be a good starting point : --------------------------------------- | Name of the X columns : ___ | | Name of the Y colums : ___ | | Send query Y/N : ___ | --------------------------------------- I read some posts about this topic but all need a ser...
2005 May 17
Asterisk Fax
Hi, I have read a lot about the thread of faxing support in Asterisk as well as spanDSP. However, either I don't fully understand other people's applications or may be what I'm trying to do is different from what others are trying to do. I have a very simple setup. I have an asterisk server with a TE110P connected to the PSTN via T1 PRI (Asterisk A). I have another asterisk
2009 Nov 11
partial cumsum
Hello, I am searching for a function to calculate "partial" cumsums. For example it should calculate the cumulative sums until a NA appears, and restart the cumsum calculation after the NA. this: x <- c(1, 2, 3, NA, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) should become this: 1 3 6 NA 5 11 18 26 35 45 any ideas? thank you and best regards, stefan
2006 May 17
Need a little help with the pureRubywin32-eventlog
...ecord_number=12302, time_generated=Sat Mar 18 23:13:43 MST 2006, ti me_written=Sat Mar 18 23:13:43 MST 2006, event_id=11203, event_type="error", category=0, source="Sms Client", computer="CO3840GDJBERGEX", user=nil, description="Software updates evaluation failed: coul d not locate the scan component of the specified software update inventory tool. The scan component advertisement might not have run on the client computer.\r\n\r\nPossible cause: Incorrect package a nd program name in the Scan.ini file.\r\nSolution: Verify that the package and program name spec...
2003 Nov 25
About sound modules in Asterisk. And call gnophone-asterisk-h323
...| |PC win| -----ethernet--- | A PC's network connected to * via ethernet with gnophone clients or iaxcomm.ASterisk is connected to a gatekeeper and the gatekeeper sends the calls to the PSTN. In order to do that, maybe I don't need soundcard in *. Coul you please confirm it to me? In the other hand. in astersk configuration examples there are references to calls that finish in the PBX and can be used as voice mail or to give anouncements or simply to make an operator hang-off. I understand that a soundcard is needed for some of these options...
2010 Oct 20
OCFS2 + iscsi: another node is heartbeating in our slot (over scst)
...tablished with node 0 after 30.0 seconds, giving up and returning errors. Oct 19 22:21:38 storage kernel: [ 1546.496143] (o2hb-2283B3335E,4427,0):o2hb_do_disk_heartbeat:770 ERROR: Device "sda1": another node is heartbeating in our slot! Fianlly, storage server and node are restarting. Coule You hel me? -- Pozdrawiam Adam Skowronek
2007 May 30
Problem compiling dev version for windows
Hi! I''m trying to compile the svn version (, but I''m experimenting a lot of troubles (I had to install Visual C++ Express 2005, etc.) - Windows XP SP2 Has anyone already done it? It would be very nice if you coul help me. Actually, I need it to solve the highlight bug (I also get the segfault message when I use the highlight function). Thanks! -- Posted via
1999 Apr 01
Alpha C++ errors..
...04 inst=0xb4310000 Unaligned access pid=18423 <R.binary> va=0x11ffffad4 pc=0x120080bdcra=0x1200113 04 inst=0xa4310000 Note that R was compiled with a lot of warnings, but without errormessages. i get the same type of errors when executing a program i wrote with c++ on an alpha computer.. coule you please help me get rid of theese messages that appear between the lines of my program's output (which are correct) so the program looks better ? I would appreciate any help you can give. thank you very much! - Bill _________________________________________________________ Do You Yah...
2001 Mar 11
Successful compile of Wine
I was able to compile and run Wine successfully this morning. I can now run WELCOME.EXE, CALC.EXE & NOTEPAD.EXE where I am currently putting windows (non-catalization intentional) programs in /c/windows. I do have a coule of questions however. I get an error saying basically an exported function needed from MSVCRT.DLL is not found, try using the native one instead when running NOTEPAD.EXE (but notepad runs, and can read/write a file). I tried copying MSVCRT.DLL from my w2k machine to the same /c/windows...
1998 Nov 12
AW: SAMBA digest 1871
Hello, I had a similar problem with Win 3.11 and my SuSE Dist. Curiously, I couls access sharea as "root", but not as "brauki". The difference, however was "sss" silly, simple and stupid. my linux root password was lowercase with a number, my userpassword one word starting with an uppercase letter. guess what happened after i changed my userpassw...
2001 Nov 21
HELP: Winbind+Samba on Solaris
...ash-2.03# nmblookup fbser100 querying fbser100 on name_query failed to find name fbser100 bash-2.03 it does not find the PDC two: bash-2.03# wbinfo -t Secret is good bash-2.03# and wbinfo -u (-g) work perfectly ! but bash-2.03# wbinfo -r hdsbant ( where hdsbant is NT users) Could not get groups for user hdsbant bash-2.03# Why ?? it does not know the Nt users... Coul you help me ?? (See attached file: nsswitch.conf)(See attached file: smb.conf)(See attached file: pam.conf) ************************************************************************ L'utilizzo...