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2009 Apr 23
Top 5 Best iPod Video Converter Review
There is hundreds of iPod software available now. After the wide investment, for you to manage your iPod efficiently, we made this iPod Video Converter Review for the best iPod Video Converters. It includes iPod Nano Converter, 3gp converter iPod, etc. So it is also the video converter review. 1. 4Videosoft iPod Video Converter (
2013 May 16
Failure to join existing domain Windows 2003 Server domain
I compiled samba-4.0.5 from source on Ubuntu 12.04 and was following the instructions here: The exact command I executed was: root@va-dc:/usr/local/samba# bin/samba-tool domain join<> DC -Uadministrator
2009 Mar 30
FLAG DAY: vdiskadm import/export/convert
I''ve just pushed vdiskadm import/export/convert to the 3.3 vdisk and vbox repos. You can now import a disk image from a block device or file to a vdisk, convert (in place) to a different type of vdisk and export from a vdisk to a block device or file. I''ve also pushed the full vhd support (sparse and fixed) and the ability to import a vmdk 1.1 optimized stream file. An
2005 Mar 12
wine20050310 DC++ 0.670 -Is Active mode possible?
Hi all, I''ve been using DC++ for some time now without much trouble, but now i wanted to use it''s active mode (file-settings-Connection_settings) I''ve entered the correct IP and port, just as i did in windows. Then i restarted DC++. DC++ then gave me a messagebox saying: "Port xxxx is busy, please choose another one in the settings dialog, or disable any other
2005 Mar 24
iconv not working on Sparc Solaris 8
Hi, I am trying to compile Samba 3.0.13 but when I run configure I get the following in the output. checking for iconv in /usr/lib... yes checking can we convert from CP850 to UCS2-LE?... no checking can we convert from IBM850 to UCS2-LE?... no checking can we convert from ASCII to UCS2-LE?... no checking can we convert from 646 to UCS2-LE?... 646 checking can we convert from
2011 Dec 20
File Convert
Hi users, I have Asterisk in Ubuntu 10.04. I am trying to convert a gsm file to G729 using file convert, but I am facing error as follows, file convert /tmp/welcome.gsm /tmp/welcome.g729 Failed to convert /tmp/welcome.gsm to /tmp/welcome.g729! Command ''file convert /tmp/welcome.gsm /tmp/welcome.g729'' failed. [Dec 20
2006 Feb 20
mbox to maildir conversion - good idea regarding Outlook?
Hi list, first of all, many thanks to the Dovecot authors for supplying an IMAP server that works well with M$-Outlook! I have used UW-imapd for quite a while and was annoyed by frequent "imap...timeout..." error messages. Now I''d like to give maildir format a try because I want to use email sub-folders. What are other Outlook users'' experiences with maildir? Is
2013 Sep 05
btrfs-convert won't convert ext* - No valid Btrfs found on /dev/sdb1
Hello guys, i try to convert ext4 volume, but btrfs-convert show me error: "No valid Btrfs found on file unable to open ctree conversion aborted." Ubuntu 13.04 Kernel: 3.11 btrfs-progs git version 0.20-git20130822~194aa4a13 way to reproduce error: $ truncate -s 4G file $ mkfs.ext4 file #say yes to create fs on non block device. $ btrfs-convert file No valid Btrfs found on file unable
2012 Feb 20
btrfs-convert processing time
Hi, I''m trying to convert two ext4 FS to btrfs, but I''m surprised by the time needed to do that conversion. The first FS is on a 500GiB block device, and btrfs-convert is running since more than 48h : root 1978 25.6 47.7 748308 732556 ? D Feb18 944:44 btrfs-convert /dev/vg-backup/backup The second is on a 340GiB block device, and the processing
2010 Aug 17
Convert wav-file to alaw-file
Hello list, it seems that Asterisk is unable to convert a wav-file into an alaw-file : [root at asterisk testing]# asterisk -rx "file convert testExtended2.wav testExtended2.alaw" Unable to open input file: testExtended2.wav [root at asterisk testing]# asterisk -rx "file convert testLong2.wav testLong2.alaw" Unable to open input file: testLong2.wav The wav-file is MONO,
2013 Aug 25
POSIXct bug for conversion of specific combinations of date and time
...24:00 12 2012/10/21 01:30:13 2012-10-21 01:30:13 13 2012/10/21 01:47:58 2012-10-21 01:47:58 14 2012/10/21 01:52:43 2012-10-21 01:52:43 ## Se that the problem occur specifically with information concerning 21/oct/2012 between midnight and 1am # alternatively strptime converting >time$convert<-strptime(paste(time[,1],time[,2]),format="%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S") >time$convert date hour convert 1 2012/10/21 00:02:38 2012-10-21 00:02:38 2 2012/10/21 00:11:05 2012-10-21 00:11:05 3 2012/10/21 00:19:33 2012-...
2005 Aug 02
Configuration after installation problem
I''m fairly new to wine. I''m running the version (Wine 20050211) that comes with SuSE 9.3. I had been using the version that came with SuSE 9.1 (Wine 20040213), and recently ran the SuSE 9.3 upgrade installation. Getting ready to try installing Word Perfect 8.0, I''ve been reading the help documents. I recollect a warning not to run wine as root. By mistake, I did so.
2006 May 26
Upload AVI convert to quicktime/flash
Is there a way to upload an AVI and convert it into quicktime, or flash, and generate an output in those format(s). Like YouTube... I have no idea how that is done. I am fascinated and was wondering if it was possible. Cheers. -- Posted via
2009 Dec 11
Please help with a basic function
Hello, I am learning how to use functions, but I''m running into a roadblock. I would like my function to do two things: 1) convert an object to a dataframe, 2) and then subset the dataframe. Both of these commands work fine outside the function, but I would like to wrap them in a function so I can apply the code iteratively to many such objects. Here''s what I wrote, but it
2009 Jan 29
mbox to maildir batch conversion
Hello, I''m upgrading my mail server from UW to Dovecot and I''d like to convert from mbox to maildir. I''ve successfully convert myself and a few other users with the mb2md script. All is well. My question is, I have somewhere around 500 users and about 122gb of mail folders to convert (this does not include the inbox at /var/mail). mb2md needs to be run as
2011 Apr 27
btrfs-convert crashes
I have a 1.5 TB (1,475,720,773,632) partition that I wanted to convert from ext4 to btrfs. It is currently used as / for ubuntu 10.10. I booted into 11.04 beta2 and tried a ''btrfs-convert /dev/sdc1'', but after about 20 minutes it segfaulted. I performed a: sck.ext4 -cDfty -C 0 /dev/sdc1 After everything was clean, I downloaded the debugging symbols for
2013 Jan 26
Converting column of strings to boolean
...mple, in the column there is red, blue, green and yellow. There are 100 rows and each has a colour. I want to convert the column to 4 columns: red, blue, green,yellow and then either 1 or 0 put in the relevant row. Thanks -- View this message in context: Sent from the R help mailing list archive at
2006 May 25
Converting HTML into an Image
I have this challenge of converting a bit of html into an image file and then shrinking it into a thumbnail. The shrinking part shouldn''t be too bad, but what advice can you give on converting the html to the image? My thinking is that I will need to convert it to postscript or latex and then convert it to an image from th...
2006 Feb 16
Postgresql array converts to string????
Hi We are using postgresql with rails, we find out that when we read array from postresql (postgresql support array type in table) the rails (or postgresql_adapter) converts the arrays into Strings, example: we have a data type array in a table which has two cells: [cell1,cell2], rails will convert them into string like this {cell1,cell2}. So after received the result from a SQL request we have
2007 Mar 04
Maruku + webgen - access to meta-information from content converter
Hi! I am the author of Maruku (, a Markdown-superset interpreter. At the moment I am 1) learning webgen 2) integrating Maruku+webgen 3) converting my website to webgen, so I have many questions (one question, one message). First one: I wrote the straightforward maruku.rb converter (see attachment). In a content converter, how can I access the meta-information of the page? Maruku has many configuration options, and I want to take advantage...