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2004 May 11
3.0.4: winbind not working with windows 2003?
...ndows update. Short summary: wbinfo -u doesn't work and wbinfo -g lists just a BUILTIN domain. I have done this lots of times, but now winbind seems to be not working anymore. From the beggining: - grab a ticket: [root@pandora root]# kinit -p Administrator Password for Administrator@DISTRO.CONECTIVA: - join the win2k3 domain: [root@pandora root]# net ads join [2004/05/11 16:20:55, 0] libads/ldap.c:ads_add_machine_acct(1006) Host account for pandora already exists - modifying old account Using short domain name -- DISTRO Joined 'PANDORA' to realm 'DISTRO.CONECTIV...
2001 Aug 13
(no subject) ([]) by with smtp (Exim 3.16 #1 (Debian)) id 14Nkrh-0003Pa-00 for <>; Tue, 30 Jan 2001 16:11:13 -0800 Received: From ([] == elephant.orchestra.cse.unsw.EDU.AU) (for <>) (for <>) (for <>) By note With Smtp ; Wed, 31 Jan 2001 11:10:36 +1100 Received: from neilb by with local (Exim 3.12 #1 (Debian)) id 14Nkr6-0004v9-00; Wed, 31 Jan 2001 11:10:36 +1100 From: Neil Brown <...
2006 May 22
Fatal: sigaction(SIGRTMIN) failed: Invalid argument
Hello all, I`ve tried to run dovecot many times in my system (Conectiva Linux 9) and was unable to do so. For some reason it gives this message and quits - never runs. My system: Linux 2.4.21-28872cl #1 Sex Mar 21 22:02:49 BRT 2003 i686 unknown I`m migrating from UW-IMAPD to dovecot. I've compiled it from sources, using default configura...
2004 Mar 09
Limit user access to one worksation at a time
Hello, Is there a mechanism in samba available to limit access to workstations by users to only one at a time? This is, that any given user can only be logged in at one workstation at a time. TIA wim bakker
2004 Jan 14
100% of cpu in an out of the box *
Hi all! I'm newbie, so here goes my situation: I have succefully compiled the cvs version as shown in asterisk website in some linux distros: Debian (2.4.22), Conectiva, Fedora Core 1 and in all of them, * starts and consumes all the cpu (on top). Does anybody know this issue? Thanks! Testa
2006 Jan 23
Arguments to continue using it
Hello, This afternoon I received the new that my institution, in the main direction, is planning (for political reasons, I don't know which one??) migrate to Debian. I have a hotted conversation with my boss cause I've been working on CentOS during near a year and half. I explained it that both distros just implement the protocols that are standards, that could be installed a web server
2004 Aug 12
dpt_i2o almost there
...e, then changed the dpti2o config option to ''y'' and recompiled with ARCH=xen make. The xen0 freeze on reading dpti2o tables and I can''t get any output with sysrq (enabled too). Compiling original 2.6.7 works fine. Any idea? Thanks! -- Flávio Bruno Leitner <> [ E74B 0BD0 5E05 C385 239E 531C BC17 D670 7FF0 A9E0 ] ------------------------------------------------------- SF.Net email is sponsored by price on Blank Media 100pk Sonic DVD-R 4x for only $29 -100pk Sonic DVD+R for only $33 Save 50% off Retail on Ink & Toner...
2004 Aug 20
Xen is working, thanks!
Well, it''s running about three days with two virtual machines without any problem. Thanks all and congratulations! I notice that xen0 doesn''t have SMP support enabled. Does it make sense enable SMP on xenU? -- Flávio Bruno Leitner <> [ E74B 0BD0 5E05 C385 239E 531C BC17 D670 7FF0 A9E0 ] ------------------------------------------------------- SF.Net email is sponsored by price on Blank Media 100pk Sonic DVD-R 4x for only $29 -100pk Sonic DVD+R for only $33 Save 50% off Retail on Ink & Toner...
2001 Nov 05
Unable to get full filename
...program using windows. Many of them worked nicely, but some raised the following message: warn:file:CreateFileA Unable to get full filename from '\tefrd\log\LRD_1105.dat' (GLE 3) :. I have tried everything I could learn from I am using a VFAT partition mounted under linux (Conectiva 6/Red Hat 7). At first glance it's not a permission problem since many other programs can read and write. Also, the directory do exists. Thanks in advance for any hints. Roque
2003 Feb 04
(linux-br) Interface gráfica para Java
...para instal?-lo?? > >Preciso fazer essas instala??es num RH 8 e num CL 8 > >[]'s > >---- >Eduardo Ukstin > > >Assinantes em 04/02/2003: 2236 >Mensagens recebidas desde 07/01/1999: 200010 >Historico e [des]cadastramento: >Assuntos administrativos e problemas com a lista: > > > > -- L?via A. Reis e Silva tel.: (31)3241-8001 --------------------------------------- Linux User # 297311 <http:/...
2004 Aug 20
no scsi in 2.6.7-xenU?
There is no CONFIG_SCSI to enable in xenU. Is there any reason for this? I want to try out iSCSI and obviously it needs scsi support. Or would I be better doing it in dom0 and exporting it? thanks James
2006 Jun 11
Old (really old) programs under CentOS.
Ok, I have a small dilemma, and I'm hoping someone here has had to do this before. I have at a site (not PARI) a server running some mission critical software that was written in 1997 for libc5, under AOLserver 2.3.? No, source code is not available for that version of AOLserver (it wasn't open-sourced until version 3.0, and the API changed rather dramatically at that point), not that it
2001 Mar 08
If Napster won't help - WE WILL! Everything you want is available RIGHT NOW at #MP3_DEPOT on IRC; the server is Need speed? Well, most of our databases are cable or T-1. The servers are all megaspeed - all are on a fiber channel. You won't be disappointed. And we have servers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, even Australia. Wherever you are, there is a server
2004 Mar 30
[Bug 823] Rename fails on fat32 partitions Summary: Rename fails on fat32 partitions Product: Portable OpenSSH Version: 3.8p1 Platform: All OS/Version: All Status: NEW Severity: major Priority: P2 Component: sftp-server AssignedTo: openssh-bugs at
2008 Oct 28
RHEL4 = Use "yum"
Hello guys, I would like to configure my puppet to use "yum" instead "up2date" (default RHEL4). How can I do this? :) Thanks! -- Tiago Cruz Linux User #282636 Mandriva Conectiva PRO Certified Linux Instructor --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Puppet Users" group. To post to this group, send email to To unsubscribe from this group, send ema...
2005 Jun 02
Re: Reboots -- LSB 2.1 Core Generic Section 8.5
...r w/X. Run-level 2 as multi-user w/o networking or w/o NFS was introduced by Red Hat, and any Fedora-based (or RHL-based) distro uses it. > If it is, it is wrong, and doesn't comply with the unix standard (don't > remember exactly which, but I studied it when working for Conectiva). First off, it's not "wrong." Many distros established many different standards well before any standardization efforts. Even Linus admits that he based many things off of SunOS 4.1 (retroactively Solaris 1) and Solaris 2, and Solaris uses 2-3. [ Remember, Solaris was the origina...
2004 Nov 22
memory and cpu usage
...her question is about cpu usage. I guess that xen scheduler allocate a fixed time slice for all virtual machines and does not make any idea if the virtual machine is using or not using all this time, right? How I can identify if CPU is the bottleneck? Thanks! -- Flávio Bruno Leitner <> [ E74B 0BD0 5E05 C385 239E 531C BC17 D670 7FF0 A9E0 ] ------------------------------------------------------- SF email is sponsored by - The IT Product Guide Read honest & candid reviews on hundreds of IT Products from real users. Discover which products truly live up to the hype....
2004 Dec 29
Shorewall rpm failed dependency: iproute (ip is working)
Hello Shorewall gurus, as outlined on the shorewall site I have done the following after failure to install shorewall via the rpm: I have read all of the FAQ. I have read the quickstart guide with particular attention directed at the Mandrake solution. I have searched the mailing list archives (all old replies). I have studied the documentation index. I have previous experience using shorewall
2006 Feb 13
Can i use apt on Centos??
I am installing Centos SPARC and i just want to know if i can use apt on it, and if that's possible, how can i install it?? Thanks.. --------------------------------- Brings words and photos together (easily) with PhotoMail - it's free and works with Yahoo! Mail. -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2005 Jun 02
Re: Reboots -- run-levels 2-5 vary wildly ...
From: Rodrigo Barbosa <rodrigob at> > rcS.d is not a runlevel. It is the equivalent of rc.sysinit on other > distributions/flavors or, should I say, and expansion of that idea. Correct, that's why I said "before" the run-levels at boot. But you still need to know about it. > 0 - Halt > 1 - Single User > 2 - Multi User (No NFS) > 3 -