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2009 Jul 31
Would like include model association in to_xml
i have: class Library << ActiveRecord::Base has_many :books end class Book << ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :library end in my controller i have: render :xml=> Library.find(:all).to_xml(:include=>books) but, i would like put a condition in the books ( e.: pages >= 100 ) i would like to create a xml with all Libraries, but books with pages more than 100) How to
2017 Jun 02
Question on interpreting glmer() results
...0.000139 *** (I also realize that subjects are included just as random intercepts instead of random slopes in this second model.) *Questions* There are several things I'm unsure about: 1. How does glmer() treat dummy variables (e.g. categories like "conditionA" and "conditionB", or "optionA" and "optionB")? That is, how can I interpret the effect direction (whether the z-value is negative or positive)? 2. I've plotted the relationship between effect and reading comprehension, and conducted separate analyses, and found no relat...