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2007 Oct 18
Polymorphic Association?
Hi there- I''m a newbie to this board, RoR, and web development in general. So please forgive me if this is in the wrong place or if the solution is really simple... I''m trying to conceptualize the relationships between a series of models for a page creation function. What I''d like is to have a Content Page which consists of a series of Content Blocks. The Content Blocks act as a list relative to the Content Page. And each Content Block can be assigned one of 3 types of con...
2018 May 24
[RFC] Formalizing FileCheck Features
...ears to meet new needs, but these sometimes have surprising and counter-intuitive behavior [1]. This has become even more evident in Joel Denny's recent quest to repair what seemed like an obvious defect [2] but which led me to the conclusion [3] that FileCheck sorely needed a clear, intuitive conceptual model. And then someone to make it work that way (hi Joel!). Basic Conceptual Model ---------------------- FileCheck should operate on the basis of these three fundamental concepts. (1) Search range. This is some substring of the input text where one or more directives will do their pattern-ma...
2006 Jun 11
Application construction issue (conceptual)
I was wondering if someone can give me some assistance in approaching this issue: First, the background: I have an app that i originally did in PHP that I''m redoing in Rails. It can be used by multiple clients that have no relation to each other. The client information is in a database and is determined by the hostname. Clients then have several users related by client_id. The
2006 Apr 21
Conceptual q about rails
Classes like activerecord, etc contains strange elements like ''belongs_to :something'', ''has_many :smth'' etc.. what is it? I can''t find them in ruby lang documentation.. it''s similar to ''attr_accessor'' and other costructions, how I can create my own constructions and how I must understand them? Could anyone give me some links
2006 Mar 24
conceptualizing help for web application
I am thinking about creating some help screens for a web application. It would seem that I could create a db for this but it wouldn''t scale well for moving data via svn and from development mode to production mode which then has me thinking about static html code instead. Does anyone have suggestions on what might be the best way to handle this? Thanks Craig
2006 Feb 08
Conceptual question ;-)
ehlo list, I''m willing to shape ppp users e.g. each pppX interface to get XXX kbits I classify traffic going to ppp+ interfaces like this: iptables -t mangle -A POSTROUTING -o ppp+ -j CLASSIFY --set-class 0002:0020 then i have a file which is executed when a ppp inteface is up and first argument parsed to that file ($1) is the ppp number (e.g. 35 for ppp35). it generally looks like
2006 Nov 23
W3C Range specification conceptually flawed?
hi all! check this one: <html> <head> <title>Range test</title> </head> <body> <div id="myText">FooBarBaz</div> <script type="text/javascript"> myText = document.getElementById(''myText'').firstChild; var range1 = document.createRange(); range1.setStart(myText, 3);
2018 May 24
[RFC] Formalizing FileCheck Features
...ut these > sometimes have surprising and counter-intuitive behavior [1]. This > has become even more evident in Joel Denny's recent quest to repair > what seemed like an obvious defect [2] but which led me to the > conclusion [3] that FileCheck sorely needed a clear, intuitive > conceptual model. Thanks for writing this up. I definitely think that it will be good to add this to FileCheck's documentation. > And then someone to make it work that way (hi > Joel!). > > Basic Conceptual Model > ---------------------- > > FileCheck should operate on the basis o...
2008 Feb 21
how to create ROC curve for 2 dimensional classifiers
Hi, I understand for 1 d classifiers, you can use ROCR package. Is there a package you can plot ROC curve for 2d classifiers? One of my colleagues asked me about this. I have been quite puzzled, conceptually, how you can do the ROC curve for 2d classifiers. Can someone share his/her knowledge or experience? Thanks in advance. -- Waverley @ Palo Alto
2008 Mar 13
TaskBarIcon in OS X
Is the Wx:TaskBarIcon supported under OS X? I can''t seem to get it working. My code works under Windows, but not OS X. I thought it was something I was doing, so I tried the bigdemo.rb sample and that doesnt'' seem to like OS X either. I''m running OS X 10.5 with wxRuby 1.9.5 gem and ruby 1.8.6. -dave -- David Grandinetti (315) 569 2594
2017 Sep 30
Converting SAS Code
On 9/29/2017 3:37 PM, Rolf Turner wrote: > On 30/09/17 07:45, JLucke at wrote: > > <SNIP> > >> >> The conceptual paradigm for R is only marginally commensurate with >> that of >> standard statistical software. >> You must immerse yourself in R to become proficient. > > Fortune nomination. For newer list members wondering what Rolf is talking about try: library(fortunes) fortune() to...
2010 Jun 29
Samba3 to samba4 migration
Hi, I''m testing samba 4 in my organization. I have a samba3 domain with LDAP backend. I''m trying migrate workstations and users from old samba to samba4. Is this possible? Thanks, Luciano luciano at
2006 Apr 10
Many To Many''s Join table attributes + migrations
Hi all, just joined and have only just kicked off with Rails (coming, but not departing, from WebObjects development). And so far there seems to be a lot of promise except for one thing I can''t figure out as yet -- the above problem. Say I have the following conceptual relationships: ITEMS <<--->> CARTS i.e., each item can belong to one or more categories. So really we have ITEMS <<--> ITEMS_CARTS <-->> CARTS where the join table, items_carts, has the dual primary keys {items_id, carts_id}. However, in reality people can an...
2005 Apr 20
heckit / tobit estimation
Dear All, we (Ott Toomet and I) would like to add functions for maximum likelihood (ML) estimations of generalized tobit models of type 2 and type 5 (*see below) in my R package for microeconomic analysis "micEcon". So far we have called these functions "tobit2( )" and "tobit5( )". Are these classifications well known? How are these functions called in other
2011 Apr 04
moving mean and moving variance functions
Hello Lets say as an example I have a dataframe with the following attributes: rownum(1:405), colnum(1:287), year(2000:2009), daily(rownum x colnum x year) and foragePotential (0:1, by 0.01). The data is actually stored in a netcdf file and I''m trying to provide a conceptual version of the data. Ok. I need to calculate a moving mean and a moving variance for each cell on the following temporal windows - 7 day, 14 day, and 28 day. So far I have code for the moving average. ma <- function(x , n) { filter(x, rep(1/n, n), sides = 1) } # note that...
2007 Sep 24
conceptual problem deploying git repos to a puppetmaster
So before I start I should be upfront and disclose that I''m using external_nodes, so in keeping with that I''m trying as hard as possible to keep all the actually ''specific'' data in the node config files (currently just yaml)and have nothing specific in modules especially. So I have this definition: (credit goes to DavidS for the inspiration) define git::repo (
2006 Mar 20
Ajax.Request w/standard redirect doesn''t render
I am doing an Ajax call in my page to a controller method like so: new Ajax.Request(''<%= url_for(:action => "target_list_add" )%>'', { asynchronous:true });" In my controller method "target_list_add", I do something and then I say: redirect_to( :action => ''target_list_upload'', :layout => false ) I know for certain
2005 Dec 02
Conceptual Design Question
Hi All, I am making a DAM (seems to be the hip thing to do these days). It is for the company that I work for. We have some really weird domain rules that have prevented me from just using a simple directory structure file permission system. I have come up with a solution but I wanted to run it by you gurus to ensure that I am not recompiling the wheel here. Basically the domain rule is: A user
2006 May 21
Looking for a Rails AJAX gallery/tutorial
...use as a tutorial, both for myself and to bring others up to speed. I can find plenty of AJAX and/or Rails info around, but nothing that ties together *all* the built-in Rails AJAX info in one place with relatively newbie-friendly documentation and in-use examples that are visually impressive Conceptually, I want to have this app sitting on my laptop, so when the opportunity comes up to be a Rails fanboy, I can fire it up and show it off. Also, if I need either a brain jogger or a reference for how some AJAX feature works, I can get it out of the same app in a reasonable amount of detail. I don&...
2012 Sep 11
Start xen on UEFI system with grub
I have Wheezy 64 bit dom0 with kernel 3.2 from repository and xen 4.2 from source. I want use UEFI without xen.efi which fails on compiling xen. Should I use "ucode" or something similar? Is possible? If is possible what I must do? Thanks for any reply. _______________________________________________ Xen-devel mailing list