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2012 Dec 12
create a color palette with custom ranges between colors
Hello everybody, I''m trying to create my own color palette on R, in order to interpolate some different temperature data on different maps (daily means, seasonal means,...). I would like to create a color palette which works for each map, so I need a color palette between -40 and +40?C. Sometimes my data for one map range from -10 to +20, sometimes from 10 to 30, etc... but always
2008 Mar 18
Hi all! I''ve been trying to run this game but I couldn''t. I was able to install it, but when trying to run, Wine won''t accept the crack. Without it, it doesn''t even start. I read on some other forums that the key was to install it with wine and then make it run with CEDEGA by copy everything into a cedega folder. I did that also but I don''t know what
2010 Sep 03
define colors for groups in lattice xyplot
Dear all, Lattice provides automatic coloring for subgroups on each panel by the simple use of a groups statement. For an application I want to change these colors to a predifined set. This works well using a panel function in stead of the default as long as there are only points in the graphs. When I set type="b" things get mess...
2006 Feb 10
Accessing ''many'' variables
Hi, I have a class called Outlet which has_many Jacks. Apart from internal id, each jack is unique by the attribute ''color''. I''d like to iterate through each Outlet, and be able to output data for a Jack of a certain color. Say, I want to access the orange jack for the current outlet: <td><%=h outlet.jack.color[''O''].ip_address
2013 Oct 25
add a color band
Hi all, I would like to ask your help to add a color band (Ι am not sure regarding the right term, this color band at the right of the plot "describing" values with their corresponding color. For now I have only this code test<-matrix(data=runif(10000),nrow=100) plot(test,axes="FALSE") axis(1,at=c(0,1),labels=c("a","b")) # but  I would like to add
2006 Mar 28
Running text app without X
I''m sure this question comes up waaaay to often in this list, and I apologize if I''ve missed the obvious answer. I did spend the last two hours looking for a solution and trying various things, but to no avail. I''m trying to run a command-line app (text-only). It''s a cross-compiler tool for which we only have Windows binaries. The app works fine, but when I
2006 Jul 10
Deleting join association of has_many :through
I''m trying to use has_many :through, since my join model deserves being more than just an intersection table. But when I try to break the association, the break only seems "temporary": Let''s say my two tables are Users and Colors, and the join model is Favorites. user = Users.find(1) user.colors.length >> 2 c = user.colors.first >> #<Color:....>
2004 Oct 17
Plotcorr: colour the ellipses to emphasize the differences
Hello R users! I began with R and I must say that it is really nice. I have data with a lot of variables and have a problem to extract the pattern from correlation matrix. So I tried with plotcorr and it went fine. While I was reading the help page of this function, I found that ellipse display can be even better with use of different colors (the code is bellow). However I have a problem to
2017 Oct 24
draw a circle with a gradient fill
Hi all,I would like to draw a simple circle where the color gradient follows the rule color = 1/(r^2) where r is the distance from the circle. I would also like to add a color bar with values going from -40 to -110 (and associate those with the color gradient that fills the circle). So far I experiemented with draw circle
2017 Jul 16
About doing figures
For more than 10 records, how to reformat the colors? Also, how to show the first legend only, but at the bottom, while the second legend in your code is not necessary? In all, the same A values have the same color, but different symbols in DF==1 and DF==2. Thanks for your help. On Sun, Jul 16, 2017 at 9:28 AM, lily li <chocold12 at> wrote: > Hi Jim, > > For true color,
2009 Aug 06
adding color bar to a graph
Hi everybody, I am wondering how i can add a "stretch" color bar / legend to a graph that uses colorBrewer to define the colors in it. I will try to explain my graph, but i also uploaded it at: The file is: robcor_training_pca.pdf - i will also attach this file in case some people accept
2013 Dec 09
Problem with R colors
Hello, I am having difficulty obtaining the correct colors in my R charts. > colors()[c(552, 254, 26)] [1] "red" "green" "blue" But, if I specify col=552 in my barplot, I get gray bars. Likewise, col=254 gives bright pink, and col=26 is a red-orange. I get accurate results when I spell out the names, but I am making a pallet with 20- 30 colors and it is a
2010 Jan 28
color palette for points, lines, text / interactive Rcolorpicker?
I''m looking for a scheme to generate a default color palette for plotting points, lines and text (on a white or transparent background) with from 2 to say 9 colors with the following constraints: - "red" is reserved for another purpose - colors should be highly distinct - avoid light colors (like "yellow"s) In RColorBrewer, most of the schemes are designed for area
2012 Dec 06
problems with isolinux over serial console
Hi, I''m missing something in my isolinux.cfg configuration but I''m not quite sure what it is. menu.c32 displays properly over video console, but on the serial connection, the first letter of the labels are duplicated, and the margin is pushed off towards the right: my config is: --- cut --- 1. serial 0
2008 Apr 03
Overloading and wrapping an association method
Hi all: For example I have: class Color < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :ball end class Ball < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :colors end What I want to do is to write a method that: 1. takes the result of Ball#colors, which is an array of Color objects 2. do something with the array 3. return the result but I want to name my method Ball#colors, i.e. I want to overload the generated
2007 Oct 22
12 commits - libswfdec/swfdec_as_strings.c libswfdec/swfdec_html_parser.c libswfdec/swfdec_text_field.c libswfdec/swfdec_text_field.h libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie_as.c libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie.c libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie.h test/trace
libswfdec/swfdec_as_strings.c | 1 libswfdec/swfdec_html_parser.c | 43 +++--- libswfdec/swfdec_text_field.c | 2 libswfdec/swfdec_text_field.h | 2 libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie.c | 166 ++++++++++++++++----------- libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie.h | 6
2011 Dec 12
windrose color ramp issue
Greetings! I''m having an issue with the windrose produced by the windrose function from the circular package. For our weather stations in North Carolina I''m helping with a script which takes hourly wind speed and direction data to create windroses for our end users. One of the stations in the mountains frequently reaches wind speed of 40 to 60 mph and in storms can reach wind
2008 Mar 06
syslinux / pxelinux and color palette.
I''m trying to convert my image so that the colors will remain the same after I do a clear screen. What I would like to make is a palette for gimp which I then could use too convert my images, thus achieving my goal :) I have found a list in which order the colors seems to be arranged. 0 = black 8 = dark grey 1 = dark blue 9 = bright blue 2 = dark green
2004 May 18
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2017 Jul 16
About doing figures
Hi R users, I still have the problem about plotting. I wanted to put the datasets on one figure, x-axis represents values B, y-axis represents values C, while different colors label column A. Each record uses a circle on the figure, while hollow circles represent DF=1 and solid circles represent DF=2. I put my code below, but the A labels do not correspond to the true record, so I don't know