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2012 Feb 27
Article on Fingerprinting Public/Private Keypairs
I have published the preview of a "hints and tips" article for the upcoming print edition of Secure Computing Magazine (Australia) on OpenSSH Public/Private Key Fingerprinting, including "BubbleBabble" encoding and the ASCII ?randomart image?, at -- Regards, Christian Heinrich
2013 May 03
Debugging SFTP question
I'm using the openssh that comes with Ubuntu 12.04 so thats 5.9p1 I'm trying to debug why i'm getting corrupt bzip2 files when they are transferred using sftp. The corruption doesnt happen on every file. I'm running debug mode on sftp-server, but when doing that i see output like the following for both valid and corrupt files, May 3 18:50:55 ftp-new sftp-server[16955]: debug3:
2014 Apr 23
hackers celebrate this day: openssh drops security! was: Re: heads up: tcpwrappers support going away
On 23 April 2014 21:43, mancha <mancha1 at> wrote: > On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 12:26:58PM -0700, Iain Morgan wrote: >> A slightly better solution would be a PAM module that uses the same >> syntax as libwrap. Possibly someone has already written such a module. > > Possibly, but only for platforms which use for PAM. Pam is executed so late in the chain that any