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2009 May 21
Authenticating with /etc/passwd
I am trying to do authentication with /etc/passwd and something is not working right for me. Pls help! When i try to authenticate via pop3, I get: -ERR Authentication failed. In the logs, I get: May 21 11:14:07 Info: auth(default): client in: AUTH 1 PLAIN service=pop3 secured lip= rip= lport=110 rport=32774 resp=AGp1bmUAU0lORzNlcnQ= May 21 11:14:07 Info: auth(default):
2012 Nov 14
auth attempts errors
i have install 2.1.1 and configured in dovecot log this error is coming every 20 seconds: dovecot: imap-login: Disconnected (no auth attempts in 0 secs): rip=**********, lip=**********, TLS handshaking: SSL_accept() syscall failed: Connection reset by peer and this error every 2 seconds: dovecot: imap-login: Disconnected (no auth attempts in 0 secs): rip=**********, lip=********** what can
2015 Jun 09
Dovecot mbox & other programs
On 6/9/2015 8:36 AM, Charles Marcus <CMarcus at> wrote: > On 6/8/2015 5:11 PM, Pali Roh?r <pali.rohar at> wrote: >> Still I want read/write access to storage and want to use mbox as >> storage (also for easier backup and copy)... >> >> And my question was how to prop...
2016 Mar 10
sis deduplication broken from 2.2.16 upwards
On 3/9/2016 9:02 PM, Timo Sirainen <tss at> wrote: > On 08 Mar 2016, at 01:50, Pavel Stano <stanojr at> wrote: >> >> sis attachment deduplication is broken in 2.2.16 upwards. >> It is caused by this commit. >> >> >>
2010 Jun 24
Fw: Re: step-to-step Installation Guide
XMail is not bad either. Strictly command-line oriented but very powerfull (if you want my opinion anyway). I've been using it for almost a decade now (!) s. --- On Wed, 23/6/10, Charles Marcus <CMarcus at> wrote: > From: Charles Marcus <CMarcus at> > Subject: Re: [Dovecot] step-to-step Installation Guide > To: dovecot at > Date: Wednesday, 23 June, 2010, 18:34 > On 2010-06-23 11:03 AM, Eric Shubert > wrote: > > Are...
2007 Apr 26
dovecot sendmail mysql no inbox error
hi guys, we are experiencing this particular problem with one of the webmail server we manage. the server is using dovecot as pop3 and imap server while sendmail is being used as mta. when this user tries to login via telnet, this is what i've got: $ telnet localhost pop3 Trying Connected to localhost.localdomain ( Escape character is '^]'. +OK dovecot ready.
2010 Sep 21
Dovecot pop3 segfault problems
Hi to all, I have a Debian 4.0 x86_64 server and installed Dovecot from the repositories ii dovecot-common 1.0.rc15-2etch5 ii dovecot-imapd 1.0.rc15-2etch5 ii dovecot-pop3d 1.0.rc15-2etch5 Recently I'm getting a lot of these messages pop3[24594]: segfault at 0000000000000004 rip 000000000044333a rsp 00007fffc5d0c1e0 error 4 in syslog and also
2009 Aug 03
BUG: mbox_snarf causes message duplication when two IMAP connections are open
Hello, I have used dovecot to replace an ageing wu-imap installation using the mbox_snarf plugin however I have noticed that when we have more than one client checking the INBOX we then have messages being duplicated in the INBOX. Below is the configuration used as requested in the bug report page. I have confirmed that the duplicates are being caused by dovecot by doing an strace of both
2013 Apr 11
Questions about the upcoming Object Storage Plugin for 2.2
Hi Timo, I'm curious and have questions about the new Object Storage Plugin (OSP), and how it can be leveraged by an SMB like us. First, am I reading this right where it could be used as a kind of 'live/realtime backup' solution, where everything is stored *both* locally and in the cloud, with two-way syncing, ie, so local users could access the local server for faster
2008 Apr 25
Quota not showing properly in webmail
Hi I have a virtual users system using postfix / mysql / dovecot. Everything is working like a charm except for the quota display on webmail systems. It is working properly but showing GB instead of MB. For example. If I create a user with 100MB of quota and send him 50MB of mail, squirrelmail and roundcubemail display 50MB of 100GB If I create another user with 20MB quota and send him
2015 May 29
Enabling Master User for migration
On 5/29/2015 9:25 AM, Dominik Breu <dominik at> wrote: > Hello Charles, > > the bare minimum ist just the first passdb entry > auth_master_user_separator = * > passdb { > driver = passwd-file > args = /etc/dovecot/passwd.masterusers > master = yes > pass = yes > } > > this will do the trick. Ok, this
2007 May 02
Status of --ignorcase option in main tree/build?
Hi, I'm very interested in learning the status of the --ignorecase patch being included in the main tree... is there a reason it still isn't in there? For anyone who is forced to dealing with backing up windows boxes, this is a big problem, and I can't believe that it isn't affecting a lot of people... Or maybe there is a simple workaround? I'm trying to backup files
2006 Mar 14
New ncurses Asterisk Manager Interface
I am currently developing a asterisk ncurses interface using the manager API. The project is currently awaiting sourceforge's approval but I have a beta online at . The projects real home will be This project really consists of two parts, libassman is a C manager API and assman is the ncurses portion. It's still beta but I
2008 Sep 05
Error starting dovecot
Hello, I have a linux system (Ubuntu 7.04 server edition) running Postfix 2.3.8 Today i installed Dovecot through apt-get (got version 1.0.rc17 installed) and configured it to do sasl auth only, (i already have other pop3,smtp and imap servers running) following the howto's at The thing is that if i try to start dovecot or run dovecot -n i get this message: Error: Can't use
2008 Sep 16
Errors on high load
Hi, always when my server is on high load I saw this errors on logs: curie:~# uptime 10:22:38 up 19 days, 19:19, 2 users, load average: 207.01, 169.27, 94.41 Sep 15 17:00:26 curie dovecot: imap-login: *** glibc detected *** imap-login: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x00000000009f8560 *** Sep 15 17:00:26 curie dovecot: child 24012 (login) killed with signal 6 Sep 15 18:48:36 curie dovecot:
2008 Oct 08
Auth Issues - Urgent - Help!
After a few hours of running, I get tons of the following errors in my logs: dovecot: Oct 08 07:41:50 Error: auth(default): ldap(user at domain,x.x.x.x): Request queue is full I removed the username and IP, obviously. Any idea how to stop this? I have about 5 Thousand users using horde that login ever 1-5 minutes to refresh their page. I assume it is a setting, but I am confused as to
2011 Sep 16
outlook 2007 very slow.
Hello I have a user with 2500+ sub folders. Total mailboxes size is around 6G. (mdbox, dovecot 2:2.0.14) Syncing/Receiving appears to be slow, with outlook 2007. He does not want to switch to an alternative, due to various reasons. I did not find any error logs indicate issues. during idle, imap process appears to loop at adding inotify watches to all folders. I found outlook-idle in
2013 Dec 24
Thunderbird message cache out of sync after repetitive rsyncs...
Ok, hopefully there is a solution to this. I've been experimenting with multiple rsyncs in preparation for pulling the trigger on the mail server switch, but have a problem that I really want to fox before doing so. Apparently something causes Thunderbirds local message cache to get out of sync with dovecot after a sync. Here is the series of commands I'm running: 1. stop postfix,
2013 May 02
XFS vs EXT4 for mail storage
Hello, I'm in the process of finalizing the spec for my new dovecot VM, and this is the last question I need to address... I've read until I'm just about decided on XFS, but I have no experience with it (been using reiserfs on my old box (@ 8 yrs old now), and never had a problem (knock on wood), but considering its current situation (little to no development support for reasons
2011 Apr 30
dovecot Digest, Vol 96, Issue 61
"Choosing the IMAP sent folder as account's sent items folder" is not working. That was the problem. But I fixed the problem using a "copy on send" rule. Many thanks ------------------------------ Message: 7 Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 14:41:10 -0400 From: Charles Marcus <CMarcus at> To: dovecot at Subject: Re: [Dovecot] Dovecot Folder Creation Problem Message-ID: <4DBB0646.1090700 at> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-9 On 2011-04-29 4:04 AM, Ceyhun Ganioglu wrote: > Following some tutorials on >...