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2013 Feb 05
[LLVMdev] Install circumvented ?
Hi, I did a recent svn build of llvm/clang, but 'make install' ran into this : llvm[5]: Install circumvented with NO_INSTALL Whats this ? Regards, John Smith PS : please cc me when replying from llvmdev at, im only subscribed to cfe-dev at
2013 Feb 05
[LLVMdev] [cfe-dev] Install circumvented ?
Has anything actually gone wrong in the install? AIUI llvm/clang build various test executables/internal tools which the user wouldn't have any benefit from installing, and I gather the simplest way to exclude them from a recursive make install is to guard the directory with NO_INSTALL on the directory. IOW I think this is normal behaviour. Cheers, Dave -----Original Message-----
1998 May 25
Circumventing write protect on ZIPDISKS.
Felix von Leitner told me: > The [zip disk] security can be circumvented by putting a read-write > disk in the drive, then using a needle to do the eject and inserting > the read-only disk. Done. > AFAIK there hasn''t been a published way to hack the protection in > software, but I see no reason to trust them. Regards, Roger. -- If it''s there and you can
2004 Dec 10
How to circumvent negative eigenvalues in the capscale function
Dear All I am trying to do a partial canonical analysis of principal coordinates using Bray-Curtis distances. The capscale addin to R appears to be the only way of doing it, however, when I try and calculate a Bray-Curtis distance matrix either using Capscale or Vegedist (capscale I understand uses Vegedist anyway to calculate its distance matrix), R uses up all available memory on the computer,
2013 Feb 05
[LLVMdev] [cfe-dev] Install circumvented ?
On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 5:15 PM, David Tweed <david.tweed at> wrote: > > IOW I think this is normal behaviour. > Ok, thanks. - John Smith
2010 Jul 13
circumvent the proxy user
Hello everybody, my company wants to integrate all Unix servers into active directory. For "normal" account management I decided more or less to go down the winbind route. To have all information in one place, we also want to put sudoers in the AD. Now the question is, how can I access the information ? I don't think, winbind can provide sudoers information. So, I guess I have to
2013 Jul 12
How to circumvent "Symlink has no referent"?
Hi, in my backup script I'm using the "-L" option to transform symlinks into referent files/dirs. Now I'm also using the "--delete" option. Unfortunately "--delete" doesnt work if an error like "Symlink has no referent" occurs. So far the only solution for that seems to not use the "-L" option or to add "--ignore-errors". It
2018 Oct 30
PostgreSQL port accessible even though it should be blocked by firewall
On 10/29/2018 08:18 PM, Alexander Dalloz wrote: > Am 29.10.2018 um 20:03 schrieb Frank Thommen: >> PostgreSQL is running in a docker container: >> >> $ docker ps >> CONTAINER ID??????? IMAGE???????????????????????? COMMAND >> CREATED???????????? STATUS????????????? PORTS??????????????????? NAMES >> 6f11fc41d2f0??????? postgres?????????????????
2012 Dec 03
Stop User from Changing URL
I have an authentication and autherization system built on the same lines outlined by Michael Hartl, rails tutorial. Here is the employees_controller.rb: class EmployeesController < ApplicationController before_filter :signed_in_employee, only: [:index, :edit, :update] before_filter :correct_employee, only: [:edit, :update] etc etc
2008 Jun 06
Prototype: Use of /proxy?url= to circumvent the Same Origin Policy
Hi, everyone. I was able to get the Ajax.Request basically working, such that it returns "Damn! You are beyond #10...", but I had to change the "/proxy? url=" to "http://localhost/myApp/proxy.html?url=". Apparently, the response is just my proxy.html page. With "/proxy?url=" in place, WebSphere shows an error: SRVE0017W: A
2010 May 10
Using Rails 3 edge to circumvent current_period bug?
I get an error using Rails 3 beta3 on Ruby 1.9.2-preview1 undefined method `current_period'' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError) This commit should fix it But I forgot how to ensure I am running on edge with Rails 3. Is it a special bundler command I need to use? Thanks! -- You
2003 Dec 15
syslinux / antique computers
Hi, is there an easy way to circumvent the SYSLINUX novice protection thing? intended users don't know about CTRL key to circumvent it. I'm trying to make a generic bootdisk for systems of 8086 - Pentium4. however the bootdisk is slow, so I'd like to use Syslinux + Memdisk to load a diskette image. then the text displayed to user will be: 1) FreeDOS bootdisk (accelerated, 386
2004 Oct 25
Syslinux and USB support
Hi, I'm writing as I'm an happy user of syslinux/isolinux(pxelinux, as it has kade booting from floppy/hd/cd simple and reliable... (I've looked the tons of workaround developers had to develop to circumvent bugs BIOS bug in isolinux....) I think that next frontier for syslinux should be USB booting: it already works, but here also there are a lot of BIOS problem that a
2006 Jun 06
Functional tests and protected actions
Hello! I have certain methods in my Application Controller, that I need to access. Namely ApplicationController#logged_in_user The problem is, that when I try to access it, I get: NoMethodError: protected method `logged_in_user'' called for #<AdminController> Any ideas how I can circumvent that? Or are functional tests really not suited for any kind of logins and session work?
2006 Jun 20
Rails and decimal types mapped to float
Hi, I''m a brazilian developer, work in a hospital and we have a legacy database that we want to access via rails. Rails maps decimal types to float, and to circumvent this problem the suggestion one can find on the list is to represent decimal values as cents. That''s not applicable when you have to access a legacy database. I found two tickets 4274 and 4605 on rails trac,
2010 Jul 18
[LLVMdev] JIT crash takes down host-application
Hi, I'm doing some tests concerning the embedding of LLVM and clan in my application. Now I stumbled across the following ... which disturbs me. If the jitted program crashes, like e.g. if it contains an assert(0==1) or calls an external function which cannot be resolved, the hosting app goes down as well. There seems no error catch. Can this anyhow be circumvented? -Frank
2011 Dec 06
[LLVMdev] LLVM and managed languages
Talin wrote: > Jon wrote: > > Talin wrote: > > > Garbage collection is still way too difficult. > > > > This is completely untrue. > > I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree... I failed to get my point across. You're still talking about the difficulty of using LLVM's GC support. I was talking about circumventing it. The shadow stack HLVM uses
2015 Jul 21
[LLVMdev] How to not zeroinitialize array
Hi, I'm trying to do a proof of concept of compiling some code down to a very simple runtime that doesn't provide support for zeroinitialize. If I run the below code through llc: ; ModuleID = '.\t.bc' target datalayout = "e-m:w-p:32:32-i64:64-f80:32-n8:16:32-S32" target triple = "i686-pc-windows-gnu" @_ZN3Foo11ZeroAndZeroE = global [2 x i32] [i32 0, i32 0],
2005 Aug 09
trunk restructuring, new util.js
...ut and a new util.js file, that acts as a collector for stuff that doesn''t fit in elsewhere. To get a grip at the new Builder functionality look at the test in test/unit/builder_test.html (works only with Firefox). Note the "klass" instead of "class", this circumvents a Firefox 1.0.6 bug (works in DP 1.1). Thomas
2008 May 26
Why does sysinstall still limits cylinders to 65535?
Hello, I have been struglling with sysinstall, attempting to make it handle the geometry of some large SATA drives. After a lot of effort I decided to stop suffering and modified the program in order to circumvent the outdated limit of 65535 cylinders (see attached patch). I''m thinking about submitting a PR with a change request but I''d like to get some additional opinions