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2009 Nov 05
sshd_config ChrootDirectory ambiguity...
Under "ChrootDirectory" there is a line that says, "This path, and all its components, must be root-owned directories that are not writable by any other user or group." When I first read this "all its components" seemed to mean that all directories and files within this directory must be root owned and root only writable. This seemed odd as I would not be able to
2008 May 25
OpenSSH + chroot + SELinux = broke
Hello, First, a big thank you to the OpenSSH devs. _ /Problem Summary:/ _ Chroot and SELinux don't get along. This affects both the new (official) ChrootDirectory feature, as well as the older (3rd party) patch at _ /History and repro:/ _ On March 21, 2008, Alexandre Rossi posted to this list with the subject:
2011 Jan 17
Questions about ChrootDirectory
Hello, I'm aware of the fact that ChrootDirectory requires that the target directory is root-owned, and I think I've mostly understood why that is necessary, at least within the context of someone who has full shell access. However, I am wondering if that possibility for privilege escalation still exists with a configuration like this: Match Group sftp ForceCommand internal-sftp
2009 Mar 28
ChrootDirectory security
Hello, I've tried many places, finally ending up here to ask my question: why is it so vital that the directory used with the ChrootDirectory directive is root-owned? Like many people I'm trying to use this in a webhosting environment where several users get sftp-only access to some directory, usually something like /home/user/web/part-of-website. I can be sure that
2014 Oct 10
[Bug 2289] New: arandom(4) as documented in sshd_config(5)’s ChrootDirectory option does not exist on all platforms Bug ID: 2289 Summary: arandom(4) as documented in sshd_config(5)?s ChrootDirectory option does not exist on all platforms Product: Portable OpenSSH Version: 6.7p1 Hardware: Other OS: All Status: NEW Severity: enhancement
2009 Mar 18
[Bug 1574] New: trailing white space on Forced Command within ChrootDirectory causes failure Summary: trailing white space on Forced Command within ChrootDirectory causes failure Product: Portable OpenSSH Version: 5.1p1 Platform: All OS/Version: Linux Status: NEW Severity: normal Priority: P2 Component: sshd
2009 Feb 26
[Bug 1564] New: non-accessible user's home directory not reported when ChrootDirectory=none Summary: non-accessible user's home directory not reported when ChrootDirectory=none Product: Portable OpenSSH Version: 5.2p1 Platform: All OS/Version: Solaris Status: NEW Severity: normal Priority: P3 Component: sshd
2012 May 10
Is there any method, with ChrootDirectory and internal-sftp, to automatically cd to a subdir on login?
Hi, This is either a query or a feature request. I have a system where sftp users are chrooted using scponly, which while requiring much more setup than OpenSSH's internal-sftp method, has the useful feature of allowing an initial chroot to a subdirectory, typically the one used for file exchange. I've searched for a way to do the same thing with OpenSSH. So far haven't found it. If
2012 Aug 18
[Bug 2036] New: Add %g user group name parameter for ChrootDirectory Priority: P5 Bug ID: 2036 Assignee: unassigned-bugs at Summary: Add %g user group name parameter for ChrootDirectory Severity: enhancement Classification: Unclassified OS: Linux Reporter: sue at Hardware: ix86
2008 Mar 21
ChrootDirectory fails if compiled with SELinux support (whether or not using SELinux)
Hi, (please CC me as I'm not subscribed to the list) If compiled with SELinux support, OpenSSH 4.8 current cvs fails for accounts where the new ChrootDirectory option is active : debug1: PAM: establishing credentials debug3: PAM: opening session debug2: User child is on pid 1695 debug3: mm_request_receive entering debug1: PAM: establishing credentials debug3: safely_chroot: checking
2012 Jan 19
ChrootDirectory per SSH Subsystem?
Hi, According to the sshd_config manual page the option ChrootDirectory can be used to force a chroot:ed environment for the SSHD server. But as I understand the manual page this is a global setting and it is not possible to specify this per SSH subsystem. We are building a system where we need users to be able to log on from remote machines via SSH, but with the tweaks that we (for security
2014 Mar 17
internal-sftp stuck on 'ls' with chrootdirectory
Hi all, I am using Match directive and internal-sftp to chroot sftp users into their directory. Connection and login works. I can change directories and put/get files. Also logging of the internal sftp-process works (created a /dev/log socket inside the chroot). As soon as I use the 'ls' command, nothing happens and the the process gets stuck. Listing files does work as soon
2010 Mar 01
[Bug 1726] New: ChrootDirectory doesn't work with SE Linux Summary: ChrootDirectory doesn't work with SE Linux Product: Portable OpenSSH Version: 5.3p1 Platform: Other URL: OS/Version: Linux Status: NEW Severity: normal Priority: P2
2008 Dec 29
Proposal: Different handling of ChrootDirectory
Hey guys, I have read all the messages regarding this issue on the mailing list and I did notice that quite a few people are not exactly happy with the new easiness of the chroot support introduced to openssh. I'm one of them and I think to support my special configuration, the implementation would need to be changed. I'm right now setting up a small web hosting company an every
2009 Sep 17
New sshd_config - what has changed?
I see that there is a new sshd_config in the latest updates. Since I have altered the original file, this one got installed as .rpmnew It has two changes: > #AddressFamily any So does this make it default to IPv4 only? > #ChrootDirectory none Chroot is now an option for SSH?
2008 Oct 23
ChrootDirectory on a per key basis
Hello, I'm trying to set up an sftp (sshfs) service accessible to users with a normal account on a server, but which would be restricted to a subset of the directory hierarchy normally accessible to the users in question, in practice a single directory. The idea would be to allow file access to this directory with a passwordless public key, but keep rest of the users file accessible only with
2012 Aug 14
Fwd: %g patch for ChrootDirectory
Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: > From: Sue Spence <sue at> > Date: 13 August 2012 08:02:08 GMT+01:00 > To: "susan.spence" <susan.spence at> > Subject: ssh > >
2014 Aug 14
questions regarding nsswitch and the internal-sftp server and ChrootDirectory options
What is the intended behavior of the internal-sftp server when looking to resolve identity information for user via the nsswitch configured mechanisms? I am seeing different behavior between two packaged versions and am looking to understand what should be expected. Scenario: Utilizing a developed directory services plugin (dsplug), "ls" access on the sftp session fails with the
2008 Apr 15
ChrootDirectory - SFTP subsystem works fine but SSH hangs
Hi I'm using Centos 5 with Openssh-5.0p1 installed (and OpenSSL 0.98b and Zlib 1.2.3-3). I've managed to get a chroot'd SFTP session using ChrootDirectory and the new built-in SFTP subsystem. However, when I use SSH to connect to the same account the session hangs rather than closing the connection. This happens whether or not I use /sbin/nologin /bin/false
2009 Apr 30
ChrootDirectory %h
Hi, many people are having problems using SFTP with ChrootDirectory when the jail directory (or the path above) is not owned by root. The question is if chroot'ing to usual home directories can be allowed, even though they are owned by regular users. I know that this topic has been discussed on the list several times now, so I searched the list archives for posts that invalidate the