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2017 Oct 17
[PATCH] daemon: simplify usage of Chroot.f
...ed, 11 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-) diff --git a/daemon/ b/daemon/ index 59e26a05e..3ad119306 100644 --- a/daemon/ +++ b/daemon/ @@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ let arch_binaries = *) let rec parse_os_release release_file data = let chroot = Chroot.create ~name:"parse_os_release" () in - let lines = Chroot.f chroot (fun () -> read_small_file release_file) () in + let lines = Chroot.f chroot read_small_file release_file in match lines with | None -> false @@ -182,7 +182,7 @@ and distro_of_os_release_id = func...
2001 Jan 03
Hi there, everyone; I've had a few requests for an updated version of my chroot patch. (the version found in contrib is outdated) So, here it goes, updated to 2.3.0p1; "chroot.diff" is a plain diff for session.c (apply, compile and go). "chroot+configure.diff" is the same patch, plus an option to "configure" for enabling/disabling chroot support (...
2002 Apr 12
Chrooted sftp, did you getting it working?
Le Jeudi 11 Avril 2002 21:09, m.ibarra at a ?crit : > I was curious to know if you had any luck in getting openssh's sftp > server properly configured to allow chrooted sftp logins? I have had > no success and need something quickly. Dear Mike, Unfortunately, I did not succeed to have it work. I got in contact with James Dennis <jdennis at>, who send me a chroot patch. I applied the patch and did not succeed to log into a chrooted a...
2011 Jul 14
Chroot issue with username to uid
I'm setting up a chroot environment on a shared web server to allow users to modify their web roots within a secure chroot, but am having a problem. Right now when I log in with test accounts I get this... Last login: Thu Jul 14 09:04:14 2011 from .... id: cannot find name for group ID 507 id: cannot find name for user...
2007 Jul 17
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 The chroot(2) man page describes a sysctl called ''kern.chroot_allow_open_directories'' which controls whether a process can chroot() and is already subject to the chroot() syscall. It seems that this sysctl can be trivially changed from within a chroot''d process (ie: if that process...
2001 Aug 31
handling of 'use chroot'
At the moment, if you start an rsyncd that's not running as root using default settings it will have some trouble. rsyncd tries to use chroot by default, but this will always fail if it's not started by root. It does emit an error message in this case, but I wonder if some people find this a bit confusing until they discover the setting. I have in the past. It might be better that if attempting the chroot gives permission denied (b...
2015 Sep 10
bind chroot, bind mounts and selinux
Hi All, I'm migrating a CentOS 6 bind instance (chrooted) to a CentOS 7 box and am curious of people's opinions on chrooting vs selinux as a way of securing bind. The bind-chroot on CentOS 7 also comes with a script (/usr/libexec/ that sets up the much maligned systemd and, through bind mounts, creates and extra level of chro...
2009 Dec 28
cannot receive new filesystem stream: invalid backup stream
I have two snv_126 systems. I''m trying to zfs send a recursive snapshot from one system to another: # zfs send -v -R tww/opt/chroots at backup-20091225 |\ ssh backupserver "zfs receive -F -d -u -v tww" ... found clone origin tww/opt/chroots/ab at ab-1.0 receiving incremental stream of tww/opt/chroots/ab-1.0 at backup-20091225 into tww/opt/chroots/ab-1.0 at backup-20091225 cannot receive new filesystem stream...
2013 Feb 15
bind-chroot rpm only builds chroot tree?
I just downloaded the bind-chroot rpm and looked into it with Archive manager (so I am lazy), and no files, just the chroot tree. I am assuming there is some script that Archive manager does not show, or I am just missing it, because the ROOTDIR= did get added to /etc/sysconfig/named (and the one in the bind rpm is without this...
2017 Jan 09
Trouble removing files in chrooted sftp
Hi, I have trouble setting up chrooted SFTP for our user. I got the basic SFTP chroot working, user is chrooted to its home directory, I've added /home/userb/etc directory with dummy passwd, group and localtime files. The problem is that instead of only accessing its own files, I need the user to be able to remove another users f...
2003 Aug 16
sftp-server (secure) chroot patch?
Hello, I know this chroot issue has been brought up many times before on this list. I saw that the contribibuted chroot-patch was removed from the contrib directory because it always was out of date. The main reason was of course was that sftp-server has to be run as root to be able to do the chroot() call? Most of you are...
2003 Nov 13
an unwanted chroot() call
Hello, I am trying to run rsync under my own userid on a high-numbered port. The problem is that, when I use the --daemon option, I get an error saying that a chroot() call failed. My config file does *not* have any chroot call in it. How can I avoid a chroot() invocation when running as a normal non-root user? Thanks in advance for any advice! -- Daniel Ortmann, LSI Logic, 3425 40th Av NW, Suite 200, Rochester MN 55901 work: / 507....
2002 Jun 11
Possible UID/GID bug in chrooted shells?
I'm stuck on a problem with rsync... We've got a chrooted shell with rsync and all the needed libs inside (and not much else). We're using rsync over ssh to send the files into this chrooted session. The rsync binary in the chrooted session is SUID root so that it can create the files with the correct UID/GID. When the following is run, it crea...
1998 Jul 14
Re: Chrooting bind 8.1.2 under debian 2.0
On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, cfb wrote: > The main problem seems to be with the way that debian starts bind using > the script /etc/init.d/bind. I thought it would be really neat to just > change the #!/bin/sh at the top of the script to something like : > #!/usr/sbin/chroot /chroot-dns/ /bin/sh > or > #!/usr/sbin/chroot /chroot-dns/ /chroot-dns/bin/sh try changing only the line that start the bind daemon eg: chroot /chroot-dns/ /bin/named Bye Carlos Barros.
2009 Aug 14
About sftp chroot dev!
I have an question, why you guys do not let chroot be owned by the user ? It would be a good way to chroot the users Cause like I want to chroot user in /chroot/%u But they can not write in this directory... i need to set another dir to them to be able to write, even when /chroot/ is onewd by root i want to be able to do this user1 be ab...
2009 Dec 30
chroot problem.
First, I'm trying to following along on a document on "SecurityFocus" on "Securing MySQL: step-by-step". I'm on step 3.8 "Test the configuration". I have my CHROOT directory structure setup and the chrootuid is failing (haven't figured that one out, yet). So, I simply tried a 'chroot /chroot/mysql' and got: chroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory I realized that the documentation didn't cover this so I simply: c...
2006 Aug 24
Postfix chroot jail - Centos 4
As I can seen, there is the bind-chroot glue package, but is there a postfix-chroot.rpm glue ? I have looked for it, but I think there is not. If there is not, what is your opinion about creating one ? Thanks -- Vilela -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: <
2006 Dec 23
How to start installing a Quad-Devel-Station?
Hello Xen-Users, I am running a Debian GNU/Linux Devel-Station (P2/366 MHz, 512MByte) and use currently chroots which give some problems from time to time. I have following configuration: ----8<------------------------------------------------------------------ /dev/sda1 / 7700 GByte # Master System /dev/sda2 swap 256 MByte # Master System /dev/sda3 /var 512 MByte # Master System /dev/sda4 /var/log...
2013 Aug 01
Alert Email
Hi All, thanks for the replies so far.. I will try to address as many of them as I can in a group reply: Xabier Oneca -- xOneca wrote: Just to confirm, are you sure the scripts' path in config file is relative to the chroot directory? - Yes, I am working under the new path names in my xml file. The Web, Admin, and Log directories all work as planned. The shell files are in the same path. Jeff, I believe that answers your question as well. "Thomas B. R?cker" wrote: I guess you mean chown and chroot...
2017 Jan 11
Trouble removing files in chrooted sftp
...So this thing should work but there's still something causing it to fail on CentOS's side. One difference between our CentOS and OpenBSD is that OpenBSD uses newer openssh server. I looked through the release notes and didn't see any changes related to internal-sftp. I fixed the /home/chroot-user/etc/localtime permissions to 0644 and run strace on internal-sftp process and got following output: read(0, "\0\0\0\23\v\0\0\0009\0\0\0\n/intranet/", 16384) = 23 openat(AT_FDCWD, "/intranet/", O_RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK|O_DIRECTORY|O_CLOEXEC) = 3 select(2, [0], [1], NULL, NULL)...