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2005 Jan 20
softswitch dilemma
...could set up asterisk as a softswitch, I guess for what I've been reading that It could be possible but almost all the info and documentation Ive found so far is about asterisk as a PBX, etc. Im willing to set a small voip wholesale traffic bussiness and Im not quite sure asterisk is the right chocie for that. An asterisk-ser or an asterisk-vocal combination may be the answer ? Thanks in advance for any help. Diego -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2017 Jul 12
[LLD] Adding WebAssembly support to lld
...asm is probably more different than ELF against COFF, and > the reason why we separated COFF and ELF was because they are different > enough that it is easier to handle them separately rather than writing a > complex compatibility layer for the two. So that is I think the right design > chocie. That being said, some files are unnecessarily copied to all targets. > Particularly, Error.{cpp,h} and Memory.{h,cpp} need to be merged because > they are mostly identical. I concur. However, would you accept the wasm port landing first, and then factoring some kind of library out of the 3...
2017 Jul 06
[LLD] Adding WebAssembly support to lld
Dan Gohman <sunfish at> writes: >> Sorry, I meant why that didn't work with ELF (or what else didn't). >> > > The standard executable WebAssembly format does not use ELF, for numerous > reasons, most visibly that ELF is designed for sparse decoding -- headers > contain offsets to arbitrary points in the file, while WebAssembly's format > is