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2007 Jul 17
Deciding when to adjust the window size
What is the algorithm adopted by OpenSSH when it comes to deciding when to adjust the size of window? I would have thought that one''d better adjust the window size as soon as it has fallen below the maximum packet size. What worries me is a potential deadlock, in which one party does not send anything, because the window is too small for its next window space-consuming packet, while the
2005 Feb 24
Question performnace of SSH v1 vs SSH v2
Hello I have ported OpenSSH 3.8p1 to a LynxOS platform. Recently I heard a report from the field that v2 is perceived to be significantly slower than v1. Is this a known issue? Are there any configuration parameters that can be modified to make v2 faster? Thanks in advance for your response Amba
2010 Jan 14
ssh(1) multiplexing rewrite
Hi, At the n2k10 OpenBSD network hackathon, I finally got some time to clean up and rewrite the ssh(1) client multiplexing code. The attached diffs (one for portable OpenSSH, one for OpenBSD) are the result, and they need some testing. The revised multiplexing code uses a better protocol between the master and slave processes and I even bothered to write it up :) It tracks the control sockets