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2005 Jun 08
Rails/lighttpd: Changes to controller not being seen?
...The page loads without error. I figure maybe I''m in the wrong directory, so I change the app''s directory name. Great, the app throws a 404. Next step: change "app" to "app2". Error. Now I change "controllers" to "controllers2". No error! Changing the names of "models" or "views" breaks the app, but changing "controllers" doesn''t. After changing the directory name (and corresponding name in the config) and restarting lighttpd, I manage to break the app by renaming "controllers". WTF? - Ben...
2006 Oct 25
NameError, uninitialized constant States
I''m completely new to Ruby and Rails and could use some help resolving an issue. I have a list method that is supposed to show the titles and states(status) of requests, but I get an error from this piece of code: <td><%= change.states.state %></td> The error is:
2007 Oct 22
How to hook into model attribute changes?
Hi, What''s the best way to hook into any changes made to the value of a single model attribute? I need to know when the encrypted_password attribute on my User model changes i.e. when the user has changed their password. I''m not interested in the actual changed value, I just need to know when it''s been changed so that I can regenerate their API key as well. Thanks in
2013 May 13
[PATCH] Fix QEMU HVM hotplug race in QEMU traditional (Xen 4.1, Xen 4.2, and Xen 4.3) (v1).
Hey Ian and Stefano, Please see this thread: for the debug patches and some of the discussion. These three patches fix an race that has been in QEMU traditional for a long time. The guts of the bug is that if you have a guest with these options: vcpus=1 maxvcpus=32 and do ''xl vcpu-set
2007 Jan 22
Problem with xen on Centos-4.4?
I am running a Xen installation on a Centos-4.4 based test box, my desktop unit, and I am having intermittent problems installing certain pieces of software. Some time back I posted to this list regarding my inability to install Adobe Acrobat on this unit and was advised to essentially repackage the software and try again. This is beyond my present means of knowledge or time to acquire same and
2007 May 21
CAS signalling conflicts with Clear channel
...efault) (Slaves: 30) Channel 31: Clear channel (Default) (Slaves: 31) Channel 101: FXS Kewlstart (Default) (Slaves: 101) Channel 102: FXS Kewlstart (Default) (Slaves: 102) Channel 103: FXS Kewlstart (Default) (Slaves: 103) Channel 104: FXS Kewlstart (Default) (Slaves: 104) 35 channels configured. Changing signalling on channel 1 from FXS Kewlstart to Clear channel Changing signalling on channel 2 from FXS Kewlstart to Clear channel Changing signalling on channel 3 from FXS Kewlstart to Clear channel Changing signalling on channel 4 from FXS Kewlstart to Clear channel Changing signalling on channel 5...
2011 Oct 26
bug: recursive directory copy that re-copies nightly
I''m seeing a recurring, nightly copy of files which are not changing. I get the following message every night from tagmail. 1. It happens once per day (not every 30 minutes) 2. The files haven''t changed in months 3. The files aren''t changing -- there''s only one md5 in the clientbucket for each file 4. There''s no schedule on the...
2006 Aug 17
passdb.tdb not updated when changing passwords
I''m using samba on CentOS 3.7 (3.0.9 + rh patches) I had smbpasswd as backend and I''m testing migration to tdbsam. After exporting successfully to tdbsam and setting passdb backend = tdbsam in smb.conf if I change from inside a windows xp machine the password ot the user and then pdbedit-Lv user I get Logon time: 0 Logoff time: ven, 13 dic 1901 21:45:51 GMT
2007 Jan 25
Constant directory checksum changes
...39;s something weird in the directory modification detection that causes the next run after things actually change to suffer from this problem, but I''m getting it *every* *single* *time* I run Puppet, even though nothing changes (and Puppet doesn''t say anything about anything else changing). It''s quite irritating, because it triggers a Postfix restart every time, which tends to do unpleasant thing to mail handling. Any hints on hunting the problem down, or avoiding it (if it''s a known problem)? - Matt
2003 Feb 09
install error
I just download R-1.6.2 source code for unix to install. I am intalling it under redhat linux. But after ./configure, when I try to make, there always error showed: /usr/bin/install: cannot change ownership of `../../bin/BATCH'': Operation not permitted /usr/bin/install: cannot change ownership of `../../bin/LINK'':
2013 Apr 26
how do you test and release puppet changes?
We are in the process of evaluating our puppet related test and release process and interested in knowing what other folks are doing. We are in a position that is not ideal but is not unique from what I can tell. Our current testing process is basically the responsibility of each person making a change. Small changes are committed and pushed to dev/qa/prod in one swoop with the
2011 Aug 29
Password expires every month even though 'Password Must Change' is set to 'never' (Samba+LDAP)
Hi all, Since a few months ago Samba ask each of our users to change password at log on every month and I have not been able to disable it. I found this page and follow the instructions: The default ''Password Must Change'' policy was set to never and pdbedit shows
2008 Aug 09
Corrupted index cache files
I see these errors more often than I''d like from Dovecot-1.1.2 on Mac OS X 10.5.4 (names and numbers elided): Corrupted index cache file %s: Corrupted virtual size for uid=%d: %d ! = %d Corrupted index cache file %s: Broken virtual size for mail UID %d Corrupted index cache file %s: used_file_size too large How bad are these? What should I look for to find out why they happen?
2017 Dec 20
"file changed as we read it" message during tar file creation on GlusterFS
Dear Users, I?m experiencing a random problem ( "file changed as we read it? error) during tar files creation on a distributed dispersed Gluster file system. The tar files seem to be created correctly, but I can see a lot of message similar to the following ones: tar: ./year1990/ file changed as we read it tar: ./year1990/ file
2009 Mar 26
Processed: updating submitter e-mail address
Processing commands for > # changing bug submitter e-mail address from > # to > # for consolidation > submitter 318123 ! Bug#318123: [CVE-2006-0061] xlockmore: xlock segfaults with libpam-opensc, returns to user session Changed Bug submitter from Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dk...
2009 Sep 24
Checksum property change does not change pre-existing data - right?
My understanding is that if I "zfs set checksum=<different>" to change the algorithm that this will change the checksum algorithm for all FUTURE data blocks written, but does not in any way change the checksum for previously written data blocks. I need to corroborate this understanding. Could someone please point me to a document that states this? I have searched and searched
2011 Jun 30
puppet autosign by VLAN IP
Hi, Can puppet autosign work by giving vlan IP instead of domain? For example, in the autosign.conf file, instead of using *, I want to give 172.18.133.* But it does not seem to work if I give the IP address. But I don''t want to limit the client from * by only allow certain vlan client not all the are in the same domain. Thanks, -Haiyan -- You received this
2007 Dec 08
Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] tools: Rationalise library soname versions.
On Fri, Dec 07, 2007 at 04:30:09PM -0800, Xen patchbot-unstable wrote: > tools: Rationalise library soname versions. > > * Arrange for the sonames of libxenstore, libxc, libfsimage and > libblktap to be set from a single place in Grumble... I don''t like this at all. You just bumped libfsimage for no reason. Can we please fix libfsimage back to the correct
2011 Jan 03
Changes method: displayed nil to blank change
Hi Here I am trying to get the details of changed fields in update method I got those fields by changes method. #obj.changes But problem is that I got changes in following ways even when I am not updating anything. obj.changes {"address"=>[nil, ""]} This is what I don''t want. I want only those changes which are text to blank or blank to text or text to text..
2017 Dec 28
"file changed as we read it" message during tar file creation on GlusterFS
Hi All, anyone had the same experience? Could you provide me some information about this error? It happens only on GlusterFS file system. Thank you, Mauro > Il giorno 20 dic 2017, alle ore 16:57, Mauro Tridici <mauro.tridici at> ha scritto: > > > Dear Users, > > I?m experiencing a random problem ( "file changed as we read it? error) during tar files