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2006 Sep 07
1 Kernel Panic
I just joined the mailing list after seeing this e-mail in the mailing list archives. Does anyone have any idea as to why this may be happening? I am having this exact problem on a Dell Poweredge 1855. Jeremy Carrigan ****************************************Original E-mail from Mailing List Archives******************************************** * To: <centos at xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:centos at DOMAIN.HIDDEN> > * Subject: [CentOS] mount problem on LVM2 w/ kernel-2.6.9-42.0.2 * From: "Heitor A.M....
2004 Dec 04
AIC, AICc, and K
...IC + 2K(K+1)/(n-K-1), but not sure of how K is calculated or how to extract that value from either an AIC or logLik calculation. This is probably more of a basic statistics question than an R question, but I thank you for your help. -Ben Osborne -- Botany Department University of Vermont 109 Carrigan Drive Burlington, VT 05405 benjamin.osborne at phone: 802-656-0297 fax: 802-656-0440