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2012 Mar 22
Rspec not loading fixtures
...ion partner: id: 2 username: bull_winkle email: bull_winkle at crypted_password: "c8e5b51b237344fe0e72539af0cac7197f094a5e933ffacf6e7fa612363c5933f520710c6427ac31fc4c68a2d7bb48eae601c74b96e7838f9ca1a0740b67576a" password_salt: "Y4PPzYx2ert3vC0OhEMo" name: Bullwinkle organization: Bullwinkle, Inc. url: address: 123 Wherever city: Washington state_id: 9 zip_code: 20001 phone: 555-555-1234 survey_question_1_en: "What school did you go to?" survey_question_2_en: "What is your favorite musical group?&quot...
2009 Jul 15
The Talking Moose
Anyone here remember the old Talking Moose desktop toy from the 80's? For the unitiated, the Talking Moose was a simple applet on old Mac computers that periodically displayed an animated Bullwinkle-lookalike moose in the corner of the screen, spouting witty phrases or biting insults, as well as commenting on various activities like opening and closing programs or inserting disks. (The moose's behavior was highly customizable.) He's not for everybody, but I miss the guy. Lo and behol...
2011 Feb 28
possible Xen bugs
Hi all, I recently installed Squeeze, followed but Xen 4.0. A few notes of things I've run into while installing. The network script part of the xend-config.sxp does not appear to work. Everything would boot find until I uncommented that line and tried to set it up per the Debian Xen wiki. I managed to get bridging to work using the debian network bridge tools, brctl. Xen does not
2006 Feb 09
postgres connection problems
...database: blog_production host: localhost username: blog password: ---database.yml end---- TIA, Sherman -- Two wrongs don''t make a right, but... Two rights make a U-turn, and two U turns make a circle, and two circles mke a figure-eight, and two figure-eights make a butterfly. --Bullwinkle J. Moose
2001 Apr 28
Help running Caesar 3
Hello, I'm trying to get Caesar 3 running on my linux machine, but it always hangs while loading. I installed Caesar 3 on my windows machine and them copied the files to the linux box, and updated the registry so it points to the right drives, etc. Wine works fine on other apps. When I try to run "wine c3.exe:" it starts up fine, and begins to load. It goes through several load