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2006 Oct 29
Rgui.exe fix for "console not found" buffer overflow problem will bring up the Rconsole file wherever it exists. Simply open up the file (if not already open) in the free within-Windows Wordpad.exe (Start > Run > Open Wordpad.exe) and change the values back to some smaller number. For me I changed the problematic "bufbytes" and "buflines" below: ### BEGIN Rconsole Code Portion ### # memory limits for the console scrolling buffer, in bytes and lines bufbytes = 9999999999999 buflines = 9999999999999999999 ### to something small like ### BEGIN Rconsole Code Portion ### # memory limits for the console scrolling buffer, in b...
2000 Dec 26
A "bug" in Rconsole?
Dear R-friends, After change (and saved) font style to "bold" in GUI preferences from menu-bar Edit, R 1.2.0, Win98, the "buflines" in the file Rconsole changed to "bufiles" and that causes error in invoking R next time. Is this a bug? Merry Christmas & Best regards, C. Joseph Lu Department of Statistics National Cheng-Kung University Tainan, Taiwan -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-...
2000 Dec 19
A bug (?) in Rgui Configuration Editor (buffer lines) in R1.2.0 for Windows (Rgui.exe)
...nsole file, R seemed to complain about the following parameter-value setting: bufiles = 8192 At first I thought this was a value-side problem, but after several unsuccessful trials, I came to suspect that the name of the parameter, i.e., "bufiles," might be wrong and changed it to "buflines." Then R no longer issued the above mentioned warning. Is this some coding bug or something special for my case? Cheers, Akio Sone, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Fellow Harvard-MIT Data Center M-32 Littauer Center, North Yard Harvard University Cambridge, MA 02138 e-mail: asone at latte.h...
2013 Mar 30
special character encoding problem
Hi, I have a question about special character: when I create a data frame including some special characters, like '?', it displayed as '<U+00F8>'. I understand that it's one encoding code for '?'. but I want to display the letter as '?' on my screen. And more, when I save the data frame to a local position, it was also save as the encoding code