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2008 Feb 21
prototype.js hangs page load when included in an HTML page
I have a simple HTML page - stripped everything possible from it. No javascript is invoked (e.g. body onLoad) when the page is loaded I''ve included the new prototype.1.6.0 (and tried in my html page. When I load the page - the browser will render the html content - but the page continues to load - without ever finishing. This is a problem because the code I want to execute in
2012 Aug 10
qemu-xen-traditional: NOCACHE or CACHE_WB to open disk images for IDE
Hi list, Recently I was debugging L2 guest slow booting issue in nested virtualization environment (both L0 and L1 hypervisors are all Xen). To boot a L2 Linux guest (RHEL6u2), it will need to wait more than 3 minutes after grub loaded, I did some profile, and see guest is doing disk operations by int13 BIOS procedure. Even not consider the nested case, I saw there is a bug reporting normal VM
2012 Nov 13
[PATCH] qemu-stubdom: prevent useless medium change
...if (pasprintf(&danger_buf, "%s/device/vbd/%s", danger_path, e_danger[i]) == -1) continue; if (bdrv_open2(bs, danger_buf, BDRV_O_CACHE_WB /* snapshot and write-back */, &bdrv_raw) == 0) { + if (pasprintf(&buf, "%s/params", bpath) == -1) + continue; + free(params); + params = xs_read(xsh, XBT_NULL, buf, &len); + if (params == NULL) + continue; pstrcpy(bs->filename, sizeof(bs->filename), params); } #else @@ -667,11 +673,7 @@ void xenstore_parse_domain_config(i...