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2017 Oct 24
Creating a data table (frame?) from a SQL Statement?
Hello, I'm new to R so this is probably a simple question for somebody. I have an RScript that reads a CSV on the disk using read.table(...). It then does a boxM test using that data. However, I'm now trying to load the same data via an SQL command, but I can't seem to get the data structure defined so R will like it -- using the included "iris" dataset. I've tried these ways of loading the SQL statement into a compatible R Structure...
2017 Oct 24
Creating a data table (frame?) from a SQL Statement? iris") // >works! >irisQuery <- read.table(dbGetQuery(conn, "select * from iris")) works! >irisQuery > // displays table from iris dataset I imported into MySQL >boxM(irisQuery[,-5], irisQuery[,5]) > / />>> FAILS! <<< "Error: is.numeric(x) || is.logical(x) is not TRUE" >dbDisconnect(conn) > // displays TRUE. &g...
2006 Apr 21
Solaris 8 x86 rsa pubkey auth problem
...ns I''m using pkgsrc, so I''ve builded all necessary packages from two days old pkgsrc sources on one of the boxes and installed the same binaries on second OpenSSH_4.3p1, OpenSSL 0.9.7i 14 Oct 2005 3) The only differense in their setup is that ''kdc'' is a intel p4 boxm and module is p3 box. I''ve generated rsa key pair via ssh-keygen, and placed public part of it into /home/root/.ssh/authorized_keys on both computers. The problem: I can''t log into any (not only to module) computer running the same version of sshd (and of course...