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2007 Oct 17
6 commits - libswfdec/swfdec_as_strings.c libswfdec/ libswfdec/swfdec_initialize.h libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie_as.c libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie.c libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie.h test/trace
...E; } void diff --git a/libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie.h b/libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie.h index 02b7b73..a181cb7 100644 --- a/libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie.h +++ b/libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie.h @@ -60,6 +60,9 @@ struct _SwfdecTextFieldMovie { gboolean embed_fonts; SwfdecStyleSheet * style_sheet; + gboolean mouse_wheel_enabled; + const char * restrict_; + SwfdecColor border_color; SwfdecColor background_color; diff --git a/libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie_as.c b/libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie_as.c index 635...
2007 Mar 12
11 commits - libswfdec/js libswfdec/swfdec_loader.c libswfdec/swfdec_root_sprite.c libswfdec/swfdec_script.c player/swfdebug.c player/swfdec_player_manager.c test/trace
...cript *script, gpointer unused) { - swfdec_debugger_set_breakpoint (debugger, script, 0); + /* no need tobreak on scripts that don't do anything, so no special case needed */ + if (script->n_commands > 0) + swfdec_debugger_set_breakpoint (debugger, script, 0); } static gboolean diff-tree abee6c3ca4c2bc3e6337896746a47f8a6b7cb406 (from e69a7f78da02f87b10450ac20995412909d916fc) Author: Benjamin Otte <> Date: Mon Mar 12 22:28:31 2007 +0100 for absolute URIs, print a warning and then load them relative This is strictly a Youtube fix :) diff...
2010 Feb 26
[PATCH 0/5] renouveau: nv30/nv40 unification
This patchset applies some minor fixes to renouveau.xml and then unifies the nv30 and nv40 register definitions. nv30 and nv40 are very similar and have the same offsets for the registers they share. The major differences are: 1. Texture setup is different due to full NPOT support on nv40 2. More advanced blending/render targets on nv40 3. NV30 has fixed function registers, which NV40 lacks
2006 Apr 04
Does ActiveRecord have support for "Boolean" columns?
Hey all -- I''ve been using enumerable char(1)''s with ''y'' and ''n'' values for my Boolean columns in Rails, but it strikes me there should be a better way. How do you setup columns that represent true/false-ness in your schemas on Rails? Wondering what kind of standard approaches there are other than me writing something like class MyEntity < ActiveRecord::Base def active...
2005 Oct 03
Boolean quoting, postgresql I''ve attached a patch to ticket 1117 which fixes it so that booleans are escaped as booleans, not integers. Specifically, this situation will now work find_all(["send_date=? and sent=?",, false]) Which matches peoples expectations, but it causes some problems with the postgresql unit tests. Specifically, the use of smallint as a boolea...
2006 Aug 19
Activerecord validation problems
Hi everyone, I''m having trouble validating a model. The corresponding table has some boolean columns: create_table :permissions do |t| t.column :project_id, :integer, :null => false t.column :group_id, :integer, :null => false t.column :read, :boolean, :null => false, :default => false t.column :write, :boolean, :null => false, :default => false...
2006 Aug 05
Converting mysql to postgres
Hi, Anyone got any cool tricks for converting a Rails site (in this case, a typo installation) from a mysql database to a postgresql database? I''ve got it almost working -- I''m doing a SQL dump from mysql and loading it into postgres. However, mysql does booleans as a tinyint with 0 = false and 1 = true. When I try to import that into a postgres database that expects booleans to be actual booleans, it fails. Any ideas? Thanks, Joe
2017 Sep 29
[Fwd: Re: [HEADS UP] Default value of SELinux boolean httpd_graceful_shutdown will changed.]
---------------------------- Original Message ---------------------------- Subject: Re: [HEADS UP] Default value of SELinux boolean httpd_graceful_shutdown will changed. From: "Lukas Vrabec" <lvrabec at> Date: Fri, September 29, 2017 10:26 To: devel at "Selinux List at Fedora Project" <selinux at> ---------------------...
2006 Aug 02
Need help with SOAP and .NET
...instance" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:soap=""> <soap:Body> <doSingleRecord xmlns="urn:mdWebService"> <Request> <Debug>boolean</Debug> <pkgMultipleRecords>boolean</pkgMultipleRecords> <pkgAddressMailing>boolean</pkgAddressMailing> <pkgAddressParsed>boolean</pkgAddressParsed> <pkgDeliveryIndicator>boolean</pkgDeliveryIndic...
2010 Jan 09
tinyint(1) and boolean
So i had a boolean attribute in my model which gets interpreted to tinyint(1) in mysql by rails migrations. Now tinyint(1) accepts a range in mysql and i want to change my boolean attribute to an attribute which can accept 3 values(0,1,2). I made the change to the view and when i post the form selecting the selecting...
2006 Jul 17
DRY? Converting Boolean to Yes/No
I have a database column given as: t.column :change_address, :boolean The user interacts with this using a checkbox, but wants confirmations to read: Change address: Yes In an isolated case something like: @obj.change_address ? ''Yes'' : ''No'' Would work fine but this is peppered throughout scads of forms and boolean fields. The...
2007 Oct 23
11 commits - libswfdec/swfdec_as_internal.h libswfdec/swfdec_as_object.c libswfdec/swfdec_html_parser.c libswfdec/ libswfdec/swfdec_initialize.h libswfdec/swfdec_style_sheet.c libswfdec/swfdec_style_sheet.h
...mbedFonts: (60) (StyleSheet) = (undefined) +embedFonts: (61) -34000000 (number) = -34000000 (number) +embedFonts: (62) input (dynamic) = dynamic (string) +Testing: styleSheet (default: ) +styleSheet: (0) (undefined) = (undefined) +styleSheet: (1) null (null) = null (null) +styleSheet: (2) true (boolean) = true (boolean) +styleSheet: (3) false (boolean) = false (boolean) +styleSheet: (4) 0 (number) = 0 (number) +styleSheet: (5) 1 (number) = 1 (number) +styleSheet: (6) 0.5 (number) = 0.5 (number) +styleSheet: (7) -1 (number) = -1 (number) +styleSheet: (8) -0.5 (number) = -0.5 (number) +styleSheet:...
2016 Oct 12
[PATCH] rnndb: add some definitions from nvreg.h for pramdac
...tfield low="4" high="5" name="PIXMIX"> + <value value="0" name="OFF"/> + <value value="3" name="ON"/> + </bitfield> + <bitfield pos="8" name="VGA_STATE_SEL" type="boolean"/> + <bitfield pos="12" name="ALT_MODE_SEL" type="boolean"/> + <bitfield low="16" high="19" name="TERMINATION"> + <value value="2" name="750OHM"/> + </bitfield> + &l...
2014 Aug 02
Password authentication problem with 6.4p1 (and later) clients
...The asymmetric keys and user name are exactly the same in both cases. OpenSSH client 5.9p1 Embedded SSH server SSH_MSG_USERAUTH_REQUEST Method name: none SSH_MSG_USERAUTH_FAILURE Supported auth. methods: password, publickey Partial success Boolean: FALSE SSH_MSG_USERAUTH_REQUEST Method name: publickey Boolean: FALSE SSH_MSG_USERAUTH_PK_OK SSH_MSG_USERAUTH_REQUEST Method name: publickey Boolean: TRUE SSH_MSG_USERAUTH_FAILURE Supported auth. methods: password, publickey...
2020 Oct 06
[RFC PATCH v2 2/3] nouveau: Add kernel-docs for module parameters
...rameter should be a string of comma-separated key=value + * pairs. + * + * values marked as integers are parsed as hex when they include a leading 0x, + * octal when they include a leading 0, otherwise they are parsed as decimals. + * + * Supported key-value pairs include: + * + * * GP100MmuLayout (boolean): If false, the old pre-GP100 VMM backend is used; + * defaults to true and is only valid on NV130-NV138 chips. + * + * * <engine-name> (boolean): disable the given engine; all engines are enabled + * by default. + * + * * NvAcrWpr (integer): This configuration option is for debugging sig...
2009 Jan 05
How do booleans work?
I''m a little confused as to how booleans work in Rails. Which is better in the database? boolean or int(1)? True == 1 and False == 0, right? Using SQLite, I tried to set a value to true inside the database but it gave me an error. MySql didn''t, so I had to switch to int(1) for it to work. Is this just how it is? --~--~---------~...
2008 Nov 18
[LLVMdev] 32 bit boolean results
Is there a way to tell LLVM to treat Boolean results as 32bit values instead of 1 bit values? Thanks, Micah Villmow Systems Engineer Advanced Technology & Performance Advanced Micro Devices Inc. 4555 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA. 95054 P: 408-572-6219 F: 408-572-6596 -------------- next part -------------- An HTM...
2018 Jul 19
choosing between probabilistic and boolean prefixes for terms
Hi all, public-inbox allows searching for git blob names (e.g. "badc0ffee") in patches. Initially, I chose to use add_prefix for probabilistic terms, since I assumed it could be a superset of what boolean searching offered. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be the case because stemming is interfering. So switching to boolean filtering seems to work; and it is fine for mechanical searches I plan on doing: at
2008 Nov 18
[LLVMdev] 32 bit boolean results
On Nov 18, 2008, at 11:24 AM, Villmow, Micah wrote: > Is there a way to tell LLVM to treat Boolean results as 32bit values > instead of 1 bit values? LLVM IR doesn't have a concept of C level booleans. What problem are you trying to solve? -Chris > > Thanks, > > Micah Villmow > Systems Engineer > Advanced Technology & Performance > Advanced Micro Devices I...
2013 Jan 26
Converting column of strings to boolean
Hi I'm trying to convert a column of strings (nominal types) to a set of boolean / binary / logical values. For example, in the column there is red, blue, green and yellow. There are 100 rows and each has a colour. I want to convert the column to 4 columns: red, blue, green,yellow and then either 1 or 0 put in the relevant row. Thanks -- View this message in context:...