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2005 Mar 17
ocfs seek-performance
...heavily index-based accesses. the data volumes are SAN volumes connected by fibrechannel. the throughput does not exceed 10mb/s, average is 7-8 mb/s. i've used 'iostat -x' and got rkB/s=8000 while %util=100% (device was saturated) from kernel's POV. i did some benchmarking with Bonnie ( # ./Bonnie -d /tmp/ocfstest/ -s 1024 -m bn1rac001 -o_direct -p 1 Bonnie 1.4: File '/tmp/ocfstest/Bonnie.7166', size: 1073741824, volumes: 1 Using O_DIRECT for block based I/O Writing with putc()... done: 10816 kB/s 59.1 %CPU Rewriting......
2001 Jul 29
2.2.19/0.0.7a: bonnie -> VM problems
...abled journal with tune2fs -j with unmounted fs. The 3 HDs are tuned with /sbin/hdparm -c3 -d1 -m16; I have no dma errors. I had to adjust 2 rejects of 0.0.7a by hand (posted about these on the list), so you can say the problem is me and not ext3 :-). See at the end of this email. PROBLEM: I tried bonnie -d /path/to/3rd_ext3_HD -s 200 VM started killing processes when bonnie was at "Reading with getc()..." Happened twice, then I stopped testing. 8 bonnie runs at -s 128 -> 1 failure (at the 7th try) 1 bonnie run at -s 200 -> 1 failure (increased to 200 to put more stress) bonnie s...
2009 Oct 01
3-layer structure and the bonnie rewrite problem
...i ran into some problems with my chosen structure. Hopefully someone can help out. The first questions: i ran into some performance issues with a certain structure/setup and like to know (before i continue testing) wheter this is a valid approach or simply "dont do". In my tests (dd and bonnie++) the targeted setup (3-layer, below) shows a realy poor performance (especially with the bonnie-rewrite-test, already discussed in this list, but not in this context, i think). So: does this approach (3-layer) does make any sense with GlusterFS ? Here a draft of the structure: Config1 (regula...
2014 Mar 18
Tar Compression issue
...he files onto Redhat EL 5.9 and decompress them using (tar -zxvf *.gz) It decompresses maybe 80% then get error: gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file tar: Unexpected EOF in archive tar: Unexpected EOF in archive tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now what might be the issue here? Bonnie B Mtengwa Email: <mailto:bonnie.mtengwa at> bonnie.mtengwa at | <mailto:bonniebm at> bonniebm at Web: <>
2003 Jun 10
bug in glm()? (PR#3223)
Full_Name: Bonnie Version: 1.6.1 OS: Windows Submission from: (NULL) ( glm() seems to converge, even when it shouldn't. I am trying to fit a model where $converge=FALSE and I am fitting models that do not converge in SAS, but they seem to converge in R ... Thank you.
2006 Sep 13
benchmarking large RAID arrays
I'm just wondering what folks are using to benchmark/tune large arrays these days. I've always used bonnie with file sizes 2-3 times physical RAM. Maybe there's a better way? Cheers,
2011 Sep 15
how to find unique pairs of variables?
I have two variables, both numerical. I would like to find the unique values of the pairs, in other words, unique coordinates if I were to plot them. I also need to know how many pairs there are, but I guess I can use length() if I can somehow isolate the unique pairs first? Thanks a lot! Bonnie Yuan
2002 Sep 21
Another printing problem...
...2] smbd/reply.c:reply_special(92) netbios connect: name1=NEPTUNE name2=SEPHIRA [2002/09/21 15:09:32, 2] smbd/reply.c:reply_special(111) netbios connect: local=neptune remote=sephira [2002/09/21 15:09:32, 2] smbd/reply.c:reply_sesssetup_and_X(972) Defaulting to Lanman password for bonnie [2002/09/21 15:09:32, 2] smbd/password.c:pass_check_smb(584) pass_check_smb failed - invalid password for user [bonnie] [2002/09/21 15:09:32, 2] lib/access.c:check_access(321) Allowed connection from ( [2002/09/21 15:09:34, 2] lib/access.c:check_access(321) Allowed connection...
2000 Dec 04
some ext3 benchmarks
Howdy, Some ext2/3 benchmarks on a IBM-DPTA-372050 connected to k7 650MHz. The same partition was used on all tests roughly with the same disk usage. bonnie on ext2: -------Sequential Output-------- ---Sequential Input-- --Random-- -Per Char- --Block--- -Rewrite-- -Per Char- --Block--- --Seeks--- Machine MB K/sec %CPU K/sec %CPU K/sec %CPU K/sec %CPU K/sec %CPU /sec %CPU 100 10458 99.5 35317 19.0 9870 13.3 6...
2011 Sep 23
Fwd: Re: ext3 with maildir++ = huge disk latency and high load
23.09.2011 11:31, Janne Pikkarainen ?????: Thank you for reply, BTW, other webserver has almost the same bonnie results (10283ms and 5884ms) on ext3 partition with 45GB of data (1.5 millions of files)?! Hardware and RAID5(also hardware) are the same: HP Proliant DL380 G4 with SmartArray 6i controller (as I see it comes with 128MB BBWC enabler but not kit). I did not tried to mount fs with barriers disable...
2012 Nov 19
SAMBA and Active Directory Intergration Problem
...winbind offline logon = false password server = [homes] create mask = 0775 directory mask = 0775 browseable = no comment = Home Directories valid users = %U writable = yes anyone who can help me on this? Bonnie
2011 Dec 13
how to manually enter an double quote as data feed?
...enclosed the double quote in a pair of single quotes. But the result is [1] "\"". Somehow a back slash is added automatically. I also tried to enclose the double quote in a pair of double quotes. That didn't work either. I'm using Mac and latest release of R. Thank you! Bonnie Yuan -- View this message in context: Sent from the R help mailing list archive at
2016 Feb 18
Samba + ldap + cannot find domain
.../home/common read only = no public = yes # [admin_share] comment = Admin read-only share path = /home/shared/admin read only = yes public = yes # [dave_share] comment = Dave's network drive path = /home/dave valid users = dave public = no writable = yes printable = no # [bonnie_share] comment = Bonnie's network drive path = /home/bonnie valid users = bonnie public = no writable = yes printable = no # [dave_backup] comment = Dave's backup drive path = /backup/dave valid users = dave public = no writable = yes printable = no # [bonnie_backup...
2009 Oct 31
Almost desperate on rsync from macbook to NAS
Hello list. I'm almost getting exhausted, thus I have to bother you people to get some help. I simply want to sync my "iTunes Music" folder from my MacBook over to my NAS. The scenario is like this: source path: "/Users/bonny/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/" (in here there are all the subfolders I want to sync over to the NAS); destination: "rsync://root at
2008 Feb 27
Physical disks + Software Raid + lvm in domU
...use the two devices to assemble a software raid device (/dev/md0) - On the /dev/md0 I create a lvm volume group and lvm volumes on it. Everything seems to work fine if the lvm volumes on the DomU are lightly used. Under heavy load the DomU freeze up immediately. The i/o tests are performed with bonnie++ This is the DomU configuration file: # -*- mode: python; -*- kernel = "/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.18-6-xen-amd64" ramdisk = "/boot/initrd.img-2.6.18-6-xen-amd64" memory = 256 name = "apollo" vif = [''bridge=xenbr0''] disk = [''fi...
2014 Aug 05
reset CentOS-7 lost root password
Hie I lost my CentOS 7 root password, so I tried booting the OS in single user mode but it prompts me for the root password when the system boots, Any ideas? Regards Bonnie
2006 Nov 21
RAID benchmarks
...sue (which I could see from the cpu usage during benchmarks.) We were also wondering whether RAID6 would be a good option since it would give more redundancy. (raid6 allows 2 drive failures) All tests were run on ext3 with all 6 disks in the raid. Everything is using Linux software raid. I used bonnie++ to run the benchmarks, and here are the initial results we got: Output Input RAID "Per Chr" "Block" "Per Chr" "Block" RAID6 34628, 97983, 23316, 39077 RAID5 39559, 32715, 32036, 52231 RAID10 38816, 229062, 40645,...
2009 Jan 22
registration problem using asterisk 1.6
Hello, I am trying to connect an asterisk 1.6 to a trunking plate forme. With asterisk 1.4.x I added to sip.conf a line asking for registration in the form of: register = XXXXXXXXX at at<assword%3AXXXXXXXXX at> Unfortunately, as you can see, my usernames have to be of the form XXXXXX at which means that I had to
2001 Nov 13
EXT3 with 2.2.20 - Is it stable enough for a production server th at is used 24X7?
Hello All, I have a production server that is running 2.2.20. This server *has* to be up 24X7 - what I'm wondering is: 1) Is ext3 on 2.2.20 rock stable? Or, would you recommend that I just stay with ext2? 2) I have looked far and wide for a the ext3 patch for 2.2.20 - where can I find it? 3) Were are the e2fsprogs that are appropriate to run with the 2.2.X kernel series? Thanks,
2016 Feb 18
Samba + ldap + cannot find domain
Because I'm a masochist, I decided to port my previous (and much older) Samba configuration running a (much older) Slackware implementation to a (much) new server (running Debian Jessie) without actually looking at how to migrate it. Great fun, lots of problems to solve now. The problem of the moment: /var/log/samba/log.smbd tells me it cannot find the domain info in the ldap backend.