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2009 Apr 10
rails2.3/ruby1.9: invalid byte sequence in utf-8 with blank?
hi all, anyone seen this controller argument error: invalid byte sequence in utf-8 ror/vendor/rails/activesupport/lib/active_support/core_ext/blank.rb: 50:in `=~'' ror/vendor/rails/activesupport/lib/active_support/core_ext/blank.rb: 50:in `!~'' ror/vendor/rails/activesupport/lib/active_support/core_ext/blank.rb: 50:in `blank?'' ror/vendor/rails/actionpa...
2014 Oct 22
[PATCH] tests: c-api: add $datadir and $databuilddir
...a/generator/ +++ b/generator/ @@ -2744,19 +2744,19 @@ data." }; style = RString "format", [String "filename"], []; tests = [ InitEmpty, Always, TestResultString ( - [["disk_format"; "../data/blank-disk-1s.raw"]], "raw"), []; + [["disk_format"; "$databuilddir/blank-disk-1s.raw"]], "raw"), []; InitEmpty, Always, TestResultString ( - [["disk_format"; "../data/blank-disk-1s.qcow2"]], "qcow2&quo...
2006 Feb 23
Suddenly a Blank Page
This is apache/fcgi/rails/firefox. When using a rails app we have been experiencing sudden blank pages in the browser. We show an model "new object" page and start changing stuff and all of a sudden the page will be erased to blank! Any idea what could cause something like this? -- Posted with Sign up and save your time!
2008 Jan 06
How do I blank or overwrite DVD-RW disks in CentOS 5?
I'm trying to use DVD-RW ("minus RW") disks in my LG GSA-4040B drive. I can write a new disk just fine, but can't find any way to blank or re-use a disk. When I run xcdroast and click on the "Blank CD/DVD+-RW" button, I get "Error while blanking." Here is last part of the dialog: Using generic SCSI-3/mmc DVD-R(W) driver (mmc_mdvd) Driver flags : SWABAUDIO BURNFREE Supported modes: PAC...
2006 Aug 09
How to change the error message easy way
validates_presence_of :fname results in the error message "Fname can''t be blank". What I want is "First Name can''t be blank". I could do this def validate errors.add_to_base("First Name can''t be blank") if fname.blank? end I find this clunky and I have to put everyrhing in the validate method. Is there an easy to get what I want...
2009 Jun 02
How to convert blanks to NA
Hi R-helpers, I have imported data from Excel using the following code: library(xlsReadWrite) data <- read.xls(data,colClasses=c("character")) and this results in all of the empty (blank) cells in the imported Excel file also being empty (blank) in the resulting dataframe. I am not used to having blanks (rather NAs) and I think these are caused by the colClasses argument. I would like to convert all the empty (blank) cells in my dataframe to NA. Thanks for any help you might pro...
2006 Apr 06
Hi ALL, I am trying to use the SNMP extension of michel i pached the snmpd damon as mentioned in the README but when i run "snmpwalk -c community target enterprises.18756" i get this error "snmpwalk: No securityName specified (Sub-id not found: (top) -> enterprises)" any idea ? Thanks , venkat
2006 Oct 27
Suppress blanks/spaces in character
Hi all I'm have a character vector and would like to suppress the blanks if there are more than one after the other. Example: Character value is: "abc def ghi" The result should be: "abc def ghi" I know that it's possible to delete the leading blanks with the command "trim". But how can I delete blanks within a character? Than...
2019 Jul 01
[PATCH 6/6] p2v: tests: use a local blank-part disk image
Instead of using the "global" blank-part test image, use a local version of it created with guestfish. --- p2v/.gitignore | 1 + p2v/ | 7 ++++++- p2v/ | 4 ++-- p2v/ | 4 ++-- 4 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-) diff --g...
2007 Mar 09
Blank fields getting validated
...ns for a field. For example: validates_presence_of :contact_email validates_format_of :contact_email, :with => /^([^@\s]+)@((?:[-a-z0-9]+\.)+[a-z]{2,})$/i, :message => "is not a valid email address" When I submit the form with a blank contact_email I get 2 error messages: Contact email is not a valid email address Contact email can''t be blank If the field is blank the second validations obviously fails. I think Rails should look for blankness of the field and then just show one error message saying it''s a bla...
2007 May 09
Audio going blank for a few seconds and then comes back. What could be the reason?
Hi, Everything was working fine on this 10 phone office, but for last few weeks they are complaining that audio goes blank for a few seconds during the conversation, and then comes back on. It goes blank for both parties. What are the possible causes for this to happen? -- Zeeshan A Zakaria -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2006 Aug 14
validating required fields during an update?
...validates_uniqueness_of :email, :message => "address has already been taken. If you''ve forgotten your password, please click <a href=\"forgot_password\">here</a> to reset it." validates_presence_of :email, :message => "address cannot be blank." This all works fine when a user is entering their information into the signup form for the first time, however, the problem is when I''m displaying an edit form to allow the user to change their details. My client has asked that the user edit details form show the following fields:...
2008 Sep 18
Bewildered by Radeon x1650 Card - No Compiz, Blank glxgears, good frame rates?
...oard running openSuSE 11.0/KDE 3.59 and compiz-0.7.6-16.1. All bios setting are correct. The 1650 replaced a 9600 card in the same box so the Catalyst 8-8 driver was already installed and compiz and mplayer had been working fine. After installing the x1650 card, kde runs fine, but glxgears is blank (no gears, just a black window, but good frame rates in the console). The same blank window occurs with mplayer and with compiz, the entire display goes blank (no screenshot of that): http://...
2016 Feb 22
Re: [PATCH] added ntfscat_i api
...seems fine, but it really needs a test otherwise this > feature could silently break. I was thinking the same but I stumbled over an issue which prevented me from running the tests. I'm not sure this is the right place where to discuss the problem but here's few lines about it. make blank-disk.img blank-part.img blank-fs.img blank-bootroot.img blank-bootrootlv.img debian.img fedora.img fedora-md1.img fedora-md2.img fedora-btrfs.img ubuntu.img archlinux.img coreos.img windows.img guests-all-good.xml make[3]: Entering directory '/home/noxdafox/development/libgu...
2011 Jan 03
Changes method: displayed nil to blank change update method I got those fields by changes method. #obj.changes But problem is that I got changes in following ways even when I am not updating anything. obj.changes {"address"=>[nil, ""]} This is what I don''t want. I want only those changes which are text to blank or blank to text or text to text.. Can anybody help me ? Thanks Brijesh Shah -- Posted via -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Ruby on Rails: Talk" group. To post to this group, send email to rubyonrai...
2005 Jun 30
"Blanks" in the interface file
...bytes:728197216 (694.4 Mb) TX bytes:16342074 (15.5 Mb) In its description the interfaces file says: BROADCAST # The broadcast address for the subnetwork to which the # interface belongs. For P-T-P interfaces, this # column is left blank.If the interface has # multiple # addresses on multiple subnets then list the # broadcast # addresses as a comma-separated list. But when I leave the collumn blank starting shorewall ends with errors. #ZONE...
2006 Apr 02
Blank image for non-existant image URLs
Morning/Afternoon/Evening All, Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on forwarding requests to invalid images (ie images that result in a 404 error) via routes.rb or a similar method? If possible I would like it to be based on the url so I can have different blank pictures for different directories (ie /images/people/user_id.jpg => /images/people/blank.jpg and /images/hardware/hardware_id.jpg => /images/hardware/blank.jpg) For example: an image of a persons silhouette will appear if a User hasnt u...
2006 Mar 19
Blank Page Loading before Action Complete
I am having this problem where a blank page is being loaded before an action can complete. I have a somewhat lengthy calculation that I am doing, and well before it is done a blank page is displayed. Once it is finished it is supposed to display an overview of the results but it never shows that page. At first I was not sure what...
1998 May 18
Extra form feed on Samba printing
I am using samba to share my RedHat V5.0 printers to my MS Network clients, but I get an extra blank page at the end of each print job. I've looked at the printcap man pages, but haven't been successful in getting rid of the trailing blank page. Here's the printcap section for the printer I've been having problems with: # /etc/printcap parallel:\ :sd=/var/spoo...
2007 Nov 20
:allow_nil validation vs. blank?
I think I must be doing something wrong... when a form returns params to the controller, empty fields appear to be returned as blank, not nil. so what''s the point of an :allow_nil=>true setting on a validation? it fails because blank is not the same as nil. i would expect either returned empty fields to be nil, or :allow_nil to really be :allow_blank. otherwise i have to do a search through params every time i do...