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2007 Aug 24
How to size an email server to handle 5 million emails per day
I have no idea as to how to size an email server. I was approached by a customer that wanted a single server with RAID 1 disks to handle about 5 million emails a day. In general terms, what parameters should I take into account to size the hardware specs when the average email is about 10kb, the smalles email is 2kb and the largest email is about 5meg (with attachment) thanks, --
2009 Jan 26
[OT] Anyone on-list using a Barracuda Spam Firewall?
Normally I don't like posting on this list for off-topic info, but I need to know "un-biased" opinions regarding Barracuda's Spam Firewall as we're looking to get one soon where I work and I want to know any pros/cons before I stake my credibility on it for our spam fighting. If you've had good or bad experiences with one of these devices, please contact me _off_
2009 Feb 27
centos 5.2 - latest rpms for mailcanner , clamav and spamassassin
Guys, What repo has rpms for mailscanner, clamav and spamassasin?