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2008 Jan 23
Hot swapping sata drives
...have a two external USB drives only 1 is connected to centos 5.1 at a time. the USB drive is SLOW compared to SATA. The external drive suppots both connections USB and SATA. I bought a little $5 external SATA connector that goes into the PCI slot area (does not actually take a PCI slot just the backpanel) and just plugs back into one of the available SATA ports on the motherboard. When I turn off the external drive and put the other drive on the connection and then power on will SATA handle that automatically? Is there a command I need to run to tell it check for new disks? Is this possible? Will...
2008 Feb 21
prototype.js hangs page load when included in an HTML page
I have a simple HTML page - stripped everything possible from it. No javascript is invoked (e.g. body onLoad) when the page is loaded I''ve included the new prototype.1.6.0 (and tried in my html page. When I load the page - the browser will render the html content - but the page continues to load - without ever finishing. This is a problem because the code I want to execute in