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2012 May 09
Compiling R on Windows XP - Rgui crashes yet Rterm works
...7 (as opposed to Cygwin which is using 4.5.3 and only recognizes the core2). My computer is a Lenovo W520 with a Core i7 2760QM running Windows XP Professional. If there is any other information that would be helpful in uncovering why this is happening, please let me know. Thank you very much, Avraham Adler PS: Copying the compiled Rblas.dll over to my regular R install (binary from the CRAN) seems to work just fine and provides a significant speedup in matrix operations in the few tests that I have done.
2010 Jun 02
R-SIG-Debian Digest, Vol 58, Issue 3
...t > Subject: Re: [R-sig-Debian] Compiling R-2.11.0 with ATLAS-tuned BLAS > and LAPACK > Message-ID: > <AANLkTiktiSdb7oE1lvB_6FhxyfUdiWxg9CSLwN8esgsP at> > Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 > > On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 1:35 PM, Avraham Adler <avraham.adler at> wrote: > > Thank you both very much for the advice. It is obviously significantly > > more complicated than I first thought (although I /did/ manage to > > compile both ATLAS and R under windows following the instructions, go > &...
2003 Jan 26
[Bug 148] Key Exchange Guesses not supported markus at changed: What |Removed |Added ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- AssignedTo|markus at |openssh-unix-dev at ------- You are receiving this mail because: ------- You are the assignee for the bug,
2011 May 10
Help documentation in extractAIC
...." Am I misunderstanding something, or should it have a +n as the second term and not a -n? That's what seems to be happening in gaussian()$aic (not counting an extra addition of +2). It also could be that I've confused something somewhere, so I appreciate any elucidation. Thank you, Avraham Adler
2004 Aug 03
Recover deleted FILE in EXT-3 FS
Hi All Can someone advice me how to recover a deleted file in EXT-3 File system ? Thanks susu _________________________________________________________________ Help STOP SPAM with the new MSN 8 and get 2 months FREE*
2003 Jan 22
ssh channel window and adjustment
...r, so the server can proceed to send the output to the client. The openssh sends adjust to the server if the client succeed to process half the max window size. it is not depend about how much data he sent to the server. it depend how much data he send to the stdout of the client!!! -- Avraham (mailto:avhf at -----Original Message----- From: Sombody Somewhere [mailto:koda_e at] Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 2:20 PM To: ietf-ssh at Subject: Re: ssh channel window and adjustment Hi all! Thank you for your replies. Basicly your o...
2003 Jan 06
Is sftp-server's stdout redirected to client ?
Hello everyone, I added some code to sftp, which would be useful for me. I add a command "run", which can run any command on the remote shell, in the mean time I want the server send the standard output back. for example, when I : sftp> run ls I want to see the result locally. I thought the stdout of sftp-server has been redirected to the client. But I get "message too
2010 Jan 12
Strange behavior when trying to piggyback off of "fitdistr"
Hello. I am not certain even how to search the archives for this particular question, so if there is an obvious answer, please smack me with a large halibut and send me to the URLs. I have been experimenting with fitting curves by using both maximum likelihood and maximum spacing estimation techniques. Originally, I have been writing distribution-specific functions in 'R' which work