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2004 Jun 14
<<< GSM AUDIOFiles >>>
Hello: I would like to produce some GSM Prompt audio files for a Telephone Directory Project-- and have hired a freelance audio engineer to record, and edit the actual files-- However the GSM files he gives me to upload into asterisk DO NOT work when played back throgh "Stream File" or "Get Data" in my agi. It seems that there may be more than one GSM file type (with
2009 Mar 01
php agi and get_data errors.
...set_time_limit(99999999999999); require('phpagi.php'); $agi = new AGI(); $agi->answer(); function printdebug($a) { global $agi; $agi->conlog(print_r($a, true)); } // Prendo Badge $isokbadge = false; $tries = 1; do { $result = array(); $agi->exec('PLAYBACK',$audiofiles['insertbadge']); $result = $agi->get_data('beep', 60000, 13); printdebug($result); $badge = str_replace('*', '.', $result['result']); $agi->conlog("[$tries] Badge: $badge"); if (strlen($badge) != 13) { if (($tries++) >= 3){ $...
2003 Dec 12
FAX app again
Hi, When I build the spandsp library needed for the FAX application, running ./config I get the following with 'no': [root@d17 spandsp-20031021]# ./configure ... checking for _doprnt... no .... checking for pow... no checking for sqrt... no checking for rint... no .... checking socket.h usability... no checking socket.h presence... no checking for socket.h... no .... checking
2008 Feb 08
Upgrade 1.2 -> 1.4 voice files
Hi All, I'm going to be upgrading our 1.2 Asterisk system. At the moment we use the Enicomms SLN files. Are there major differences in the 1.4 default voicefile packs, or will I be able to re-use Enicomms?? In the Make menuselect, I noticed theres no .SLN voicefile selection for the basic audiofiles - has SLN been depreciated? Thanks Adrian
2005 Jun 17
ogg vorbis decoding in MFC/C++ app
I am trying to insert a bit of ogg vorbis decoding into my MFC/C++ program and send it to my waveOut functions. // AudioFile.cpp #include "vorbis/codec.h" #include "vorbis/vorbisfile.h" . . . OggVorbis_File vf; FILE* pFile; pFile = fopen("verdes_2.ogg", "rb"); int err = err = ov_open(pFile, &vf, NULL, 0); . . .
2001 May 29
One codebook for all audiofiles?
...;t find a digested version; please move the lists to, and we would have the digested version. I read the replies from the archive. ] Hello. Would it be possible to allow Vorbis use the same codebook for multiple files? I could keep a 650 MB codebook on CD-R and use that for all my audiofiles. If that is possible, how much the compression ratio or quality would increase? How the codebook should be generated? Do you have the algorithm documentation available? The distribution and the webpage has no documents. [ Slightly offtopic: ] Because I'm wondering which is better at high bitr...
2009 Aug 03
Nothing loads in wine?
I thought that I would be able to use Wine to play TF2 in Fedora 11, so I used this guide to install steam: Steam appeared to be working fine, so I downloaded some games (TF2 and CS:S), When they were done downloading, I tried to play one, and the "Preparing to launch TF2" box came up. So I waited for a
2000 Sep 10
Adding oggenc support for files other than WAV?
Is anyone working on making oggenc use some nice library that reads lots of different audio file formats so that people can encode from files other than WAV? For example, the 'AudioFile' library (just found it via a search on freshmeat) reads wav, aiff, aiff-c, .au, and .snd. Maybe there are other better libraries (OpenAL, maybe), but this library does what I want (read AIFF). -tim ---
2004 Dec 02
SpanDSP 0.0.2pre6 undef symbol on gentoo-ppc
Hello all: In a quest to resolve the last apparent timing problems I am having with SpanDSP I am trying out some PPC hardware, specifically a B&W G3. I am running gentoo-ppc on this system and have compiled spandsp 0.0.2pre6 along with a release version of asterisk. Zaptel device (T100P) is configured and appears to be ready to go. When loading asterisk it crashes out with the following
2004 Dec 06
Hi all, i'm looking for docs about a stable configuration of spandsp that works whit *. I use asterisk CVS-v1-0-11/19/04-19:26:32, libtiff-3.5.7-11, libtiff-devel-3.5.7-11, spandsp 0.0.1k, audiofile-0.2.3-6 and audiofile-devel-0.2.3-6, but every time i use rxfax asterisk hungs and an 8 k fax file is written Thanks in advance. -------------- next part -------------- An HTML
2009 Dec 21
Asterisk 1.2.14 - Play an audio or signal
Good Day List Users, Is there any way to play an audiofile or at least a beep into an established call, I want to do this event each 3 minutes in the call, for now I have a shell to get the call time and evaluate the 3 you know any way to play that sound? I tried app_inject, it works really nice in asterisk 1.4.X releases; but my PBX runs 1.2.14 and It can?t be upgraded (policy
2008 Jul 13
yum remove from stdout
Hello, little tricky question : i have a file of packages for removal , which looks like that : atk libart_lgpl libXfixes audiofile libXcursor libxslt alsa-lib esound gnome-mime-data libIDL ORBit2 libbonobo libdaemon libXrandr dbus-python avahi avahi-glib gamin shared-mime-info libXres startup-notification libXinerama hicolor-icon-theme gtk2 GConf2 libglade2 libgnomecanvas gnome-keyring libwnck
2014 Sep 13
NOT able to call on local extensions while successfully call on external mobile no.(using SONETEL account)
*Dear List* Plz help, i am not much experienced with asterisk. i configured it on ubuntu 12.04. no problem when i call any mobile no(0091XXXXXXXXXX) but when i call on my local asterisk no.(101,102 or 105) it is not connecting giving error "Auto fallthrough, channel 'SIP/lucknow-0000006f' status is 'CHANUNAVAIL' *while when i call 200 it is playing audiofile successfully.
2011 Mar 06
installing 32 bit wine on 64 bit computer help
Hi, I'm following the below instructions to install 32bit wine in 64bit fedora, and don't know in which folder I need to run the ./configure command. The yum install part went fine as far as I know, but I need to find where the configure script is located. Thanks
2005 Oct 03
gnomeGUI installation
Hello, I have successfully downloaded the sources and built R as a shared library on a Red Hat Enterprise Level 3 box. I am now trying to build the GNOME GUI, but configure is barfing on glade. According to the system logs, the RPM for libglade2-devel-2.0.1-3.x86_64 is installed, but in /usr/bin, where gnomeGUI configure is looking, what's there is libglade-convert. How do I fix
2003 Feb 02
Encoding from fifo's
Hello, I'm new to the list, so if this is an FAQ, please point me to the relevant docs. I'm playing with Theora, to see what kind of quality I can expect (I realise its not for production use yet). I've download the source from CVS, and got it to build, with the example encoder and player. While trying to find something to serve as a good source of input, I decided I'd use a
2004 Oct 01
spandsp 0.0.2
Hi all, There is a test version for the next release of spandsp at Only use this if you wish to experiment. In general, using spandsp-0.0.1 is probably more stable right now. If you have had problems with Canon FAX machines not accepting FAXes from spandsp-0.0.1 you might like to try this version. I have had at least
2007 Oct 16
anaconda-runtime C5
Hi, I'm quite surprised at anaconda-runtime dependencies. I've got C5 console only system and yum install anaconda-runtime gives this :o) David ============================================================================= Package Arch Version Repository Size ============================================================================= Installing:
2003 Sep 19
GSM player or plugin for XMMS
Hello. I can't find a gsm plugin for XMMS. How do Unix, Linux, BSD users listen to gsm samples ? Regards...Martin -- While you don't greatly need the outside world, it's still very reassuring to know that it's still there.
2005 Jun 02
Newbie MP3Player() cmd questions
If there is anyone on this list running Asterisk 1.0.7 beta 3 under 10.4.1 can you please tell me if you are able to execute the Asterisk cmd MP3Player(filename) I can't figure out how to get a working MP3 player to trigger the audiofile when I replace filename with an actual path to a file. Basically, when I put an OSX compiled version of MPG123 in /usr/bin Asterisk will not