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2012 Sep 28
Overriding class_attribute writers and order of super/extend C.M./included block eval in ActiveSupport::Concern
...lock") And there are classes like this that only benefit from the dependency handling and included block class_eval part of Concern that maybe could benefit from that being split up somehow?: actionpack/lib/abstract_controller/asset_paths.rb: module AbstractController module AssetPaths #:nodoc: extend ActiveSupport::Concern included do config_accessor :asset_host, :asset_path, :assets_dir, :javascripts_dir, :stylesheets_dir, :default_asset_host_protocol, :relative_url_root end end end Sorry if this is an uninformed way of looking at it. I guess if i...
2009 Nov 23
passenger 2.2.7 uses but starts in development environment
Hi. Today i updated passenger to new 2.2.7 version and my app started to work incorrectly, because it lauched in development environment. I tried to set "RailsEnv production", "RackEnv production" at my httpd.conf, but this dont work. So, maybe somenthing wrong with my #!/usr/bin/env rackup -p3000 require "config/environment" use