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2012 Apr 22
[LLVMdev] Problem about the type of Function's arguement in llvm
in the tutorial of official llvm doc, chapter 3, it deals with arguement of function as follow: for (Function::arg_iterator AI = F->arg_begin(); Idx != Args.size(); ++AI, ++Idx) { AI->setName(Args[Idx]); // NamedValues is map<string, Value*> NamedValues[Args[Idx]] = AI; and when it try to get the value of arguement, it simply do...
2012 Apr 23
[LLVMdev] Problem about the type of Function's arguement in llvm
I read the tutorial doc and some info of SSA, finally understand it. Thanks for your help. And the segmentation error of loading arguementation occurs, (gdb error info) Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0x0855bb68 in llvm::LoadInst::LoadInst(llvm::Value*, char const*, bool, llvm::Instruction*) () code is like follows: //#include necessary header files int main(){ InitializeNativeTarget(); LLVMContex...
2012 Apr 22
[LLVMdev] Problem about the type of Function's arguement in llvm
hi On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 8:36 PM, Jianfei Hu <hujianfei258 at> wrote: > in the  tutorial of official llvm doc, chapter 3, it deals with arguement of > function as follow: > > for (Function::arg_iterator AI = F->arg_begin(); Idx != Args.size(); >        ++AI, ++Idx) { >     AI->setName(Args[Idx]); > >     // NamedValues is map<string, Value*> >     NamedValues[Args[Idx]] = AI; > > and when it...
2006 Jan 25
Agile arguement error
Working my way through chapter 8 of "Agile Web Development...", I''m getting the following error when clicking the add_to_cart button. ArgumentError in Store#add_to_cart wrong number of arguments (0 for 1) What am I doing wrong? I know it''s got to be some thing stupid. Request: Parameters: {"id"=>"1"} session dump: --- :cart:
2004 Apr 28
openssh continues to process dash arguements after hostname
Processing dash arguments after the hostname is inconsistant with getopt() usage. It is also inconsistant with other ssh/rsh implementations. It is also not documented. openssh accepts treats "ssh host -l user" as "ssh -l user host" when infact it should be attemption to execute "-l user" on "host" as the original user. It looks like someone wanted
2003 Nov 19
Specifying arguements in user defined functions
Dear R subscribees, First, I am new to R and I apologize if the question is naive. I am trying to find out where arguments specifications can be found. For example, the code below (at the very bottom of this email) contains the argument 'digits' in the function 'lin' which printout my output to the 3rd decimal place. Somebody showed me the 'digits' argument, but did
2008 Jan 25
[LLVMdev] variable arguement intrinsics
hi I want to use two intrinsic functions which should be placeholders for some instructions which should not be executed by the backend. So these two intrinsics should just keep the data dependencies while i try to separate set of instructions(with more of data flow) to be executed on hardware. One intrinsic which takes care of the data dependencies required for proper execution of the
2008 Mar 17
DRBD question. isn't on the machine after installing the RPMs. (Can't do the insmod Does anyone have a quick and easy(?) step by step to get it installed? He'll figure out the config if he can get it installed properly. Right now, he's running from source OK, but you all know the arguements for source versus rpm. Thanks for any help. I'll try and get caught up on what he's doing to better answer any questions presented. Steve Campbell
2008 Jan 02
[LLVMdev] immediate predecessors
hi, how to get the number of immediate predecessors for each basic block (arguements of remarks statement at the beginning of the basic block) thank you aditya ____________________________________________________________________________________ Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your home page.
2011 Jan 14
question about deparse(substitute(...))
Dear R helpers: I like to apply deparse(substitute()) on multiple arguments to collect the names of the arguments into a character vector. I used function as below. it works when there is only one input argument. but it does not work for multiple arguements. can someone kindly help? <- function(...){deparse(substitute(...))} #this works,y,z) # I like c('x','y','z') be the output, but cannot get it. Thanks in advance. -Sean [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2004 May 16
X100P problem with PSTN from BOLIVIA
Hi Please help! I have one X101P and TDM400P in my asterisk Box When i make a call from * to PSTN, everything goes Ok, When the PSTN hangups or * hangups, the busy tone is detected and * disconnects the channel without problems. The problem occurs when the call comes from PSTN. When * hangups, the other end (at pstn) does not hangup, it only presents silence. Please tell me how to solve this
1997 Aug 15
R-beta: Polynomials in lm/glm
...o a linear model using either lm or glm as could be done in S resulted in a fit without that term included and without warning(!!), e.g. > lm(response ~ x + x^2, data). As far as I can gather, there is no poly() yet in R, and if lm/glm do not allow functions of variables as their formula arguements, is our only option to add variables to our dataframe before using lm/glm? > data2 <- cbind(data,x2=data$x^2) I did search the archive for a discussion of this topic, but did not come up with any discussion on this topic. Have I missed something? BTW: Version 0.50 Alpha-1 (July...
2015 Apr 27
Real sh? Or other efficient shell for non-interactive scripts
...Fortunately, Europe and the USA declare the same parts of the GPL void, these parts would prevent such a combination. <snip> First, I was not aware that the US had declared any part of the GPL null and void. Second, just to play Eris... which *version* of the GPL are you talking about in this arguement, 1.x, 2.x, or 3.x? mark
2006 Feb 27
help with step()
...subset=c(n>=25) ) then I invoke step(): fit1 <- step( fit0 , scope=list(upper=est~ pcped + pchosp + pfarm ,lower=est~1)) I get the error message: Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : invalid 'envir' argument I looked at the documention on step(). There is no 'envir' arguement. Can anyone shed light on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Phil Smith CDC [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2003 Jan 19
...kernel gentoo append initrd=initrd acpi=off root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc ######################################### The problem is when a user passes another parameter : gentoo nosmp apci=on ,etc they are ignored. even though a dmesg shows them as a kernel command line arguement. Ive tried various versions of isolinux with no luck. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Bob Johnson
2003 Oct 16
Buffer management bug-fix for 2.5.1p2 my version of 'buffer.c' I noticed that this patch, which was in Appendix-A (ver 3.6 and earlier) was not directly applicable to my version of buffer.c, specifically the lines of code that have changed for the function, buffer_append_space(). For one, my version of this function has 3 arguements whereas the patch is to the same function wihich only takes in 2 arguements. The patch-ed lines are also different, i.e the patch applies to lines that may not even exist in my version of this file. In short, would someone point me to a patch that fixes this problem for Version 2.5.1p2? (I supp...
2003 Nov 07
diax request
First of all great job on diax. I downloaded it and tried it, could not connect, got an authentication rejected,but I have not had a chance to figure out why yet - tried with a working gnophone setup in the configuration files. Is there any way to pass command line arguements to the program ? Where I see a real niche for a lightweight softphone is being able to serve the thing from a webpage, configured for whatever user is logged into the webserver. eg: I am at someone's office and want to make a call from the pbx, so I just login to the webserver and downloa...
1999 Oct 26
Everything else works, but "nmblookup -B ACLIENT '*'". It shows the servers IP address, unless "ACLIENT" can be resolved thru hosts/dns. Can someone explain me why? Samba 2.0.5b on Linux 2.0.36 name resolve order = lmhosts host wins bcast dns proxy = No wins proxy = No wins server = mywinsserver.mydomain wins support = No
2003 Jun 26
T1 or T1PRI? which sould i use?
Hi i'm using asterisk in a pre-paid calling card like system and have a few questions. 1) Should i use Voice T1's or PRI. Please give arguements for and against. 2) is there any already configured * scripts for making calling card calls? are they GPL or Commercial? 3) if they are GPL where can i get my hands on them. 4) is there any work on intergrating openDSP libraries into *? found here:
2006 Mar 08
Function could determine the caller action ?
Is it possible to determine which action call the function ? In example, func_test in ApplicationController could determine which action from SiteController is calling her ? in class ApplicationController I have def func_test if ( calling from index ) return "1" end if ( calling from contact ) return "2" end end and in class SiteController def