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2006 Feb 03
Stupid drag/drop add on
To constraint the movement to a specific area, I added the following lines in dragdrop.js This will allow you to specify: area: [2,3,100,120] to draw a rectangular area where movement is allowed... might have very strange side effects, just needed a quick/dirty hack. Plus I installed just 10 minutes ago :) Don''t f...
2013 Jan 27
Package: VennDiagram. Error in draw.pairwise.venn Impossible: cross section area too large
Dear list, When I use VennDiagram package, I got a error as follow: venn.plot <- draw.pairwise.venn( area1 = 3186, area2 = 325, cross.area = 5880); Error in draw.pairwise.venn(area1 = 3186, area2 = 325, cross.area = 588) : Impossible: cross section area too large. Does anyone have suggestion? Thank you.
2006 May 25
Model Structure Advise
...setting up the model relationships. I was going to go with a simple system of a Category table and a FAQ table (holding questions and answers) - where one FAQ belongs to one category. That''s all nice - a simple has_many / belongs_to relationship. Then I decided to add another level - Area. So I could make the system work for a wider audience (IT area has it''s own categories and FAQ''s, Sales area has it''s own categories and FAQ''s, etc.) I''m not sure how the best way to set this up - areas has_many categories has_many faqs, or areas has_ma...
2006 Dec 04
How to calculate area between ECDF and CDF? issues). I'd use the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, but of course this is invalid when the distribution parameters are estimated from the data. So I'm tinkering with an alternative method (excuse my naivet? if this is a bad idea, I'm a relative statistical novice) that calculates the area of the difference between the ECDF of the data and the CDF of the estimated function (somewhat like KS, which looks at the greatest distance between these). My thought is to compare this observed area to a distribution of simulated areas derived by monte carlo simulation (draw N random samples...
2006 Apr 13
Adding a title to an AJAX link.
Hello all. I am trying to add a title to a link_to_remote created AJAX link. What I want to create is: <a href="#" title="VALUE-HERE" onclick="new Ajax.Updater(''content'', ''/area/show/28/40'', {asynchronous:true, evalScripts:true}); return false;">Area Name</a> However I cannot seem to get it to work, the API says that link_to_remote is link_to_remote(name, options = {}, html_options = {}) If I try: <%= link_to_remote
2007 Aug 10
having problems with factor()
Dear R Help, I have a set of data of heights of trees described by area that they are in. The areas are numerical (0 to 7). ht area 1 320 3 2 410 4 3 230 2 4 360 3 5 126 1 6 280 2 7 260 2 8 280 2 9 280 2 10 260 2 ....... 180 450 4 181 90 1 182 120 1 183 440 4 184 210 2 185 330 3 186 210 2 187 100 1 188 0...
2015 Jul 27
Como modificar valores en un data frame
Estimad en s, quería realizar una consulta Dado un data frame llamado aves, como puedo sustiuir las variables area, dist y distm por sus logaritmos en base10 y volver a crear un data frame? Muchas gracias Saludos Susana [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2012 Oct 02
add values in one column getting range from other column
Hi, My dataframe has two columns one with area and other with percent. How can i add the areas that are within a range of percentage?? My dataframe looks like Area Percent 456       0 3400      10 79          25 56           18 467         0 67          67 839        85 1120      0 3482      85 I want to add the area for values whose...
2012 Aug 28
predict.lm(...,type="terms") question
Hello all, How do I actually use the output of predict.lm(..., type="terms") to predict new term values from new response values? I'm a chromatographer trying to use R (2.15.1) for one of the most common calculations in that business: - Given several chromatographic peak areas measured for control samples containing a molecule at known (increasing) concentrations, first derive a linear regression model relating the known concentration (predictor) to the observed peak area (response) - Then, given peak areas from new (real) samples containing unknown amounts of...
2004 Jan 09
USA dial plan
Hi, Do the callers in USA dialling from USA Telco lines always have to prefix the CITY/AREA code with "1" in order To successfully make a call to other USA destinations? ---- I have not been to USA (yet) :) Ta SJ
2010 Nov 28
[LLVMdev] RFC: Exception Handling Proposal II
On 28 November 2010 10:20, Bill Wendling <wendling at> wrote: > Or am I missing something? :-) Hi Bill, John, There still seems to be a confusion between clean-ups and catch areas. What you both describe are catch areas, on which your arguments (AFAICS) are perfectly valid. The distinction is between catch and clean-up areas. You would never print the value of %x in a clean-up area. The sole purpose of clean-up areas is to cleanly destroy variables that wouldn't otherw...
2018 Jan 27
GAM: mismatch between nb/polys supplied area names and data area names
Hello, I am new to R and running R version 3.4.3 (2017-11-30), x86_64-apple-darwin15.6.0 (64-bit), macOS High Sierra 10.13.2. I am running the gam package to model disease incidence (negative binomial distribution) as a function of two covariates, and wish to incorporate spatial correlation among areal neighbors, n = 50 polygons, identified by "id". For data observed over discrete spatial units, a Markov random field can be used through the GAM syntax: s(id, bs="mrf", xt = list(nb = nb), where the latter nb refers to an object with a neighbor list. The error is "Error...
2004 Dec 30
Helping communications to Asia area.
ALL, As a community is there anything we can do to help with communications to the Tsunami area ? we all sit on top of a welth of knowledge on communications can we use this to help these area's in any way? IE free sip calls , maybe there are * users in the area that we can send US calls to ? Jason enzo86
2006 Jan 23
Problems with error_messages_for
I have a model Area which has_many Streets. The Area has a couple of attributes of its own but mostly I want to be able to add/delete/update Streets for a particular Area, but all on one page rather than having a separate view for editing a Street. I''ve managed to get a form displayed with a row...
2004 Jun 07
[LLVMdev] TargetFrameInfo: what's local area offset
The TargetFrameInfo, amoung other things, specifies "local area offset" -- which, as comment say, is: the offset of the local area from the stack pointer on entrance to a function. The question is -- what's local area? Is this the first stack location which can be used by function for allocating its own variables? - Volodya
2007 Oct 11
Multipath Multirouter - Can it be done?
Currently I have a setup that involves connections from several different providers ranging from 6 mbit DSL''s to 10 mbit fractional DS3 connections tied together to provide multipath high availability internet in our area for schools and businesses. We recently extended our coverage to another area which has several other ISP''s. The box that is doing multiwan right now is the only gateway for the entire network and for some sites it is several hops back to that gateway. My goal is for us to purchase band...
2008 Mar 30
breaking DNID into country code, area code, and local code
Dear friends, I am wondering if there is any efficient way of extract the country code, area code, and local code into 3 different variables from one DNID that can look like 001630233-4333 or 0086213345333? International code can be 011, or 00. National code can be 0 or 1 Country code can have 2 or 3 digits Area code can have 2 or 3 digits Local num can be 7-10 digits Is there anyway to...
2013 Nov 25
Independent variable dependent on offset in GLMM
...ed on the dependent variable (as I think it is), or does it also affect independent variables in the model (was told this by a stat guy at our department)? My data is inventories of birds (species richness and abundance) at the scale of whole farms. Thus, each observation has a different inventory area which I am accounting for in the model as: offset = log(INVAREA). However, as a fixed effect in the model I’ve got the number of different crop types in the inventoried area. As this variable is also affected by inventoried area, I would like to account for this in some way, but I find it difficul...
2013 Oct 02
Fwd: Seminario sobre estimacion para areas pequeñas. "Small Area estimation"
...emana que viene (8 de Octubre) a la *13:00 h. *tendrá lugar en el *Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas del CSIC-* *ICMAT (Universidad Autónoma, Cantoblanco,ver ubicacion <>) (Aula Gris 1), Madrid* un seminario sobre "Estimacion para areas pequeñas" ( "Small Area Estimation" o "SAE"). El seminario lo imparte Isabel Molina, que tiene una amplisima experiencie en estos temas y que es autora de un paquete del paquete sae <>de R...
2014 Nov 19
[LLVMdev] Odd code layout requirements for MCJIT
I'm part of a team working on adding an llvm codegen backend to HHVM (PHP JIT, using MCJIT. We have a code layout problem and I'm looking for opinions on good ways to solve it. The short version is that the memory we emit code into is split into a few different areas, and we'd like a way to control which area each BasicBlock ends up in during codegen. I know this probably sounds pretty odd, so here's a much more detailed explanation: Our translation unit is a "tracelet" which is typically a single basic block of PHP code. We emit code one...