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2005 Mar 22
mkstemp fails but data still transferred
Hi all, I'm running rsync version 2.6.3 protocol version 28 on Solaris 8 and am having a problem. We have some scripts that wrap around rsync and generate a list of files to transfer from the sending system (regardless of whether that directory exists on the receiver). I was expecting rsync to fail when transferring files with a path that doesn't exist on the receiver (in fact
2004 Dec 15
Re: Xen and reiser4
>>> Hi all >>> >>> Thanks to Milan I am able to get further with xen and reiser4 >>> >>> - In swap line 6 and 7 status_flags.c >>> >>> #include <linux/bio.h> >>> #include <linux/page-flags.h> >>> >>> >>> - PACKED is redefined, but the definitions are the same, so the gcc
2019 Jul 22
hmm_range_fault related fixes and legacy API removal v2
Hi Jérôme, Ben and Jason, below is a series against the hmm tree which fixes up the mmap_sem locking in nouveau and while at it also removes leftover legacy HMM APIs only used by nouveau. The first 4 patches are a bug fix for nouveau, which I suspect should go into this merge window even if the code is marked as staging, just to avoid people copying the breakage. Changes since v1: - don't