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2006 Apr 17
RE: document.getElementsByClassName (prototype) andElement.childrenWithClassName (scriptaculous) redundancy?; bounces-1W37MKcQCpIf0INCOvqR/] On Behalf Of Jeremy Kitchen > Sent: Monday, April 17, 2006 12:40 PM > To: rails-spinoffs-1W37MKcQCpIf0INCOvqR/ > Subject: Re: [Rails-spinoffs] document.getElementsByClassName (prototype) > andElement.childrenWithClassName (scriptaculous) redundancy? > > On Monday 17 April 2006 11:24, Jeremy Kitchen wrote: > > Is there a reason scriptaculous provides what appears to be a redundant > > function? The reason I''m asking is that it only seems to be used twice > &g...
2008 Aug 26
unclear alias behaviour
Hi all In /etc/aliases I have set up an alias for "root" pointing to "david" which is a unix account. Other email accounts are virtual dovecot accounts, one of them is "andel". They all work fine using /etc/postfix/virtual when used with the domain name which is defined in /etc/postfix/ But the alias "david andel" in /etc/postfix/virtual does work only when sending to "david at" but...
2004 Sep 28
Validating a Cox model on an external set
...I was suggested survdiff in the survival package, but survdiff works between curves; am not sure how I could use it (I have a predicted curve for each curve, but no ''observed curve'' - the only observation is death or censoring at time x) Thank you all so much! Min-Han Tan Van Andel Institute
2003 Jun 17
How to generate a pairwise non-parametric comparison table?
Dear list I am comparing the results of several different experimental setups. With kruskal.test() I can test if there is any difference at all in any of them, if I understand it correctly. But now, when there is a difference, how do I generate a (half-) table of pairwise comparisons, using e.g. wilcox.test(), to find the ones where the difference actually occurs. I guess I don''t have to
2008 Dec 04
Comparing survival curves with "survdiff" "strata" help
..., p= 0.00117 But when I use survdiff(Surv(st_months, status) ~ strata(BOR), data=mydata) it doesn''t want to work. Any suggestions? Many thanks for your assistance! _____________________________________________ Patrick Richardson Biostatistician - Program of Translational Medicine Van Andel Research Institute - Webb Lab 333 Bostwick Avenue NE Grand Rapids, MI 49503 This email message, including any attachments, is for th...{{dropped:9}} ______________________________________________ mailing list P...
2008 Aug 08
Tcl\tk not supported on this system
In trying to install the pbatR package, I was greeted with the error Error: package ''tcltk'' does not have a name space Execution halted Directly installing the package tcltk2 returned the following error: Loading required package: tcltk Error in firstlib(which.lib.loc, package) : Tcl/Tk support is not available on this system I have seen from previous posts that